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It was a tough game for the Wolves last night, as they were playing their fifth game in seven nights. Kevin Martin was also sidelined with a bum knee. In turn, they had a ugly night shooting the ball, hitting just 37 percent of their field goal attempts and a mere 27 percent of their 3-pointers in the 101-97 defeat, dropping their record to 12-13 on the season.

Now most players after a game like this would give their opponent a little respect. Yeah, the Wolves shot crappy, but the C’s actually played some good defense down the stretch, executed on offense and took control late. Yet after the game, Love put the loss entirely on his team’s shooting woes.

“We shot the ball terribly all game, myself included. I mean I thought every shot I was taking was going to go in but it seemed like everyone was hitting the front rim and out. That was the story of our game. I thought J.J. had a great look to put us up with that three and you know it went wide right and Pek missed a few at the rim. You know that was just the story of our night. We felt we could have beat that team but you know they executed down the stretch, but more than anything we beat ourselves,” Love said.

Fair enough, Kevin. Put this one on yourselves. However, he didn’t stop there. Check out what he had to say about whether he felt like the Wolves let this one get away.

“Oh big time, big time. We beat that team a large majority of the time we play them. You know like they say S#*%t happens.”

Sure. S*it happens Kevin. The Wolves are much better than the Celtics despite that whole being just 1/2 game better than them in the standings.

My real issue though, is with this other statement. “We beat that team a large majority of the time we play them.” That’s just flat out wrong.

Want to know a fun fact Kevin? Your team that beats Boston ‘the majority of the time’ hasn’t won in Boston since March 2005. That spans your entire career. Love has played in Boston for six straight years and hasn’t won any of them.

Additionally, the Celtics had beaten Love’s Wolves 13 straight times before Minnesota beat a shorthanded Boston squad at the end of last season. They also won this year in November, so that makes Love a career 2-10 against the Celtics. I know Love is a confident guy, but I don’t like the math he’s showing off here.

To find the last time the Wolves beat the Celtics ‘the majority of the time’ i.e. winning the season series, you have to go all the way back to the 1999-2000 season series.

I don’t mean to make a mountain out of a mole hill here, but I just don’t like it when a player says things that just aren’t close to true. Is that so bad?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Sean

    I’m pretty sure he meant something like “if our two teams, as they are currently constructed, played this game 100 times, we’d win 80 of them”.

    Kind of like “this computer simulation ran this game a few dozen times and we should have won”.

    That’s all. I think he should have blamed being tired too.

  • TRUTH D. Antagonist

    ^ ok SEAN, how does that make sense when the Wolves are 1-1 against THIS incarnation of the Celtics? sorry, but 1-1 is .500, not .800. your math skills suck as much as Kevin Love's

    • dslack

      Let me introduce you to the meaning of the word "if"….

      What Love is saying is that these two games have not been indicative of how the Wolves would do against the Celtics if they were to play many times. This might or might not be true, but Sean's comment makes perfect sense.

  • skeeeds

    Whatever. I like his attitude. He’s supposed to talk crap. He’s an mvp caliber superstar. I always thought he was too timid for his own good.
    That’s the sign of a true baller: 1.he thinks he can beat anyone every time. 2. Whenever he loses it’s because he did something wrong, not cause the opponent did something right.
    That’s how competitors think, that’s the kind of things I like them saying. Not the “give credit to them, they came out with intensity, they wanted it more than us blah blah” courteous bullshit most players say in interviews. We need some goddamn tension in this game!

    • Morpheus

      But you missed one big issue. He was flat out WRONG. He said, the Wolves have beaten the Celtics the majority of the time they play us. Take off your Kevin Love underwear from your head and you might see the truth.

      • dslack

        No, … you missed what he said. What he said was, "We beat that team a large majority of the time we play them." Not "we have beaten them" — "we beat them." I think it's reasonable to suspect that he means, "We would beat them a large majority of the times we'd play them if we played them many times."

        • Morpheus
          • dslack

            Not sure what that link is supposed to show. It's reasonable to think that he was talking about the current teams. That if the current teams were to play each other many times, he thinks the Wolves would have won many times

          • Morpheus

            What? Link clearly shows the Celtics have beaten the Wolves more times throughout the course of history of playing each other. Either you’re being intentionally ignorant or you have such a big man crush for Love that it blinds you from reality.

            ” Reasonable to think he said”? No, he said ‘we beat that team a majority of the time we play them’. Not ‘we are better than that team and we will beat that team the majority of the time we play them’. Even if he did mean the latter, it’s still unproven and he would still be wrong because it hasn’t happened. So any way you look at it, he’s simply wrong.

  • High Rollers

    Hard not to be reminded of Doc’s “You are what your record says you are.”

  • goose

    i think he's implying we are a shhh celtics team thats all. Again he's FLAT OUT WRONG on all accounts incl owning the celtics team. I really don't remember before this season the team beating us esp with kg in the lineup

  • 2cents

    I'm right there with Mr. Robb. That was a great game to watch by the C's. You take what you can get and as measuring sticks go I thought the C's measured up nicely.

    Sullinger is a beast and Crawford could be the best back up PG the C's have had in a long time. With the way he's been playing I'd hate to see him traded or let go.

    Go Celtics!

  • YouSerious?

    Love can't really talk, considering that its not like the Wolves have ever been considered world beaters while he's been on their team. They've never been to the playoffs with him leading…so really, there aren't any true standards or expectations of them until they prove they could manage…I don't know, a winning record with Love?

  • Morpheus

    I'm not, or have ever really been, a big K-Love fan. I just think he's David Lee with a 3 point game.

  • jpbl1976

    Kevin can say whatever he wants provided he comes and plays for us once he's a free agent 🙂 I like his attitude; he clearly has a problem with losing and playing poorly.