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Charges Dismissed Against Jared Sullinger

Nearly two months after Jared Sullinger was charged with assault and battery after an altercation with his girlfriend in Waltham, charges against the Celtics’ power forward were dismissed today during a hearing in Waltham. Jay King of Masslive.com was on the scene and has more details on today’s proceedings.

Deann Smith (Sullinger’s girlfriend) has repeatedly asked that the charges be dropped, and it was her refusal to testify against Sullinger that ultimately led to the case’s conclusion. Through her attorney, Smith informed the Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan’s office that she would exercise her Fifth Amendment rights if called as a witness.

Citing Smith’s willingness to exercise her privilege not to testify, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts offered no objection Monday to a motion filed by Sullinger’s attorney, Charles Rankin, requesting the dismissal of the charges. The Commonwealth made no argument to Rankin’s assertion that insufficient evidence existed to continue with the charges without Smith’s testimony.

Both Sullinger and Rankin declined comment after the ruling.

CelticsHub will be on the scene at practice in Waltham today, bringing you full reaction from Sullinger and his teammates on the dismissal of the charges.

  • Ghost of Garden Past

    The Stop Snitchin' campaign strikes again. Now on to the season!

    • The Cardinal

      Yeah, cuz your ol' lady or your friends' ol' ladies or even your ol' man's ol' lady would never refuse to press charges after one of y'all if you or they popped 'em in the eye or mouth – only "those other folks" believe in never snitchin'. Can you honestly say you don't personally know a couple (or 4 or 5) where one party or the other refused to press charges the day after an altercation?

      The interesting thing was the guy was never accused of hitting, slapping or punching, simply restraining, which could very well mean the girlfriend was the aggressor and called the cops after he restrained her because she was p'oed. In any event, the issue is legally resolved and you should consider not applying an alleged ghetto "campaign" to every black person who happens to be accused of something – just sayin'. Finis and Peace Out

  • Ghost of Garden Past

    Except that he was charged with witness intimidation… and then the only witness happens to decide not to testify. She didn't snitch, he beat the case.

    And when did this become a black issue? Nothing is my 11 word original post said anything about the ghetto or black people. I'm sure you like movies, right? One of my favorite quotes "You learned the two great things in your life: Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut," said by a white guy to another white guy. The stop snitching campaign has been around for a long time. It creates a general problem with crime in this country because people are afraid to speak up. The stop snitching mentality keeps too many bad guys on the street.

    Anyway, Danny and Company know the deal. A one game suspension (loss of game check) costs Jared about $16,000 that the Celtics will then send to charity or whatever it is they do with player fines.

    On to Toronto!