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Reports: Houston Backing Away From Trading Omer Asik, Plans To Keep Him


Well that changed quickly. After establishing a self-imposed deadline of today of trading center Omer Asik, it appears the Rockets are content to backing off that deadline (or posturing as much) and keeping their disgruntled center for now. Here’s the latest in a set of reports from insiders Marc Stein of ESPN.com as well as Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:



Why is Houston walking away from the trade table? More on that, after the jump




CH’s Take: This is all somewhat predictable, if the Rockets weren’t happy with the Celtics latest offer of a 1st round pick, Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee. With the market drying up around the league for Asik, Daryl Morey was left with a choice: take what he could, or posture and back away from the trade table, hoping someone ups the ante, or becomes more desperate in the coming days to fill a void in the middle.

On the surface, the Celtics don’t appear willing to up their offer (which makes sense), but other teams around the Eastern Conference may attempt to do so. Meanwhile, just like the trade deadline itself, there’s plenty of posturing going on here. Daryl Morey doesn’t like to settle, so he’s packing up and “going home.”

Morey’s bags may be packed, but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of any potential dealings today. Remember the Doc Rivers negotiations this summer? Remember how many times those were dead? This could be a similar situation.

Stay tuned for the latest here at CelticsHub.

You can read out full Omer Asik trade chat transcript by CLICKING HERE 


  • hax

    If he actually keeps Asik past today, the other GM's around the league should agree to not talk to him about trades anymore. Punish him. Let's see him sign Parsons long term with Lin & Asik on board.

    • dslack

      Umm, no. Other GMs around the league should do whatever is best for their teams. They should not collude to punish him. Any GM who does not act in his team's best interest but instead tries to punish Daryl Morey should be fired for incompetence.

      • hax

        He said he had a deal done, he said there was a deadline, all just to get others to raise their offers, and now it's revealed it was all bs. GM's won't like that and there is such thing as 'losing a guy's number' in the gm business.

        • JStokes1313

          If GMs decided to not talk to other GMs who exaggerated/spread rumors to try and increase bids, there would be absolutely no conversation between GMs ever.

        • The Cardinal

          It doesn't matter – all GM's lie either intentionally or unintentionally just like all other people do sometimes. SH-T happens (or doesn't, as the case may be).

        • dslack

          Again, any GM who has the opportunity to make his team better and chooses not to because he'd prefer to 'punish' Daryl Morey than to improve his own team should be fired. A GM's job is to improve his team.

  • roadsidenotes

    Starting to revise my estimate of Morey's savvy after this nonsense.

    1 – Asik is a perishable commodity. There comes a point, past which, the offers will not get better, they will only get worse.

    2 – If you're going to be too clever by half, and set a pre-trade deadline deadline, and then you fail to adhere to that deadline, then you've just lost major leverage with every other GM in the league. So now, when you're trying to unload Lin–and his goofy contract–and you say, "We need a deal done Friday," or "I have another offer that I'm going to accept if I don't hear from your organization by…", guess what? That kind of posturing is going to get seriously discounted.

    3 – demanding Boston's *only* first rounder in next year's draft (2014) reflects a deeply flawed understanding of Danny Ainge–which is all the more surprising, given that Morey worked for DA. He, of all people, should know that Ainge would not trade the team's only pick in a stacked draft for anything less than a guaranteed two-way blue chip player. It certainly would not be included in a deal with Bass and Lee for a defensive specialist.

    IN short, and Dwight Howard signing notwithstanding, I'm thinking I may have to take Morey off the 'smart GM' short list.

    • dslack

      Boston has its own first rounder and the worse of the Nets and the Hawks. They could give up one of their two and still have one.

      • roadsidenotes

        You're right. I had next year confused w/the 2017 swap year.

    • hax

      I have to agree. And the fact that he wants picks over established players while his team is a contender. Seems like he got lucky, made a Harden deal with a desperate Thunder team and Harden led to Dwight.

  • skeeds

    I call a bluff. They're a playoff contender with a heavy contract for a player they cannot use. They might be pretending to back out hoping someone will raise their offer, but Asik will be traded one way or another very soon.
    Boston's offer might not be the blockbuster they hope for (I bet they were looking for something along the lines of flipping him for a borderline allstar), but it leaves them a stronger team and if they're serious about competing, they'll go for this, or a similar trade, soon.

