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Report: Cavs Turned Down Offer of Jeff Green for Anderson Varejao or A First Round Pick

While the rumor mill has died down since Omer Asik (reportedly) went off the market for the time being late last week, it appears there is some more smoke surrounding the wheeling and dealing that Danny Ainge was considering. According to long-time Cavs reporter Bob Finnan of the News Herald, Ainge made an offer of Jeff Green to the Cavs, as part of a potential 3-way deal for Houston for either Anderson Varejao (who I assume would have been sent to Houston) or a first round pick:

If the Cavs had been willing to sacrifice either backup center Anderson Varejao or their 2014 first-round pick, they probably could have been involved in a three-way deal that headlined disgruntled Rockets center Omer Asik this week. They weren’t, so they didn’t.

It doesn’t appear as if the Cavs had any interest in Asik. They did talk about being the third team to help facilitate a possible deal. In that scenario, the Cavs would have had to give up Varejao or a first-rounder and reportedly get back Celtics small forward Jeff Green.

The 6-9 Green would be a major upgrade at small forward for the Cavs. However, he is overpaid — not to the extent of Kings small forward Rudy Gay — at $8.7 million this season, $9.1 million next year and $9.1 million the following year. He’s 27 years old and has a history of heart problems. Would he push the Cavs over the top? Probably not.

Those Celtics trade talks for Omer Asik? They might not be over yet either, according to former Celtics’ beat reporter Marc Spears

Here’s the report from within today’s power rankings from Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports:

The Rockets let their self-imposed deadline to trade center Omer Asik pass, but Boston is still having trade discussions in hopes of landing him, a source said.

CH’s Take: It’s no surprise that Danny is still trying to pry Asik away, likely still using a 2015 first rounder from the Clippers as a bait with perhaps some other pieces (Jordan Crawford before his stock falls too much?) along with the original bait in Brandon Bass or Jeff Green. That’s still a good price for Ainge if he can get Morey to bite with a lack of other appealing offers around the NBA thus far. He’ll keep pushing the former C’s front office member while he can, in hopes Morey eventually has to pull the trigger.

The Cavs rumor is a fun little twist on this though and although Green makes little sense in Houston right now, he’d be a good fit on the wing in Cleveland. That Danny is willing to give him up for a first round pick (probably in the middle of the first round from Cleveland) shows that Green’s not necessarily part of the team’s long-term plans at this point. Green is under contract through next season, and he has a player option after that, but would likely opt out then in order to secure a long-term deal after the 2014-15 season.

Either way, this is just another reminder that anything and everything is on the table for this team right now. The rumor mill will continue to be active for the next couple months, so stay tuned. We’ll try to make sense of it all here at CelticsHub for you to separate the fact and fiction of it.

  • Ray Leighton

    This was probably nothing but a rumor. Danny is not that stupid — he is not giving up Green essentially straight up for Asik, regardless of how Cleveland is involved, unless we are the ones getting Cleveland's first-round pick in 2014 along with Asik. Everyone keeps complaining about Green but that's because we've set the bar so high for him — we keep thinking that he ought to be Lebron. Well, he's not going to be Lebron, but by pretty much all the advanced stats, Jeff is a top-ten small-forward, and will be a legitimate third option on an eventual contender. He is a much better player than Asik ever will be. And we also need to stop this ridiculous idea that we must get Asik. I like Asik but in terms of bargaining position, Houston is the team that needs to offload a disgruntled player that they are paying a lot of money to do nothing. And the closer we get to the deadline, the more desperate the Rockets are going to be to move him. We should be able to get him cheap.
    Besides, there are several teams with decent centers that are watching their season implode, and we should be predatory about it — for example, Chicago has lost Rose, isn't going to be able to re-sign Deng, is still stuck with Boozer's contract, and may lose Thibs as coach. Their season is shot, and it probably would be in their best interests to blow it up and drop into their lottery. Why not check and see if they would give up Noah for a package of players and picks? Then we would have an all-star center with almost KG-intensity, not a guy (Asik) who as good as he is on defense and rebounding, can't score from more than five feet from the basket, is one of the worst free-throw shooters in the league, and is probably a rental anyway.

