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ESPN’s #NBARank initiative, the valuation of every player in the league (and some outside of it, to make an even 500 for some reason), concluded earlier this week. I didn’t participate in it, which I feel more than qualifies me to weigh in on whether or not the ratings of Celtics players are good.

Keep in mind, these ratings are for PREDICTED 2013-2014 SEASON PERFORMANCE, not trade value or lifetime ranking or any of that jazz. And #NBARank will be referred to with a hashtag throughout, per ESPN’s legal department.

From worst to best:

Rating: 1.92
#NBARank: 481
Worse than: Basically everyone
Still better than: Fab Melo

This rating seems a little off, considering Vitor has already scored 13 points this season and #400 Jeremy Tyler, for example, is not on a basketball team. You’d almost think ESPN’s experts don’t follow Brazilian pro ball.

Obviously nobody was predicting Vitor would be starting an NBA game two months ago. But he’ll still find playing time for the foreseeable future because he’s the only center on the team, he has yet to beat up his girlfriend, and, again, he’s currently ranked behind like 30 guys who will not play in the NBA this year. Vitor gets to follow in the proud legacy of Lavoy Allen and Kent Bazemore as “guys who were extremely low on #NBARank and worked hard to become just sort of low.”

Real #NBARank: 313

Rating: 2.25
#NBARank: 439
Worse than: Isaiah Canaan, Dwight Buycks, Aron Baynes, other guys I have never heard of
Better than: Keyon Dooling, Jason Collins, Kwame Brown

This is actually a pretty nice spot for an undrafted rookie; Pressey obviously benefited from his performance at Summer League and the fact that his name is easy to remember. But the jury’s still out on whether he’ll see much playing time after Rondo comes back from injury. Oh, they’re back in? He won’t? I see. He can still jump a few spots. Co Cushing Penguins.

Real #NBARank: 372

Rating: 2.41
Worse than: Chris Wilcox, Chris Duhon
Better than: Chris Johnson, Chris Douglas-Roberts

Donte Greene coasted off reputation to get a 2.41 rating here. He used to start for the Kings! He was a star at Syracuse! He was somehow in this movie!

But now he’s been cut by a terrible team, even though that team needs size and he’s 6’11”. So a ranking switch with Vitor is probably in order.

Real #NBARank: 481

Rating: 3.20
#NBARank: 307
Worse than: John Jenkins, Reggie Bullock
Better than: Leandro Barbosa and Richard Hamilton, but barely, even though both of them are free agents

This rating seems sort of high until you remember that there are only 384 rostered players in the NBA. Even with that being the case, 307 might be a little generous. Very little is expected of Bogans this year. And that’s okay with him, because he doesn’t like to do that much, other than shoot corner threes and get traded. With three players ahead of him at shooting guard, he’ll probably do most of his production as a Veteran Leader, and they won’t have an #NBARank for those until next year.

Real #NBARank: 347.

Rating: 3.88
#NBARank: 252
Worse than: Norris Cole, Chauncey Billups
Better than: Kyle Singler, Dennis Schroeder

Crawford gets stashed JUST below the middle of the rankings, and by all appearances he was not thrilled about it.┬áBut the ranking sort of fits with his game: he’s above-average talented but below-average effective, averaging out to a middle-value player. But he showed signs of trimming back his jumperphilia last season, and Brad Stevens is supposedly spending some time on him, so maybe he’ll make the leap to above-average value this year. He’s only 25.

Real #NBARank: 221

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