    • tbunny

      Yup. It's posturing. Asik is almost worthless to them right now, and the idea he's going to be reintegrated into the team is laughable. The Celtic's offer may be 50 cents on the dollar, but it's the best deal they are likely to get. Probably Ainge will have to rotate in a different piece for Lee so Morey can save face, or some other trivial change.

      • Anthony

        Bass, Lee & pick is more like 110 cents on the dollar.

        The synergy #s are all nice and stuff but Asik will never be an All-Star. The Bulls couldn't even get pass Sixers with him playing heavy minutes and the Rockets only exceeded expectations last year because Harden was playing on a MVP level.

        Celts are still fun to watch now and will be even more so once Rondo gets back. Asik…I could take it or leave it. No biggie.

  • Jared

    Morey finally realized how he surrended all bargaining power by setting this "deadline" for himself. What incentive does that give teams to offer you a better deal when you're forcing yourself to get rid of Asik? It was a stupid idea from the beginning.

  • JasonG

    Used to be glad Morey was in the league schooling moron GMs. Now most have wised up, but he's still trying to pull ridiculous ploys. Today and "backing away" I've officially swung the other way and am tired of his crap. (not sour apples because honestly I didn't really like this deal: C's give up three assets for the privilege of paying out the nose for an offensive sink hole? Screw that.). Suck it Morey. You outplayed yourself. Eat the poison pill contract you were so "genius" to give Asik.

  • dslack

    Backing away is exactly the right thing to do if he doesn't get commensurate value. Now he can say to Asik, "There's no trade market for you because you're sulking and playing poorly. Do your damn job over the next 2 months and you might ignite a trade market. Otherwise, you get to play behind Dwight for the next 1.5 years."

    • JasonG

      Lee, Bass and a 1st round pick are "no market"? The message to Asik isn't there wasn't a market and he should play better, but that his GM has screwed him by getting Howard, then shooting for the moon in trades. There's a market for him but Asik is held hostage because of Morey's demands. Yeah, that would make me want to play harder for that guy.

  • hax

    Morey just lost his false leverage(made up a deadline and made up that a deal was done). Danny has him by the balls, now. The Rockets have to take the Lee/Bass/clips pick deal or they have to deal with Asik's rage more, which will hurt their locker room, and basically a better offer won't come unless Hibbert's leg explodes and the pacers come over with Granger.

  • Ping

    Morey's inadherence to this "deadline" doesn't denote foolishness, so much as a commitment to value. If the roles of Ainge and Morey were reversed, I would hope Ainge would insist on the best value for his player, instead of taking any highest offer by X time on X date.

    Morey very well may receive decreased offers, but Asik is good enough to merit a role on the Rockets and valuable enough to expect a legitimate return.

    • YouSerious?

      Asik is a great player for what he does. But he's not getting the amount of playing time and usage that someone with his contract should be getting. Essentially, the Rockets are wasting cap space with Asik on their roster. The C's offer was a legitimate offer for a guy who had ONE nice year as a starter.

      If this had been Ainge, I would've wanted him to dump Asik off as soon as possible, because a player whose playing time and efficiency isn't warranting his large contract is a waste.

  • ElRoz

    Houston created the whole situation with Asik on their own – his contract, getting Dwight, not being able to integrate Asik – and now they are asking a lot in return for a player that they cannot use?

  • http://michealmode.bloggspace.se Michael

    Omer Asik is a good player, in my opinion they should keep him.

  • TMC

    The self imposed deadline was a red herring that we all jumped on to. Morey wanted to get a deal done before that date so he could potentially flip those assets again this year, but he didn't get the package he was looking for. No one would make a deal to simply make a deal.

    In all honesty, this may be the better move for Houston. The potential buyers (Philly, Boston) aren't in win-now modes, so they won't sell the farm for him.

    Asik is a really hard sell right now, you can't sell him to a Western Contender like OKC because it lowers your chances of a championship, and most of the teams of the East either have solid starters at the 5 (Indiana, Atlanta, Detroit, Brooklyn, New York when Chandler is healthy), or don't have the ambition to win now (everyone else).

    My money is Asik gets dealt on draft day. His value will be much greater then.

  • Ryan DeGama

    Considering a piece for tomorrow with the headline: Much Asik About Nothing.

  • hax

    New report says the Celtics had the best offer of Lee-Bass-protected 1st round pick.
    Morey will regret it when Asik is holding up a 'Howard Sucks' sign on the bench next month.
    He'll also regret having to have Jones & Harden playing defense on the last play of a game, instead of Bass and Lee.

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