Post-game Reactions

I missed this in real time, but fortunately (unfortunately?) BuzzFeed Sports writer Matt Kiebus did not. After the final buzzer in Boston’s 97-87 win over Utah, Jeff Green went to congratulate Brad Stevens on his first win as an NBA coach. The result was staggeringly, skin-crawlingly bad.

BuzzFeed broke this down in detail, and you should go read the post I linked above as it’s a perfect breakdown, but I have three thoughts:

1. I doubted before that there was any animosity between Green and Stevens, but after seeing this, I can only assume Jeff Green went Latrell Sprewell on his coach in practice.

2. Marshon Brooks’ sneaky butt pat is hands down the best part of the GIF.

3. Is ANYTHING more awkward than an unreciprocated hug? Answer: Absolutely not. Nothing is more awkward than an unreciprocated hug.

Anyway, if Jeff Green receives a DNP-CD on Friday against Orlando, I think we can safely assume it’s because Stevens and Green are having a hard time looking at each other.

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  • CelticsBIG3

    That read is hilarious. "Marshon Brooks snipes an ass slap"

  • Zee

    You can tell what happened easily. The coach went up to green to shake his hand, but his name was called by someone behind him. It must've sounded urgent. The coach turns around, and he and Green miss hands. So, instead, it turned into a hug. I saw no animosity between Green and the coach. Y'all are reading way too much into this. In fact, a mis-read.

    • CelticsBIG3

      I think your reading into it too much… It's a joke dude…. It's quite obvious what actually happened; it's called humor to soften the blow of a difficult season.

      • Zee

        Sorry, but it was also a mis-read. The humor was an added bonus, and I got that.

  • TheClhWarrior

    The butt slap gets me every time.