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Brooklyn’s Woes Continue: Brook Lopez Likely Out For The Season

The Atlantic Division, already an impossible enigma, just became even more impossibly enigmatic. Earlier this morning, Gary Tanguay of CSNNE broke this story (absolutely no pun intended): Brook Lopez is likely done for the season with a broken foot.


First and foremost, this is awful news for an extremely talented big man. Lopez has been a devastating weapon offensively for Brooklyn, and Boston experienced the full brunt of that December 10 — Sullinger, Bass and the Celtics’ other assorted bigs were powerless to stop him in the post. But he’s also an improving defensive center playing for what was considered a title contender before the season. To make matters worse, reports are starting to trickle in that Lopez’ injured foot is the same one he broke previously. Feet and big men are often a bad combination. This is just awful news, all around. 

From a Celtics perspective, this complicates matters intensely. Brooklyn still has sufficient talent to make the playoffs in the Atlantic Division (especially if we adjust for a second-half uptick in production from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett), but the Nets were stumbling before this Lopez news, and it’s hard to imagine they will improve without their best player. With Toronto trading away key pieces and New York continuing to suck itself in like a black hole, Boston might now be the favorites in the Atlantic Division. Nothing makes sense anymore.

So where do the Celtics go from here? Do they make some roster moves (Asik is almost assuredly still on the table) and try to improve, knowing that tanking just got even harder? Do they make roster moves and try to lose? It’s impossible to say, but you can bet Danny Ainge has a busy Saturday full of meetings that he wasn’t expecting.

The next few weeks will be extremely interesting for the Celtics, but for now, we wish Brook Lopez a speedy, successful recovery.

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  • swissflix

    I really hope Al Horford has the flu as of now until let's say April 20th. They must be dancing in ATL.

    And trade Bogans for KG!!

  • hax

    1) Brook Lopez practically turned into a werewolf and mauled anyone in his way inside the paint. Sucks for him, as he is the best offensive center in the league. While rehabbing, he should watch how Kevin Love and Jared Sullinger rebound, learn, and come back beastly as ever.

    2) We aren't tanking. Not sure why the article insists we're tanking and suddenly being screwed by teams with poor chemistry/injuries/tankitis. If we can pull off the Asik deal still. Rondo-Sullinger-Asik is a really nice core. Not to mention Green can go off any game, and Bradley's offense has picked up big time. Time to win this Atlantic. If better players become available, we have the assets to make it happen. If not, we'll still fight for the division.

  • emg

    main thing I feel is very sad for Kevin and Paul. I didn't want their careers to end in a disappointing way.

    • dslack

      Feel the same way.

  • The Cardinal

    What's up with Jeff Green's bowed head and passive body language late in the game?

    • CelticsBIG3

      Typical Jeff Green, your surprised? He hasn't had a good game so now he will sulk. They really blew this game.

    • Morpheus

      It's Jeff Green. He is who he is, I don't know why people are still surprised when Jeff doesn't show up in games.

  • Morpheus

    Bad news for Brook, same foot can't be good for him. Yao Ming?

    • CelticsBIG3

      Not a good sign.

    • hydrofluoric

      I also thought of Yao immediately.

  • Celts Fan

    Danny is already trying to get Lopez. The Nets have to win now. The following 3 way is being discussed:

    Boston gets Lopez
    Houston gets Bass, Crawford and protected 1st
    Nets get Asik and Lee

    • Morpheus