Post-game Reactions

Could have used this fist of justice against Brooklyn

The Celtics tried to combat the superior size of the Brooklyn Nets with speed and quickness and got burned for it.  The tandem of Brook Lopez backing down all challengers and Kevin Garnett hitting midrange jumpers worked perfectly against the smaller Celtics front line.  The C’s have enough tape on Garnett to know how to stop him but unfortunately it’s all been moved to the Media Relations department in preparation for the most epic of all montage videos (expect Coldplay, Paula Cole, and Bee Gees as all part of the musical accompaniment).    Had Brad Stevens properly scouted Lopez he would have assigned assistant coach Rajon Rondo the duty of drawing him pictures of Wolverine.  It’s the best way to render Lopez powerless.

Luckily, the Celtics will get a chance to revamp their strategy for when they Nets come to town.    They will have the time to devise a way to keep Lopez from playing like that one 6′ tall kid on your fifth grade travel team.  They need to make Lopez play like that same kid only in his junior year of High School.  You know, when he never grew again while simultaneously not developing any guard skills.  Given Stevens recent flirtation with playing small really hitting the honey moon stage, the C’s will likely be seeing a lot Junior High Lopez.

If only the Celtics had a 7 footer with some bulk and similarly bad hair….

Okay so they have two, count ’em, TWO guys that fit that description.  Kelly Olynyk is still nursing a bum ankle and Vitor Faverani has fallen so out of favor he only played 4 minutes against a team with three seven foot tall rotation players.  Remember when Michael Pina wrote this about Faverani a month ago?  My, my have times changed.  To be fair to Stevens, Faverani was a pukey -12 in those 4 minutes.  It’s hard to fault Stevens for leaving Faverni on the bench in timeout.  Still, the Celtics smaller big guys weren’t fairing any better against Lopez.  It would have been nice to have the ability to show some resistance against the slowest back down in the game.

Now that the Celtics are back home, I’ll hopefully get a chance to ask Stevens about Faverani’s decrease in playing time.  They are playing another formidable front line tonight after all.


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  • Faverani's last games were not really good, I hope he will get a chance to redeem himself in the next games – in my opinion he has a lot of potential to do better.

  • Chuck da buck

    He only had a bad few games cause he didnt use him rite he only guarded lopes for one possession and on offense they haven't gotten him a shot in two games he's our best bench scorer but they never feed him on the post or have him pik n pop for three anymore. That's the reason our bench has been awful they stopped running the offense thru vitor.

  • miguel rios

    please danny ainge don"t trade for amar"e stoudemire he overrated..

    • Jim

      You're not trading FOR him it is his contract, say for Wallace.

  • The Cardinal

    Fav tends to sabotage his playing time with the amount of silly fouls he makes. Most of the bad ones tend to be reaching fouls on jumpers late in the 24 second cycle, and those tend to kill momentum as much as unforced turnovers. I still think he is a keeper, but he has got to have one of the highest per minute foul rates in the league.

  • hax

    He played well when he got good minutes in the first few games. Then his minutes vanished mysteriously.

  • Jim

    I don't know what's the big deal. He isn't that good a player to begin with. Having size doesn't make you good, did it Joe B. Carroll or Kwame Brown?!

    • Chuck da buck

      Ur blind he's a good player when they use him the rite way in the last three games they haven't.

  • llowery28

    Size doesn't make you a good player, but rebounding, blocking shots, shooting 3,s and having an arsenal of inside moves does. He's also a rookie, so why would you compare him to Kwame Brown. Favarini was a pleasant surprise as a rookie, while Kwame Brown was a complete let down. Maybe if he'd had a couple of years of college under his belt he would have amounted to something.

  • Dr. Donald Huffmire

    It is very strange to me and a mistake by Coach Stevens that he doesn't use Feverani much at all. The Celtics need rebounding, and Feverani could help. Does Stevens know what he is doing? He is a questionable coach to me. The Celtics need a more experienced coach than Stevens. Most of his out-of-bounds plays at the end of games when two points could win or tie a game are terrible. Why doesn't he have someone drive to the basket, either make it or pick up a couple of foul shots than have someone shoot a 3?