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Rajon Rondo: I Might Not Return Until February

After the dust had settled after last night’s blowout loss against the Indiana Pacers, Rajon Rondo held court with the media for the first time since being cleared for full-contact practice 10 days ago. In a lengthy question-and-answer session, the point guard fielded questions about his progress and just how much longer he has to go before returning for game action. With an assist from Chris Forsberg of ESPNBoston.com, here’s a few highlights from the give and take.

Spoiler alert: It could take awhile before we see Rondo on the floor.

On his progress so far: “I’ve had one practice and a pickup game, that’s about it. My endurance is key for me. I don’t want to come back and not be fully 100 percent as far as my health, and me being in shape as well, because the worst thing is me coming back and not being in shape and have another injury, so I want to make sure I’m in basketball condition.”

On a timeline for his return: “It might be mid-January, late February, I’m going to come back when the time is right and I get my stamina. I’m just listening to my body. If my body told me I was 100 percent, I’d be playing now. I’m not.”

On what percentage his leg is: “I’m going to stay away from numbers tonight. I just want to practice. I just want to get as much practice time as possible. I haven’t practiced in 12 months. I just want to get back in the rhythm and flow of things, get my timing back.”

More responses from Rondo, as well as exclusive footage of him scrimmaging with his teammates, after the jump

On playing with his new teammates: “A lot of these guys, I haven’t played with so they don’t know where I am going to throw the ball. They’ve been playing with Jordan [Crawford] and Phil [Pressey] so I don’t want to come back and turn the ball over at a high rate. The pickup game I played the other day was good for guys knowing that certain passes they might not think are coming are coming, so I want to continue to get guys rhythm. Guys like [Jared Sullinger], Gerald Wallace back cutting, Avery [Bradley] back cutting, I just have to find my personnel and know what we need to do going forward.”

On scrimmaging with his teammates: “It felt good [to scrimmage]. I got winded very quickly. We only played two pickup games and I was tired by the second one, so it’s just a matter of time. We continue to go as hard as I can in those pickup games and practice time and get some repetitions and get my conditioning up.”

In case you missed it, you can judge for yourself how Rondo looks in his progression, with our CelticsHub video of Rondo scrimmaging after practice from Thursday.

Additionally, be sure to check out Chris Forsberg of ESPNBoston.com,post for more from Rondo on his progression.

  • hax

    Unless we spiral into one of the worst record in the league next month, I want Rondo back as soon as possible. It's okay if he gets winded. This is Brad Stevens, Not Doc '48 mins' Rivers. Crawford is serviceable off the bench.

  • Mark

    Tankapalozza (however you spell it) might be on after all.

  • smalltownID

    That is practice? ugh. Looked like a real shi**y game of pickup ball after you had played one too many games.