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The Celtics are back in action today, after a team off to rest their weary bones after three long days of work down in Newport RI this week. That stint is over however, as C’s will be back now at their practice facility in Waltham for the remainder of the preseason.

While there has been plenty of attention on the new faces in Boston thus far between Brad Stevens and a plethora of new players, one man that has been overlooked thus far is new lead assistant, Ron Adams. The coaching veteran, who was one of Tom Thibodeau’s top lieutenants in Chicago, was let go in the offseason after some run-ins with the Chicago front office.

Now as  Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald writes, Adams is getting plenty of acclaim from around the league about how big of an asset he’ll be for the C’s:

“I think Ron is a special basketball guy that has been around winning and winning coaches for many years,” George Karl said. “I think it’s a great hire. He loves the gym. He’s been through so many different experiences that I think he’ll be invaluable to Brad. The newness of the NBA is something that someone coming in has to deal with, and I think having a veteran coach like Ron will help a lot.”

The fact Karl is the reigning Coach of the Year and is no longer employed by the Nuggets offers all the testament one needs that the NBA can be a strange place.

Beyond the basketball knowledge Adams can provide, he’ll be invaluable in letting Stevens know what is truly weird and what is simply NBA as usual.

Steve Clifford is embarking on his first year as an NBA head coach with Charlotte, but after several seasons as a scout and assistant coach he knows there is an orientation process for a new guy.

“I would say that Ron would be a good hire for anybody, but, honestly, he can really help a guy coming into the league,” Clifford said. “He’s experienced. He knows this league. He knows how to deal with NBA players. I would think he’d be perfect for that job and that situation.

Here’s hoping the C’s have him locked up long-term.


Everyone in Boston is undoubtedly trying to move on from Doc Rivers, after the never-ending saga that took place earlier this summer. As he lands in LA though, the politician in him is reciting plenty of rhetoric that is catching the ears of many Celtics fans as he pumps the tires of his Clippers. Rivers told ESPN LA:

“They should be better than any team I’ve ever coached, I really believe that. They’re more athletic. They don’t have the veteran IQ but they should be in that area. We have a couple individual defenders that can be dominating on defense. We have great speed but we don’t have the size in some ways as some of the teams I’ve coached.”

This follows up Doc’s comments in an interview with Yahoo! Sports in which he took another (likely unintentional shot) at the C’s claiming on his move to the Clippers,

“The risk is all mine,” Rivers, 51, said. “To go to an organization that hasn’t won but [two] playoff series in their entire history, in a town where the other team is the best franchise in sports history – that’s risk.”

Everyone can start taking these comments a little less literally when you hear comments like this:


Doc has always been a master of damage control, when you try to spend a summer trading away a guy.

Jermaine O’Neal (2011 training camp MVP) would be proud.

More to come later this weekend.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • hax

    Yeah I'm sure it's going to be so hard going from ageing Pierce & KG vs. The Heat, to a stacked Clippers team in a suddenly weaker west. So risky. Doc is a real gambler. All he has to do is say 'you want it, go get it', have his assistant draw up out-of-bounds plays, win, and take credit for it.

  • trashandsend

    Please get over Doc Rivers and his predictable hype of his current position. Likewis Pierce and Garnett. The latter two were great while they lasted with the Cs but were wrong for its future. Rivers was wrong for its past two years because he overworked his veterans, Pierce and Garnett especiallfy, and failed to create adequate space for his youngsters to grow.

    Focusing on Rivers LA woofing is like following a divorced spouse on Twitter–silly, a waste of time.

  • YouSerious?

    No matter what happens this season, there is no way that Doc's Clippers team this year could ever be better than the 66-16 Celtics that won the championship in the first year of the Big Three.

    A healthy trio of KG, Pierce, and Ray Allen from 2007, along with the fantastic supporting cast (the scrappy defender Rondo used to be, same with Perkins, the reliable James Posey, etc), would destroy the current Clippers roster in a series.

    I don't wish ill will on Doc, I want him to succeed, but don't disrespect your former players like that. Sure, Chris Paul is a hall of fame point guard, but this Clippers team would lose out at basically every other position on the court against the prime Big Three era Celtics team.

  • Josh_5

    Seeing Doc make comments like these is like seeing your ex-girlfriend at a bar hitting on and being with some overweight ugly dude trying so desperately to convince everyone how much happier she is now……Its embarrassing really.

  • He is so happy. I don't belive it