Post-game Reactions

Pictured: The sads.

It’s not the January 26 showdown in Boston, but it’s still noteworthy: Paul Pierce will miss his first regular season NBA game against the Boston Celtics, December 10 in Brooklyn, with a fracture in his right hand.

A quick Google search you could have done yourself (journalism!) tells us that the third metacarpal is the middle bone in the hand — the long one just below the start of the finger. Right in the center of Pierce’s shooting hand, this seems like it would be a very inconvenient, painful injury, and we — of course — hope his recovery is quick. He should be healed by the January trip to the Garden, in time for his well-deserved standing ovation and video tribute.

This injury does take some of the intrigue out of next week’s game against Brooklyn, but barring an injury, Kevin Garnett will be playing. In addition, the Nets are still a game behind the Celtics in the pitiful Atlantic Division — a deficit which, if the standings hold, could be made up with a win by Brooklyn. So watch anyway, if the sight of Garnett in a Nets jersey banging his head against the basket stanchion is something you think you can stomach.

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  • High Rollers

    Get well soon, Truth!

  • hax

    Can't wait for the game in Boston!