Post-game Reactions

The face of pure evil.

The Celtics opened the 2013-2014 season with a mighty roar…which gradually petered out to a soft murmur. After holding a lead for much of the game, Milwaukee decided to (wait for it) buck the trend of offensive ineptitude and start actually running sets. The current iteration of the Celtics is just not going to dominate a team with such proven NBA players like Caron Butler, OJ Mayo, Gary Neal, and Larry Sanders. In the end, it was just too much Nate Wolters (?!) and Kris Middleton (?!).


For some reason, the Bucks starters played like they never got off the plane while their bench played out of their freaking gourds (Halloween joke, yes!). It’s pretty clear that Wolters, John Henson, Zaza Pachulia, and Middleton were the only ones paying attention when they went over pick-and-roll and high-low passes. On the other bench, I think I know a rough agenda for the C’s next practice.

I know the C’s fans in the building wanted the first win of the season but watching two teams each try to win the game without a go-to scorer on the floor was well worth the loss.  After an epic back and forth that saw loose ball foul free throws, layups get blocked at the rim, and Caron Butler and Gerald Wallace taking turns missing threes, Wolters finally ended up with a steal and a foul draw.

We’ll have more analysis later but for now, here’s something I tweeted in the third quarter when the Celtics were up big.  I don’t like to toot my own horn but ………..


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  • Darthdoogh

    It's gonna be a painful season… It was too hard to watch final 4 minutes. I also knew we were going to loose (TANKING MODE)…

  • roadsidenotes

    Guys. I went to SDSU. I live about an hour from the campus. I have seen Nate play for the past four years. This is *exactly* how he played in college. He's legit.

    • EXCEPT he played at SDSU, against far weaker competition. The only legit team SDSU beat in two seasons was New Mexico (in which Wolters dominated). I say this not to disparage the Jackrabbits. I just think it's fair to be surprised how legit Wolters is.

      • roadsidenotes

        I don't think the -quality- of Wolters' opposition justifies surprise (Lillard played against comparable if not worse teams in the Big Sky). I think a general lack of awareness justifies surprise.

        I think some people expect that an NBA caliber player in a mid-major league is going to blow-out the box score every night. Like they'll say, '22 points in the Summit League? That'd be like 2 points in the Big East' or something to that effect.

        What stood out about Nate's game, through his last three years in college, is that he played the same against crappy teams and against good teams. Nate vs. Troy Wroten two years ago at Washington was the same as Nate vs. IPFW in the Summit tournament. There was no fall-off in play vs. better coaching, better players, better whatever. But you'd have to see enough games to appreciate that. Through chance, I happened to be in a position to do that.

        • Playing well against an 18 year old Tony Wroten is nice, but dismantling the entire Celtics team (albeit a bad one) is in another league. It's hard for any rookie to play well in big minutes, let alone a second round pick, from a small program, who was thrust into duty because the two guards ahead of him (Knight and Ridnour) are injured. All things considered, it's very surprising.

          • janos

            hi brayden is janos
            are you have the good sumer i was did but am ready now nba celtics rondos
            was seen to mlb sox are champons now celtics follow for next titles…

          • I mean the dude went from filling it up in the Corn Palace to the running the show at TDGarden!

          • roadsidenotes

            I don't think he ever played at the Corn Palace. That was Mike Miller.

            And, for what it's worth, I'm surprised that it only took about ten minutes of game time vs. the Knicks for him to get used to being the #1 PG, given that he got out of bed that morning as the #3 PG.

            But I did think that he'd get there.

  • buh scti


  • complexity

    The low point of the season is going to come when Brookyln Nets are getting cheered at TD Garden.

  • -jp

    I sort of like this team's front court, our backcourt is terrible though. I think we can see some flashes of them being well coached, but still hammering out the details and perfecting Steven's system. Our biggest problem (obviously) is the lack of talent on the roster, but that was what we all expected. This team will be better at year's end than they are right now, regardless of Rondo coming back or not.