Post-game Reactions

The Celtics turned in another scrappy doo of an effort, particularly on the defensive end, where they were overmatched inside by Detroit’s gargantuan frontline of Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe and Josh Smith. If not for some erratic backcourt performances and a classic Jeff Green no-show, the Celtics might have been able to pull this one out.

Despite the loss, there was quite a bit of upside: Kelly Olynyk still has the rookie yips but he’s making progress every outing. We’ll take 15 and 8 from a rookie big in his third game without complaint. Jordan Crawford and Brandon Bass also had their moments, which we’ll get into later tonight in the grades.

Until then, the C’s are 0-3, but showing signs of life in every game. Is anyone else encouraged?

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Ryan DeGama

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  • The Cardinal

    I'm encouraged. With about 3 minutes to play, the C's had a chance to steal this game. This was the first time in two years Detroit didn't blow a Celtics squad completely out the building. Also, the backcourt – regardless of the combinations – has been erratic, but we're still not getting blown away. I figure sooner or later, Brad is gonna have to give Phil and Marshon an extended run if for no other reason than they can't be anymore inconsistent or erratic than AB, CL, and JC.

  • JP

    I would like to see Marshon out there, I don’t understand what Crawford gives you that Brooks doesn’t. Also Lee has been an abomination for most of the 3 games this year. He really isn’t very good. Olynik has looked good this year, but our back court just makes too many costly mistakes.

  • hax

    19 mins for fav and 20 for green? Kind of hard for him to not be a 'no-show' when he doesn't even play half of the game. Olynyk 15 and 8, sweet!

  • Jon

    I'm kinda miffed by this game. In a time where we needed size and offense Green and Faverani were on the bench. 20 and 19 mins for each respectively. That's crazy and I understand he may have wanted to stay with the unit that got them back in the game but at the end of the game you go with your starters. I wonder what kind of message Brad was trying to send? Green wasn't really having a bad game 3-5 fgs. I honestly think Green needs more touches post wing where ever. He is the guy until Rondo comes back so why not use him as such.

  • Part of the Green "no show" was the fact that Stevens benched him (and Vitor) for the entire fourth. Also, it's tough watching Avery try & play point. It's so obvious that he's uncomfortable. On this, the second night of a btb, will Pressey finally get a shot? At least off the bench?