Post-game Reactions

This is happening rather quickly, so let’s just take a minute to piece everything together.

First: Donny Marshall went on NBCSN and said this, per CSNNE:

NBCSN basketball analyst Donny Marshall joined Yahoo’s Sports Dash on Tuesday and said that Rajon Rondo is “likely a goner.” According to Marshall, Rondo and other Celtics will be traded to the Sacramento Kings.

The rumored deal seemed to be built around Ben McLemore and multiple draft picks. It’s not the worst deal Boston has been offered (looking at you, Knicks/Shumpert), so naturally, it drew quite a bit of interest.

Then two very reliable reporters, Sam Amick of USA Today Sports and Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee, had this to say:

Finally, A. Sherrod Blakely’s sources tell him that the rumors are just a product of this time of year. We are assuming he doesn’t mean Christmas.

“You know how it gets this time of year,” a league source told CSNNE.com. “People come up with this stuff, you guys write about it, tweet about it, whatever . . . It’s sad. There’s nothing happening on that front.”

Multiple league sources have been telling CSNNE.com for months that no team is going to make a “legitimate” offer for Rajon Rondo until he returns to game action.

What does it all mean? Probably nothing. There’s very little reason to believe Rondo will be traded before he comes back from injury, since no deal would make sense on either side. First, the opposing teams would want assurance that Rondo will be back to his old self before they give up the kind of package Boston would be asking for. Second, even if the Celtics were shopping Rondo, they would want him to prove to potential suitors that he is back and ready for game action. Third, assuming Danny Ainge would want a 2014 first round unprotected pick in the deal, a healthy Rondo would make the opposing team considerably better, thus making the draft pick less valuable.

Trade rumors are fun to talk and argue about on Twitter, but they are frequently based in little more than conjecture. What’s more, they can be damaging — a player who is actually in no danger of being dealt may start feeling insecure with his situation. That’s a product of the NBA’s coverage, and one would hope players can discern unreliable reports from reliable ones.

One way or the other, this rumor seems extremely unlikely. We will keep you posted if anything develops further.

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  • KBA

    I have to say I'm against trading Rondo. He makes players better, I'm guessing he would have improved his shooting since he couldn't really do anything else for the last few months and would be an even better player. I think he has the potential and certainly the edge to be an almost superstar, who can make another guy at his level look like a true superstar. He's still young enough to build around, and we have enough assets to make it work while he's still in his prime.

    Having said that, the (supposed) offer from the Kings was quite awesome and really made me think. If that kind of a package comes back for Rondo, it'll be hard to turn down. As good as he is, those were a lot of assets!

    The benefit of keeping Rondo is that this could be a quick rebuild (reload in one year or so). The alternative may mean a few losing seasons. I'm not particularly a fan of building through the draft… it takes a long time (OKC, the role model took 3-4 years to reach elite category), too many draft busts (where to start?0, injuries (Greg Oden), players that never reach their potential, etc. Rebuilding through trades and free agency would be my preferred route. Develop the young guys we have that can help us compete in the coming years or offer great trade value.

    • hax

      What was the exact offer you saw?

  • Morpheus

    I love Rondo and I would love him to remain a Celtic forever. FT shooting be damned.

  • All Jefferson 1 Fan

    good trade for both teams and they both sucks
    Rondo is not All star player without Pierce and Garnett, Allen and Sacramento is not going anywhere

  • hax

    Cousins, Thomas, 2014 1st round pick….or no thanks.

    • hax

      Just saying, this is our best player. You ask for the world for him, or he stays. Simple as that.

      • YouSerious?

        Well, to be fair, the whole point of the Kings wanting Rondo would be to pair him up with Cousins.

        The offer I saw involved Ben McLemore, Isaiah Thomas, the 2014 1st rounder, and possibly another pick, along with another player to match salaries….which is a pretty fair offer, all things considered at present time.

        Now, if Rondo comes back and performs around the level of 14/15 ppg and 11/12 apg, then I'm not doing that deal, because you have a top 3 PG. This all depends on how Rondo looks once he's back, really. I'd rather keep him, but the Kings offer was interesting to think about.

  • Matt

    Al jefferson 1 fan… that is a ridiculous statement. Rondo benefitted from being paired up with pierce and kg but they did not make him an allstar. Rondo is something that is very rare in a pg today. Id say as rare or as close to having a true center. Rondo is a “True point guard”. He is a pass first player who looks to set up his teammates but can turn his offense on whenever it’s needed to benefit the team. He learned how to make his teammates better while still playing his game. Pair rondo up with anybody who can consistently knock down a jumper (crawford, bradley, lee, green) or can run the pnr/pnp (sully, bass, vitor, green) with decent success and he will still be an allstar. After all a pg can only record an assist if the person he throws the ball can score the bucket right? Rondo IS an allstar and has the potential to become a bonafied superstar if he shows he can lead a team and put them on his back when necessary. I believe he will show this when hes back to being % 100

    • All Jefferson 1 Fan

      you will see his true potential as a PG when he plays with Olinyk

      he s statistic would be like Smush Parker at best LOL
      he was kicked out of USA team because he can't play with anybody

  • JStokes1313

    From Zach Lowe: "Re: Cs/Kings rumors: Sacto owes CLE a protected 1st-round pick such that they can't trade one until the '19 pick. Don't have assets for BOS"

    So, that kind of puts a damper on things before they even get started

    • Tom Westerholm

      Yep, Zach Lowe shot down that rumor in 140 characters more effectively than I did in about 450 words. Ah well.

  • hax

    Also seeing Bos/Phi equal in where Asik will end up currently. I'm just hoping Danny doesn't trade too much, if we do end up grabbing Asik.

  • someguyinsac

    It seems that Donny has been hitting the eggnog a little too much this year. 😉

  • Los

    I'm a bit excited at the prospect of getting Asik. However, I am a little nervous about what it might cost the C's to get him. Just hoping Green isn't gone

    • hax

      I've seen 'Green & Sullinger coveted by Rockets but Ainge not willing to add them in an Asik trade".

  • CelticsBIG3

    Sounds like Donny Marshall is bitter about being let go from CSNNE. lol

  • Danny

    Gome home Donny, your drunk.

    • Danny

      would be funnier if I learned how to spell, sucks you can't edit after its been posted