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Avery Bradley Does Not Reach Extension With Celtics By Deadline

The deadline to extend third-year players with a contract extension came and went last night. Avery Bradley and the Celtics were unable to come to terms on an extension, according to a report from Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe:

Several other players, including Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz failed to come to terms on an extension with their respective clubs last night, meaning all of those players will hit the market next summer as restricted free agents, including Bradley. Should this news come as a surprise? Not so much, if you are a reader of CelticsHub.

Here was my analysis of the situation earlier this week:

Tom and Michael have covered this at length, so I’ll be brief here, while encouraging you to check out both of those posts. Long story short on this one for me: unless Ainge can find some Kendrick Perkins type-value (back, you know, when he could move) when he inked the center for a four-year 16 million dollar deal back in 2006, I don’t think we see Avery getting his extension. Bradley has his share of question marks, but he’s an elite NBA defender right now, which is more than you could say for Perk when he signed his deal.

I can’t see Ainge willing to commit more than 5-6 million per year to Bradley right now, and Avery’s agents know that with a breakout season, he’s likely to command more than that on the open market.
Decision: Possible, but unlikely to see extension.

Right move by the Celtics in my estimation. In some other housekeeping news, the C’s also passed on an extension for Jordan Crawford (shocker!). The team picked up their option on Jared Sullinger for next season, while passing on Marshon Brooks’ option, meaning he will hit the market as a free agent next season and now serves as another expiring contract for Danny Ainge to work with.

So what say you guys? Did the C’s make the right move in not extending Bradley?

  • The Cardinal

    Yay…sadly, going into his 3rd season, he still has to prove himself. At 6'1" or 6'2", he simply doesn't handle the ball, shoot the ball, or finish at the basket well enough to treat him as a hybrid or 2 guard of the future. He's also injury prone.

    The C's have taken the "it's his job to lose" approach with Bradley but honestly, he has no business starting on this team with Crawford and Pressley available (unless it's as a 2-guard).

    Despite the fact that I'm criticizing Bradley, it has more to do with the way the coaches (Doc and now Brad based upon the opener) have chosen to use him while Rondo has been out. Perhaps if we stop the stupidity and allow him to play his natural position of 2 guard exclusively, we might see a return of the 1st year, late season version that has led to such high expectations amongst many. But Bradley at the point is a great way to "tank" without admitting to such.

  • Ersatz

    Tough decision. I don't envy Ainge's decision here. Seems likely that AB wanted more than $5-6 million since they didn't find a deal, and I don't blame him for not relenting, but I don't disagree with DA not going higher. I think maybe Cs fans like AB a lot more than the rest of the league does. Probably he'd get more as a 3-and-D guy, but even though he's proven great at the latter, he's not sustained even average as the latter for long enough to be meaningful.

    Since they can still match if he excels this year and since they keep flexibilty, I think the team did the right thing.

  • hydrofluoric

    Sucks. AB is way more valuable to a contender with spacing and a strong system than to the current Celtics.

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