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Maybe That’s Why: Pistons Edge Celtics 107-106

Dunno if you guys have heard about this whole Omer Asik thing, but apparently he’s a pretty large human being who has, in the past, been known to play some interior defense. Might help this team a bit.

After a 42-point first quarter, Boston’s highest scoring period of the season, the Celtics were stymied offensively when Detroit’s bigs put the clamps down on the interior offense which forced the wings to keep shooting. And shooting. And shooting. After cooling off and regressing to the mean, Boston’s offense just couldn’t come up with the final response to a big 3-pointer by Brandon Jennings which pushed Detroit to a tightly contested win.

There were a lot of positives tonight (Jared Sullinger, clutch 3-point marksman!) and we will get to them, but the game itself did little to dispel Celtics’ fans desire for a big body to help with the interior defense.

Grades coming soon…

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  • Eric

    We didn't lose this game because of the Piston's big bodies. (In fact, we outrebounded them.) We lost this game on turnovers, at least four of which were completely unforced, and three of which involved Faverani apparently moving to a surprising place — that is, not where the passer expected him to be.

    I'm happy to add a true center to our team, but this game was completely winnable with the team we already have.

    • hax

      Indeed. Green had a weird lay-up attempt there to win it.

    • hydrofluoric

      Agreed. Very strange tone for this blog post considering that this game could easily have gone the other way and in fact needed a pretty tough J from Jennings (a notorious chucker having a career night) for Detroit to win.