  • NZNICK33

    Nothing would make the author happier than seeing Green traded away even it’s for very little. I guess some people still wish that Green had not come to Boston and we’d still have Perk and his his surly demeanor.

    • hax

      Green is outrebounding Perkins this year. He is also leading a team in scoring that plays 'team ball'. Equal touches, more points. We need him. Unless we could get a much better SF in return for him(Carmelo). People think the offense is iffy now, what do they think would happen swapping out Green & Bass for Wallace & Asik in the starting line-up?

    • Jim

      Perkins is a shell of his former self. Green is a pretty darn good player . If we ran more plays for him he would score more. Try watching OKC games and you will see that Perkins is really not a reason why that team is winning .I hope we keep Jeff Green!

  • check12check

    If we can convince a team that Green is an all-star and get a decent return for him, that would be a major win. I mean, Green is a decent player, so don't give him away for little value, but I think we can get someone to overvalue Green.

    All I can picture is Danny showing a video clip of Green highlights while essentially turning into a real life version of the doge meme: "Wow. much powerful. So dunk. wow. Impressive. Verticalityness."

  • TJC

    Totally agree with Ray on this one, while Green isnt in the same league as LBJ or Paul George he is still a VERY valuable piece in bringing the C's into contention.
    Asik isnt worth the $15+mil that is owed to him and we would be better off going for someone else (Noah would be perfect!)
    I see this team as only a few pieces away from being in contention again and unless we get back another SF that is comparable to Green I dont see why we would drop him.
    At this stage we need to see how Rondo will be on return (my guess is better than when he went down) let Sully develop some more and get a high energy centre and we can be back to being an elite team.
    If Rondo is a shadow on his former self then maybe blow it up, aim for lottery picks and start again, but from what I have seen we are a LOT better that anyone was expecting.

  • skeeds

    I'm sorry but I will disagree with people that think that Green is an overpriced, glorified roleplayer. First of all, he's not overrated. If anything, he's had so much shit flung his way by us fans since he got here, it's ridiculous.
    Is he expensive? Damn right he is! Is he overpriced? I don't know, let's look around. Green averages around 15-6-4, and gets almost 9 mil this year. Iguodala averages 13-4-5 and will get almost 13 mil this year. Rudy Gay:19-6-2, $18 mil. Tony Allen:11-2-2, $4.5 mil. And just for reference, Carmelo:25-9-3, will get 23mil.
    So, there's that. I don't know why some people are still frustrated that Green isn't a superstar yet, he was never advertised as one, he was never PAYED as one, even though he has been constantly improving in every single way since he came back from surgery.
    I'm sorry if I'm being offensive, but people who think that Green at 9/year is a bad contract, and Asik at 14 isn't worth it, are the same people who are waiting for a miracle draft pick that'll bring the new messiah, or a Miami Heat kind of move that'll bring half the free agent class to Boston. That's not how it goes. You get what you pay for. And kicking out every player worth more than 5/mil a year so you have the "budget" to "rebuild", pretty much ensures that you could draft Larry Legend's bionic clone tomorrow and still have a shitfest of a team.
    This trade or non trade might not make sense for other reasons (not the right time to invest in Asik for example, or letting Green go now might be a good move for a longer-term plan) but these players not being worth their money is definitely not it.

  • hax

    Jeff Green does a lot more than he gets credit for. Everyone gets equal touches in this offense and he leads us in scoring anyways. Sure you could play 'Melo Ball' with him and he could average 20+ ppg and look pretty, but that is volume shooting. I'd rather have himplay efficiently and helping his teammates.

