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Celtics Top ESPN’s Tank Rank

This should be a fun thing to follow this year. As we all know, with a loaded prospect class for the upcoming NBA draft in 2014, plenty of teams have decided to take a step back this season, partially in hopes of landing one of the studs next June in the draft. To prepare for it, ESPN Insider has unveiled a new feature called “Tank Rank” authored by Chad Ford, where it keeps track of each team ranks in comparison to its fellow “tankers.”

Well, after a tough first week, featuring a blown 22-point lead and the benching of Kris Humphries for the past two weeks, the Celtics have come out of the gate strong in the Tank Rank, taking the number 1 honors after Week 1. They easily took the throne from the Suns and Sixers who are, you know, too busy winning games during the past week

Here’s the blurb from Ford:

The Celtics aren’t the worst team in the NBA; they’re just playing like it right now. One of four winless teams after the first week of the season, Boston looks fairly inept on both ends of the floor and has already lost to two teams that look bound for the lottery, blowing a 16-point halftime lead in its home opener versus the Bucks and getting killed on the boards on opening night versus the Raptors. The C’s also have the fourth-worst defensive efficiency rating in the NBA despite playing at the slowest pace in the league. To top it off, rookie Kelly Olynyk, who the team is very high on, has just an 8.64 PER in his first three games.

Still, I have my doubts the Celtics stay here for long. They have winnable games against the Jazz at home on Wednesday and the Magic on the road on Friday. And at some point, Rajon Rondo is coming back.

Before we make too much of this, let’s keep in mind we are three games in. However, with the C’s playing four games in four cities over the next six days, my guess is that things could get worse here, before they get better. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out the full Tank Rank rankings yourself.


  • deanor46

    Coach is tanking. Got the team in the game and then he plays last have the 4th quarter without a shooter on the floor.Crawford was shooting well and he never used Humphreys who is good on the offensive board and scoring at the basket

  • hax

    The team isn't tanking on purpose but I'll take Wiggins.

  • JP

    They have been in every game and still lost. They are tanking. I think towards the end of the season when they have the worst record wrapped up, they will start to put some Ws up

  • Ersatz

    "The C’s also have the fourth-worst defensive efficiency rating in the NBA despite playing at the slowest pace in the league."

    In other words, Chad Ford is an idiot. Really, someone who writes for ESPN doesn't know that efficiency stats are pace-adjusted. That's what makes them EFFICIENCY stats. My god.

  • Steve D.

    Looks like the Celtics players have revolted against the whole idea of "tanking"! Look, if you were a player on an NBA team, would you want to TRY to LOSE 82 games a year in order to draft some player that management thinks is better than you? The answer should be – "NO!!"