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Indeed we do.

In a playoff-less season, the Celtics really have only one thing to look forward to before lottery night: The return of Rajon Rondo. There are always a few indicators that a player is nearing his return, and one of the first ones is that he is returning to drills during practice.

From Gary Washburn’s Twitter account:

Brad Stevens said he’s been mixing in Rajon Rondo into 5-on-0 drills during practice. “So he’s ready when the time comes.”

Said Stevens on Rondo: “We’re doing some things that fit him better than anybody else.”

Now, it’s worth noting that 5-on-0 is FAR from 5-on-5 full court, which is usually the final hurdle, and the Celtics are (correctly) in no hurry to get Rondo back ahead of schedule. But this report is exciting for a couple of reasons.

Stevens’ 5-10 record belies the job he has done coaching these players thus far. He seems to combine Xs and Os with advanced stats in a way that is advanced for his relative youth in NBA years (see: Avery Bradley playing shooting guard, Jared Sullinger receiving more minutes, etc), so when he says the Celtics are doing things that will fit Rondo better than anyone else, it’s an exciting prospect. Rondo is currently this team’s building block, and an offense built around his skillset very well might take on his unique, enigmatic approach to the game. That’s an intriguing proposition.

Even more intriguing is the prospect of finally seeing Rondo and Stevens work together. All summer we heard rumors of how Stevens was interacting with Rondo and picking his brain for ideas on how the team should be run. We would like to believe that this will lead to chemistry, and with their combined IQs and reported respect for one another, it’s hard to imagine they will clash.

Either way, Boston’s season is going to be injected with new life when Rondo returns, and just having something to look forward to can be hugely beneficial.

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  • janos

    this great news rondos key turnsaround season, us i like forward him see play new coach, player ; systems

    was seen today sad of news bull, rose – was not fair him loose knee again? was just comeing back nba bull ?


  • hax

    I'm hoping Rondo plays the home game against Denver in early December. It's the first national tv game for the Celtics. Sucks having to watch them through unreliable virus-ridden streaming sites.

    I have a guess where Stevens is going with this, and believe he has started planning it since pre-season. Our front court all can shoot the 3. Just by sticking the other 4 guys at the 3, all Rondo has to do is blow by his defender and there is a free lay-up. Defenses will then collapse the paint on him. He kicks it out. Vitor hits a 3. Celtics win.

    • janos

      rondos take all team problem on sholders is not worry for you
      he is come back when is ready more import ready , full AND proper heal, then certains game play schedule

  • j0jo27o

    i'm sooo excited, i know we shouldn't rush anything, but i just can't help myself..come back already!:)