Post-game Reactions

Are you ready for the Keith Bogans era?

Do you even know what position he plays?

Maybe don’t answer that.

Still, Bogans will be in uniform tonight along with Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee and number of other guys who may or may not be Celtics come the trade deadline. To celebrate the new season, we’re doing a double dose of 3-on-3’s today, with a gaggle of CelticsHub writers and our friend Chris Forsberg from ESPNBoston.

Onwards to the burning questions!

1. Explain Jeff Green to me. I still don’t fully get him.

Brendan Jackson: Who does? Green is an extremely athletic and talented player with some pretty severe shortcomings. He lacks the size and rebounding ability to be a power forward. He doesn’t have the ball-handling and the ability to create off the dribble required to be a SF/swingman. And he certainly doesn’t possess the aggression and passion to be a number one option.

Chris Forsberg: If Green were a Facebook relationship status, he’d be “It’s complicated.” There’s a whole lot of talent in that body, but we’ve only seen it in small bursts (most tantalizingly in last year’s playoffs). Green said this summer that he was ready to be the focal point of Boston’s offense, then underperformed for much of the preseason. On the eve of the season-opener, Green said he wants to average 20+ points. One of the biggest challenges for Brad Stevens this season is figuring out how to maximize the potential, talent, and versatility of Green, because no one else has quite figured out how.

Hayes Davenport: As far as the Celtics are concerned, Jeff Green is a trade chip. He’s never demonstrated himself to be an offensive leader, and even if the rebuild goes according to plan, Green will be past thirty at the tail end of his contract by the time it’s over. If Ainge is smart, he’ll manage to flip Green at the trade deadline to a contender: someplace where he can camp out in the corner and shoot the spot-up threes he loves so much.

2. Who will be the pleasant surprise out of Boston’s batch of ex-Brooklynites?

Jackson: If there’s a pleasant surprise, it has to be MarShon Brooks. He’s the only player out of the four acquired that has the opportunity to be a part of the next Celtics era. That said, if any of the Brooklynites net the Celtics future assets it would be the most pleasant of surprises.

Forsberg: Early returns suggest the only answer here is Gerald Wallace (assuming we can’t choose the draft picks). MarShon Brooks barely got on the floor in the preseason (78 minutes in six games) and Kris Humphries had an underwhelming exhibition slate. Wallace emerged as a leader on the court and off, muscling his way into the starting lineup with his play and challenging this young teammates to bring more effort.

Davenport: Other than whoever they pick with any of Brooklyn’s three first-rounders? Or whoever Ainge ends up with in return for Kris Humphries’s expiring deal? I guess that leaves MarShon Brooks. He showed flashes as a shooter in college, but his three-point percentage declined in his second year, even though he shot fewer threes. If nothing else, getting Brooks allows Ainge to effectively undo his draft-night flip of Brooks for JaJuan Johnson, the only player from the 2011 first round who’s currently on an NBDL roster.

3. Imagine it’s next summer. The season’s over. Write your 2013-14 season recap.

Jackson: They did it! By only winning 25 games, the Celtics have put themselves in the best position to secure the top overall pick in the up-coming draft. Brad Stevens did a masterful job as evidenced by the great strides made by Kelly Olynyk, MarShon Brooks, Vitor Faverani, and Phil Pressey. The future is bright in Beantown. ¬†(Hey, I’m an optimist)

Forsberg: After stumbling through much of the 2013-14 season, the Boston Celtics closed out coach Brad Stevens’ rookie campaign with a flourish, winning five of eight games in April. Stevens said he’s fine with sacrificing potential premium draft position at the expense of victories. “We made progress throughout the season and that showed over the final month of the season,” Stevens said after a 26-46 campaign which featured a 13th-place finish in the East and some roster turnover at the February deadline. “Our young guys see we are moving in the right direction, with guidance from Rajon [Rondo]. We’ll get back to work this summer and keep building.”

Davenport: Rajon Rondo got traded to the Bucks for Caron Butler, Brandon Knight, and two first-rounders in February. Brad Stevens molded the pasty modeling clay that is Kelly Olynyk into an All-Rookie first teamer, but by season’s end¬†Ainge had traded the entire rest of the roster, forcing Stevens to play Olynyk for 48 minutes alongside four 2015 draft picks. The Celtics somehow managed to lose 89 games and finish 17th in the East, behind midseason expansion team the Bar Harbor Beagles. In conclusion, the season was a huge success that went exactly according to plan.

Check back later today for part two.

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  • CG12

    Remedial math for Forsberg…

    • CelticsBIG3

      LOL, we just have to play 10 less games than everyone else and we're a shoe in for the number one pick.

  • Guys, you didn't hear? On his way out, Stern decided that teams not in contention won't be playing their last ten games. This allows the competitive teams to rest up their starters for the playoffs and prevents the bad teams from either a) playing spoiler to playoff seeding; or b) tanking extra games to get more ping pong balls.

    Pretty ingenious.

  • check12check

    the last piece written by Davenport is pure gold….and possibly accurate

  • swissflix

    It's gonna be a rather difficult season but hey, it's the Celtics! Let's go Celtics, always, every season. Here's to a lot of fun with Green, Bradley, Olynyk and the rest of the gang. Green greetings from Switzerland! Looking forward to reading lots of entertaining discussions on this board, always lots of fun!

  • Jordu

    I see that Forsberg projects the Celtics to have 10 ties this season. Consider me intrigued.


    I do not think this team should tank on purpose. Try to win, losing will only build a losing culture. Talent will come the celtics way. Between a number of draft picks and some youth we have on the team now I think are future looks good. The players we have now perform this year, they will become trade pieces. GO CELTICS.

  • Davenport Hater

    Davenport is a fricking idiot. He's not funny, smart, or clever. And who names their child "Hayes", anyways? Stupid is as stupid does.

  • cast

    To paraphrase a political question – If Green is the answer then what is the question? Totally overrated and half the man Wallace is, and I hardly think Wallace qualifies as a "surprise", the man is competent.
    Brooks deserves more of a look than Stevens is giving him but who knows, perhaps Stevens will come around in what will be a very short coaching career in the NBA.