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The good news keeps on coming for the Boston Celtics. After Friday night’s win against the Celtics, Brad Stevens announced today that his point guard has been cleared for full contact in practice by Dr. Andrews yesterday. Rondo took part in the team’s practice today. Rondo is expected to still return sometime in January from his torn ACL.

Stevens answered a number of questions about Rondo’s status moving forward today in practice. Here is a full transcription of those comments.

Stevens on Rondo’s status today: “Rajon is doing more and more in practice everyday. He had a good trip yesterday as far as getting good news. It looks like he’s on schedule to be closer, but still probably doesn’t like we are going to see him on the court sometime this month. Hopefully as we get into January, he’ll be closer.

Has he been cleared for full contact? “He has been, in practice.”

How has he been progressing in practice? “He’s been not cleared 100 percent until yesterday for practice, but he has done some stuff he’s been cleared for along the way. He’s done more and more, and today he’s done the most he’s done.”

Where did he meet with his doctor? “I don’t remember where they went. He went down to see Dr. Andrews with our staff and Dr. McKeon.

Have you thought about how he will be integrated into the lineup: “I haven’t thought a ton about it since it hasn’t presented itself and it still isn’t going to present itself in the very near future. My focus is what we can do on Monday. Your thinking about how you are going to get him into it, ease him into it, but then also how you are going to manage everything around that, because there’s a lot of good players playing at a high level. They key is to continue those guys playing really well and add in another good player.”

How was practice today? “We went short, but hard in 45 minutes.”

His timetable for recovery: “He won’t play in games from what I’ve been told until after the 1st of the year. That still is, we’re talking in big generalities, I don’t know when that means. It could be a month from now, it could mean six weeks from now, there are a lot of different variables that have to be met for him to be cleared for games.”


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Brian Robb

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  • High Rollers


  • Ryan

    Do you guys think the Celts should go after Omer Asik?

    • hax

      1) He has a long and hefty contract that doesn't fit well with a rebuilding team.

      2) The Rockets are also looking for 'high value' for him from all reports. Which means the ideal trade of Wallace for Asik will never happen.

      3) He has an inconsistent mid-range jumper, making him mostly an inside guy. Brad Stevens would be like 'Shoot da 3, Omer, shoot da 3!!!!' and all Hell would break loose.

      4) He is 27 years old. Fav and KO(and Sully, since apparently 6'9 is a Center now) are younger with a far higher upside; and all 3 combined are cheaper right now than Asik.

      In conclusion, he is a pretty nice Center, but probably not the best thing for the Celtics right now, unless Danny plans to win next year & can get him for a bargain price.

      • hax

        To touch on #2 again. Seeing reports. The Rockets wanted 2 1st round picks and the right to swap 1st rounders with the other team in the 3rd year. This was offered to the bobcats. You would think they were trading Dwight Howard for that price!

      • NoAsik

        Asik needs to stay far away from Boston. Bad attitude on that man. We don't need him mentoring (or not mentoring) the young bigs. The fact that Crawford has done a 180 after his attitude in Washington is close to a miracle and betting on that happening again would be foolish.

        Agree that he is a decent center, but with his contract he is persona non grata in Boston.

  • hax

    Also, a rumor popped up today that the Heat want Crawford. 1st round picks, LeBron or gtfo.

    • YouSerious?

      They literally have nothing to offer us (or anybody else in the league, for that matter)…who wants a 1st round pick that will end up at the bottom of the round for a player who is clearly on the upswing?

      The Heat are all about spacing and shooting around Lebron. Well, the ONLY attractive trade chips on the Heat are exactly those kind of players. The Heat won't trade Ray Allen or Chris Bosh. Norris Cole and a pick could get you a serviceable player, but I don't think that'll be enough. I wouldn't trade Crawford for that package. I remember reading somewhere that they'd move Joel Anthony…who the hell wants him??

      • hax

        1st round picks are their only asset besides LeBron, and these are low round picks like you mentioned. Hence picks, not a pick. 😉 And Pat Riley won't give up 2 1st rounders for crawford.

        Seems like a rumor made by someone who believes the Celtics will trade everything for nothing.