Post-game Reactions


Now that is what you like to see: a 14-0 run to begin the game and a wire-to-wire victory on national television. It was fun to see old friend Nate Robinson (and his fourth-quarter clear path foul) out on the TD Garden floor, but there were a couple other point guards that were really enjoyable to watch Friday. Ty Lawson scored a team-high 20 points, but it was Jordan Crawford who followed up his 25-point performance with a game-high 22 points (and a game-icing 3-pointer) against the Nuggets. This marks the first time that Crawford scored 20 points in consecutive games as a Celtic. Kris Humphries also contributed a season-high 18 points and a game-high plus/minus of +26(!!!), as the Celtics got their second victory against a Western Conference team this season. Grades upcoming…

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  • skeeds

    Brandon Bass seems to have finally realized he has the biggest ass north of Orlando, (heyoooo Big Baby!!!) and thus, that there's no PF he can't back into the paint.
    excellent job by Brad Stevens making the best of this roster and exploiting a team with no post presence by calling play after play for his big men.
    Also, Humphries deserves to be out of Beantown by next month. There's no future for him here and boy can he help a contender….

  • someguyinsac

    Hey, what the heck is going on here? After a summers worth of brainwashing, that the Celtics were going to be the bottom feeders of the Atlantic division, if not the whole Eastern Conference, how is it that they're the #1 team in the division and the #4 team in the Eastern Conference, so far this year?

    • hax

      Deep roster & great coaching.

      • someguyinsac

        But that's not the narrative I've been fed all summer, so it's kind of hard to wrap my head around it being the opposite of what I was told to expect. 😉

  • Real Celtics fan

    Exactly, You guys drank the media Kool-Aid. These guys we're good when they we're 0-4 and blowing 20 point leads. Seriously you guys call yourselves Celtics fans. Do you even watch basketball. Are you so drunk that we have won 8 championships in 12 years. That you couldn't give a shit about a re-building Celtics team who had talent on the roster to begin with?

    • someguyinsac

      Lighten up man! Some of us like to make fun of the Kool-Aid the media dishes out on a regular basis and I'm sorry that you can't see, that we're using sarchasm for spits and giggles.

    • Mark

      Give me a break with "your not a real Celtics fan" bullshit. That there are a segment of the fans that thinks, long term, the organization will be better off if they tanked in the deepest draft in a decade doesn't make us lesser than you. Sure this team has talent but they aren't a move here or there from contending. That's what you guys in the "we told you they'd be good" crowd seem to be delusional to. There isn't a Ray Allen/KG combo to get for the foreseeable future. Combine that with the sad reality that Boston isn't a desired destination for upper echelon talent and the only chance to rebuild is from the draft. Preferably the lottery.

  • Bob

    This team is fun to watch and every fan wants to see them do well. With that said, lets be real. This team does not have the talent to contend for a championship with the way the roster is currently constructed. IMO, they're one alpha dog away from being a serious title contender. The question is what is the best way for the Cs to attain that alpha dog? I think a top 5 draft pick is out of the question, so an eventual trade might be the answer. What top tier players out there could we realistically trade for in the next 1-2 years?

  • Morpheus

    It looks more and more like the only realistic way of obtaining that dominant superstar would be through a trade. Apparently we’re just too good to be one of the bottom 4-5 teams in the league with this roster and i’m not mad about it since i’m anti tank to the bone marrow.

    I would love to get Drummond, but he’s probably untouchable. Monroe?

    • Nick Magliozzi

      I think Omir Asik from Houston would be a great addition. Just not sure who we would have to trade to get him.

      • hax

        My guess would be Bass & Crawford, but I wouldn't want that trade.