Post-game Reactions

Miss you, Paul. (Photo via @MrTrpleDouble10)

Before the season, one of the most pertinent concerns regarding this team was rim protection, especially in the Atlantic Division which features Tyson Chandler and Brook Lopez. Tonight, we got a pertinent reminder that this team, while scrappy and undeniably likable, is still fundamentally flawed as we watched Lopez get whatever he wanted around the rim against Jared Sullinger, Kris Humphries and anyone else the Celtics threw at him.

But that, of course, wasn’t the big story of the night. The big story was two Celtics legends playing a regular season game against their old team for the first time. It was sad at times, especially given how rusty Paul Pierce looked, but even against the current roster, it was fun to see Garnett back on the court and still woofing after big plays.

It was fun, that is, in a “Man I miss those guys like crazy, even if they are getting old and less effective” kind of way, which arguably isn’t much fun at all.

Full recap on the way…

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