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If the Celtics are looking to make a move with Rajon Rondo in the upcoming season, it won’t come by request from the C’s All-Star point guard. Rondo held court with reporters during a press conference announcing his signing with Anta as an official sponsor. During the presser, the longest tenured Celtic hit on a number of topics, including his future with team, his reaction to the KG/Pierce trade and much more (Via A. Sherrod Blakely at Comcast SportsNet)

On his future with Boston: “I love it here. The fans are great here. And Danny (Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations) has been straightforward with me. This is my team. Why would I want to leave? Why would I want out? I never really backed away from a challenge. This would be a challenge. I’m looking forward to working with coach Stevens. It’s a brand new start for us as a team. A lot of new players and a lot of young guys willing to listen, so I’m very excited about that.”

On his comments from media day about the KG/Pierce trade: “I don’t really say much and speak out on exactly what happened. I talk to Kevin all the time.” “I talk to P. Obviously it was different when the trade went down. I didn’t expect it to happen. I had just gotten off the plane. It happens, and that’s the business. I’m not going to say it was, ‘forget about it’. We still talk about them in the locker room today, tell stories about how KG was, things Paul did. At the end of the day, I still talk to every one of those guys. I talk to Jet, I talk to P, I talked to Kevin yesterday. We still check on each other. It’s a brotherhood. It’s something that you can’t break. We won titles together. We been through the fire together. It’s just something for life.”

Be sure to check out the full interview transcript at Comcast SportsNet for more on his recovery process, his relationship with Brad Stevens, Phil Pressey and more.


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Brian Robb

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  • cos

    should have been titles. But I'll take the lone title.

    • buh scti

      if Bynum was healthy
      there was no title

      • tbunny

        That's like saying if Mantle wasn't a drunk. Bynum is hurt all the time. That's who he is.

        But it's adorable how you want to cover up the way the Lakers got embarrassed in game 6.

  • hax

    Rondo !!!!!!!!!! #1

  • CelticsBIG3

    Since this site always loves to be wishy-washy with certain standards (IE, open thread), I'll post it here. Vitor Faverani is going to be an awesome pickup.

    • hax

      He looks a bit lost right now, but hopefully!

  • check12check

    I think this is going to go one of two ways:

    1. Rondo, when thrust into his new role as the team leader, finally gains the maturity he has lacked in past seasons. I considered this a VERY improbable outcome for a long time, but I'm finally starting to believe it can happen. If he can do that and start missing so many dang layups, I may finally join the Rondo fan club. well, rejoin. after that magical championship run I thought we had found the second coming of john stockton.

    2. Rondo gets fed up after about 30-40 games and essentially demands a trade. I don't think Rondo's mercurial nature is a secret. is he going to have the poise required to deal with leading a team that is truly going to be cutting its teeth?

  • Jordu

    Stating that it's his team is a little off-putting. What other player says that? Kobe? That's he's the best player on the team is indisputable but I'd be a little annoyed if I heard that as a teammate. It's one thing for Pierce and KG to say it was Rondo's team the past few seasons. I took that as veterans passing the mantle, giving up the spotlight, whatever, even if it was arguable, but for Rondo to state it himself comes across as egotistic.

    I don't see Rondo as demanding a trade if the Celtics struggle. I think he's going to really enjoy being the clear cut leader of this team. The most energetic I've seen him play in the regular season was when Pierce, KG and Ray were all out of the lineup. He seemed to relish trying to elevate everyone else's play and prove himself.

    I might be paraphrasing it wrong but I think Robert Horry once said that he would've given up his illustrious role player status and championships if he could've been the man, the all-star on an inferior team. I'm not saying Rondo doesn't value winning but I think being the man of the team will satiate him through the losses.

    • check12check

      I've always believed Rondo was egotistic. he seems to consider himself on the same level with like LBJ and KD. he isn't. never was. never will be. Personally, I don't even think he should get an all-star nod. I actually never thought about the last paragraph, but I kind of agree with it. Rondo might like being on a team where he is the man. damn, this season is going to be rough

  • He looks a bit lost right now, but hopefully!

  • if Bynum was healthy
    there was no title