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Inside Boston’s #NBARank, Part III Finally

In the spirit of #NBARank, I considered releasing the last four Celtics in one individual post per day, but the outcry for immediate #NBARank coverage was just too violent. So here they are all at once. Again, #NBARank is designed to predict player performance for this season only, not other stuff.

Rating: 4.78
#NBARank: 158
Better than: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Derrick Williams, Glen Davis at least
Worse than: Carl Landry, Ed Davis, Chris Andersen

Think it’s fair to assume that Bass is the lowest-ranked #2 offensive option on any team right now. It is shocking, SHOCKING that I’ve watched probably 100 possessions already this season and thought, “Get it to Bass for the 12-footer!” What a ridiculous season.

I actually expect Bass to perform below this ranking once he cedes his starting spot to Jared Sullinger within a month or so. He’s probably Sullinger’s offensive equal right now and a significantly worse rebounder. Still rooting for him, though. His twitter handle is @bestbetbass, which may be the league’s corniest. And also this video is great.

Real #NBARank: 179

Rating: 4.96
#NBARank: 149
Better than: Corey Brewer, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ben McLemore
Worse than: Evan Turner, Chase Budinger, Vince Carter

I was actually a little excited for Wallace to join the Celtics, not for his symbolic representation of a rebuilding era, but because he was “fun.” Fun to watch, fun to have on your team. He plays actively and draws the eye in a cool way.

But so far Gerald Wallace has not been so fun at all. He joined a team that deliberately traded away two of its stars and let its star coach walk, then criticized that team for not trying hard enough to win. Personally I believe this act is an audition for the role of Veteran Motivator On a Playoff Team’s Bench. But if he’d like to win games in Boston, I would prefer that he give “making shots” a try rather than bitching from the locker room after a game when he had one or zero attempts in almost 30 minutes. Not to mention: I don’t remember hearing this kind of griping when he was a star on those garbage Charlotte teams. That might be more about Charlotte’s media reach, though.

Real #NBARank: #192

Rating: 6.03
#NBARank: 83
Better than: Thaddeus Young (89), Gordon Hayward (90), Ersan Ilyasova (94)
Worse than: Danny Granger (69), Danilo Gallinari (72), Harrison Barnes (76)

I may have to reverse my impassioned stance on Jeff Green’s contract being horrible. This season he only looks slightly overpaid. He’s making about as much as Thad Young and Ilyasova, both of whom he outranks, and substantially less than Granger or Gallinari. And he’s looked pretty solid against 2’s in the new huge-but-still-deceptively-quick starting lineup.

At any rate, Green looks to be sticking around for at least this season, where he’ll be the primary scoring option and Rondo beneficiary pretty much throughout. That’s enough for him to jump at least Barnes (playing behind Iguodala) and Gallinari (injured a lot, fauxhawk).

Rating: 7.63
#NBARank: 27
Better than: Damian Lillard (30), Mike Conley (32), Ty Lawson (38)
Worse than: Deron Williams (20), John Wall (21), Kobe Bryant (25)


Relax! Rondo’s great. But this ranking is actually pretty generous, considering he only dropped 15 spots from last year’s.

First of all, there’s chatter that Rondo may miss THE ENTIRE SEASON. That’s an argument for this ranking being a little high, considering it’s designed to predict a player’s performance for, you know, this season.

If he DOES come back, I think it’s fair to say that his assist numbers could be threatened by his new teammates’ inability to score (though that could lead to him taking it himself more often and upping his PPG). Either way, best case for Rondo’s #NBARank is that he gets flipped to some team like Detroit or Milwaukee, which, okay, could happen.

Real #NBARank: 27 is fine.

  • Rajon Rondo is the one of the best points guard in the league and will lead the Celtics to a Championship within 10 years. He will have his number 9 retired. HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

  • hax

    The Rondo #27 is an insult because of who they put ahead of him. Deron Williams?! He has gone downhill since 2-3 years ago. He has gone to a SG-style of play instead of the pure PG Jerry Sloan made him into in Utah. Derrick Rose missed a year and a half in real-time because he is soft and wanted to bring in the cash without working for it. Rondo had his arm hanging like a loose wheel and beat the Big 3 Heat by himself that game. Unless Danny asks him to stay away from playing to get them Wiggins, he is coming back sooner rather than later. This is a Boston player, not some fairy from Chicago with necktape.

    • fabzzz

      Calling Derrick Rose a fairy….thanks internet!

  • Rondo is top.20 no doubt deron Williams n John wall have nothing on him he has heart n persistence n he will b back Wen he is ready n tht rank shud change when he returns

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    And so the bots have begun to take over CelticsHub. This really is a lousy season.

    • hdavenport

      how do you know they're not just real guys who like mysterious images?

  • CelticsBIG3

    "a beautiful picture and more mysterious it gives me a sense of fun "

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