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Jeff Green: Disagreement with Brandon Bass was “nothing big”


What started as a surprisingly encouraging season full of unexpected wins for the Celtics is now teetering on the edge of frustration for veterans, and with that frustration comes disagreements among teammates.

Our friends over at Celtics Blog reported yesterday that Brandon Bass’ and Jeff Green’s benchings midway through Boston’s loss to the Hawks weren’t just due to the superior play of the second unit, but also to a disagreement on the floor as well.

[Stevens] explained that Green and Bass were both left on the bench because he was riding the hot lineup that was on the floor, but he did acknowledge the issue and said, “Disagreements are part of the game — it’s part of team basketball — but how quickly you move on from there says a lot.”

Something strange appeared to be happening when the CSNNE cameras caught Green exiting the game and avoiding eye contact with Stevens. Bass left the game a few seconds later and took a seat at the end of the bench, while Green stood for the rest of the contest, with several players and assistants between him and Bass. The incident probably looked more dramatic than it was — the human barricade between Green and Bass certainly didn’t do much to downplay the situation — since disagreements happen even in happy locker rooms on winning teams.

And, indeed, according to several outlets, including Jay King at Mass Live, Green and Bass are fine now.

Asked Wednesday about the incident, Bass, Green and Stevens all agreed it was nothing to worry about.

“It was just a miscommunication, that’s all. We both wanted to win, we just get frustrated with the process. That’s all it was. It wasn’t nothing big,” Green said. “We’re trying to figure out a way to win. Like any team, you’re going to bump heads. Because somebody might see it one way, somebody might see it another.

All’s well as end’s well, but this has the potential to become an unpleasantly common theme. There aren’t any players on Boston’s roster known for causing locker room trouble (unless you count Jordan Crawford and his weed socks), but losing games can fracture previously strong ties, and we’ve seen the beginnings of it already in Courtney Lee’s complaints about playing time and Gerald Wallace’s early season displeasure. As we enter a tough part of the schedule, such disagreements may become more frequent, which would be a shame given the feel-good story lines emanating from the Celtics’ locker room when Brad Stevens was the golden boy and the team was inexplicably beating Miami.

How Boston handles the upcoming adversity may give us some significant hints as to whether this team has any staying power in Boston. It’s good that Stevens, Green and Bass are downplaying the spat, and disagreements happen in the locker room and in practice. But when they spill over onto live TV, it isn’t a very good look going forward.

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  • hax


  • CelticsBIG3

    Bass was probably pissed off because Green decided to take another game off, he played like shit in that game. Good old inconsistent Green.

    • YouSerious?

      Positive vibes everywhere, I see

  • Morpheus

    Trade rumourz with both players wouldn’t help either. Danny needs to move these unhappy vets before it turns real ugly. It started with Gerald Wallace, then CLee now Bass and Green. Who knows… Humphries might join the party soon. Last thing this team needs is a toxic environment like those NY teams.

    • hax

      Stevens said Humphries acts very professionally. Going into a contract year, I'm sure he wants to be on his best behavior.

  • Alex

    Gerald Wallace should score over 10 points for once n not act like the basketball is a hot potato every time he touches the ball.

    He may be an Alabama boy but he plays scared n for a veteran it’s sad.

  • Alex

    Advice for Jeff green. When your sucking try going coast to coast more often. When you do you usually score or get to the line.

  • hax

    Several sources near Carmelo and an anonymous ex-teammate believe he will walk away from the Knicks this summer. Green, Wallace and both 2015 1st round picks for Anthony?

  • john

    Starting to think this coach belongs back in college.

  • Alex

    One of the problems is that while this team is rebuilding, they're still mainly a veteran team. It's a different situation when you're rebuilding but you're playing young guys who are just trying to learn the NBA game; losing is expected, but the optimism comes with gradual improvements for both individuals and the team. But many of these guys have been around and aren't in that mode, so losing is more frustrating.

    I think the C's sealed this season's fate with the 7-game stretch starting with Detroit. They were 2 under .500, had a favorable upcoming schedule, and a chance to climb over .500 and solidify the 4 seed. Instead they dropped 6 of 7 and now enter a 6-game stretch against the W. Conf. iron. They'll be 10 under by mid Jan.

    Time for Ainge to start dealing veterans he doesn't see as part of the long-term future of the team for younger guys, picks, and cap relief. It does absolutely no good to hang onto the vets and try to fight for a 7 or 8 seed, and end up getting a low- to mid-teens draft pick. They'll be in the same position next year with no young cornerstone player to build around, stuck in the bottom-of-the-lottery dead zone.

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