Post-game Reactions

A few odds and ends after the Celtics practiced in Waltham today before departing to the Big Apple for a matinee with the New York Knicks at noon at Madison Square Garden.

Olynyk’s Status

Brad Stevens ruled Olynyk out of Sunday’s game against the Knicks, but noted that the big man continues to improve in his recovery from a sprained right ankle suffered a couple weeks ago. “He told me he’s feeling a little bit better. I don’t know exactly what that means. But I know he’s not playing [against the Knicks],” Stevens said at practice today in Waltham.

Stevens speculated the Olynyk may be able to join the lineup sometime in the middle of next week, perhaps against the Clippers Wednesday night, when asked before last night’s contest. What is not a certain though, is whether there will be playing time waiting for Olynyk when he returns to the lineup, given the improved play of Kris Humphries.

I don’t know how that’s all going to work itself out, but I have a lot of faith in Kris, I have a lot of faith in Kelly, I’ve got a lot of faith in all five bigs. We talked about that before, but the bottom line is I guess when you look across the league it seems like every team we play has one of their bigs out. So to have five of them that are all really, really compliment each other, that gives you the flexibility of four being available on a given night, that’s pretty good. But when we have all five available, I don’t know how that’s going to work itself out,” Stevens said last night. Stay tuned.

Another interesting tidbit via Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald today was Rajon Rondo addressing the latest rumor concerning Carmelo Anthony potentially recruiting the point guard to come to New York.

Meanwhile, Rondo’s former coach at Oak Hill Academy, Steve Smith, told USA Today this week that Carmelo Anthony has been recruiting the Celtics point guard to play for the Knicks.

Rondo was bemused.

“Well, (Smith) must know something that I don’t know,” Rondo said with one of the season’s great non sequiturs.

Rondo also addressed when he will be seeing Dr. Andrews for a checkup

Though a source told the Herald last week that Rajon Rondo was expected to meet with his knee surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, at some point between Dec. 7 and 10 for clearance to practice, Rondo pushed the date back to an equally vague date.

“I might see him during my holidays,” he said last night before the Celtics beat the Denver Nuggets, 106-98.

In the meantime, feel like we don’t have to worry about any Knicks recruitment rumors while the C’s have a better record than that group.

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