  • The Cardinal

    Trying to land Asik now hints at wanting to get better now and seeing just how improved this team will be with him in the lineup. Unless you're willing to stop trying to win (and I don't believe that for one minute), I don't see trading Green (or Crawford – please give that nonsense "before his stock falls too far" a break).

    The thing about Green is he's probably fairly valued in today's market salary-wise, and you'll never get equal or greater value back this season at a position that demands a scorer. The thing about Crawford is he's still easily the best healthy point guard and 2-guard on the team, and is woefully undervalued in today's market. Again, you will never get back equal or greater value at the one or 2-guard whether you trade him now or trade him after the season. That's not to say it won't be done, but if you fill a hole by trading him, you simply create a new one (same as with Green unless you're able to maneuver to draft one of the freshmen that all the fan-boys keeping drooling over).

    • Jim

      Well said. Every trade proposal I see just creates more holes. Trading Green or Crawford makes no sense when one of the biggest problems we have is scoring. We do need size ,watching the Pacers beat us up the other night should confirm all doubters on that.
      Those people who say Rondo will be better when he returns have not watched the return of Kobe , Rose and others after major injury. Just one more reason not to trade Crawford "before his stock falls too far" is just an ignorant comment.

      • YouSerious?

        To be fair: Rondo doesn't play with the reckless abandon of Rose, and he doesn't really rely on athleticism with his game. The guy isn't known for his dunks. As for Kobe, an Achilles tear is a completely different injury from an ACL tear, and Kobe is at the tail-end of his career. I think Rondo has a great chance to remain an All-Star once he's recovered and back in a rhythm.

  • tbunny

    O/T Jermaine O'Neal is still in the league!!??!!

    Here's his player update on ESPN:

    "O'Neal underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right wrist Friday, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The Warriors gave no timetable for his return.

    Spin: O'Neal took to Twitter to proclaim he will return this season, which is contrary to some media reports suggesting he'll miss the rest of the season."

    Huh, sounds familiar.

    • The Cardinal

      That is some funny sh_t! I'm amazed that each season, some GM is willing to waste money and roster space for JON. Even when he's "healthy," he's a fossil on the floor (sort of like the C's Vin Baker situation way back when).

      • tbunny

        This is his 19th season!!!

    • janos

      have a good time family christmas

  • Ping

    Every possible or rumored transaction shouldn't be seen in solely "win now" or "start tanking" categories. Needs to stop. The acqusition of Asik would not mean Danny is gunning for a title now, and the offloading of Green doesn't mean Danny is trying to sell off pieces to land Wggins. Danny and his front office are building toward a stronger future, and if Asik does that at a reasonable price, they will pull the trigger.

    The right timing can be debated, but if Danny can get a player as good as Asik for below market cost, he will do it. This team, as presently constructed, is too good to land a top 6 or 7 pick and not good enough to contend. Danny is well aware of those facts. A superstar isn't coming to Boston via the draft. Small moves can eventually lead to big ones. The popular examples are the 2007 Celtics and current Pacers. However, both those franchises spent YEARS compiling assets before smart drafting/trading paid off.

    I trust Danny enough to make moves that can not only help now, but be useful when that Kevin Garnett/Paul George opportunity presents itself.

    • YouSerious?

      I wouldn't compare the 2007 Celtics to the current Pacers. The 2007 Celtics traded everything for KG and a lottery pick for Ray Allen. The Pacers developed Paul George and Roy Hibbert, who are the undisputed most important players on that team. Sure, they traded for George Hill and signed David West, but without developing George and Hibbert, that team would be an 8th seed at best.

  • Agree completely. The win-now or tank binary misses the big picture, which is getting incrementally better while keeping future options open. Every trade is worth listening to. Far fewer trades are worth making. Asik may be a target because he will be part of a bigger deal before the deadline or next year. I

    What is Jeff Green worth? Probably ten million if he was the second perimeter option. It looks worse right now because Rondo isnt there to set him up, which is one of the reasons he remains inconsistent.