Post-game Reactions

In journalism school, one of the first things they teach is that any number below 10 is written out (two, three, four, etc.), and any number 10 or above is a numeral (3,500, 60, etc.).

When Boston sports radio hosts Toucher and Rich, erm, interviewed Rick Pitino on the Sports Hub 98.5, the time had to be written out. Apparently, there just wasn’t that much to say. Fortunately, Fred Toucher was willing to say what most of us think when we hear Pitino’s name.

Here’s the transcipt from CBS Boston (H/T to Red’s Army):

Fred: We are joined by Rick Pitino, former coach of the Celtics, current coach of the Louisville Cardinals who won the national championship. Rick Pitino, hello!

Pitino: Morning, guys.

Fred: You stink. You ruined the Celtics.

Fred then hung up and began “The Stack” segment, and the interview was over.

We are going to hear from a lot of people who think this is rude and unprofessional, but they also hate fun and funny things, because this was kind of hysterical.

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  • tbunny

    Toucher and Rich try way too hard. Sometimes they are funny but mostly it's the fake laughing zaniness of the morning "zoo" program. I like Gresh and Zo much better.

    This was rude. Pitino may be an asshole I don't know, but he didn't "ruin" the Celtics. It's not so much that it was disrespectful. It's that if you're trying to have a funny and entertaining program, this just doesn't work. This was just mean for no reason.

  • 2p2d

    I think this is rude and unprofessional, but then again, I also hate fun and funny things.

  • Dennis

    I hope Pitino puts a curse on all of Boston sports teams………..may they stink forever. That was so unprofessional and disgusting. The worst part is that Pitino didn't get a chance to reply to such an asinine remark.

    • Mark

      Screw Pitino.

      • Dennis

        after you


    I love the C's but I also am a Louisvillian whose affinity for Cardinals basketball surpasses my Celtic love, sorry guys. But I guess Im now use to the new Pitino, the man with love for his city, university, and team. The man coached a team to a championship last year that superceded my previous life highlight (Sox winning the series in 04).
    However my dad vehemently disagrees due to the fact that he is a PC alumni and still despises Pitino for how he left Providence.
    But anyways, long live PITINO. and dont forget that Pitinos misfortunes subsequently led to the Doc Rivers era. Long live RIVERS

  • Boston man

    Is that called Boston maturity?

  • ryan

    pitino wouldn't have answered any question about the celtics he would have just talked about his stupid book. and who even cares about the travis knight contract at this point. the interview would have sucked and been boring anyway.

  • Sophomore

    Hate Pitino's results in Boston. Just hate them. But this was ridiculous.

  • Touche

    I guess this is what you do when you host a sports radio program but one of your hosts (Rich) doesn't really know much about sports.

  • noternie

    It was really funny. Especially since Rick Pitino is a guy that takes himself waaaaaaaaaaay to seriously.

    Even though he's a successful college basketball coach–which means a bunch of hayseeds would lick his bare feet clean after he walked through a cow field–I'm sure Rick realizes some folks don't like him and doesn't lose sleep over it.

  • Danny

    thought it was pretty funny myself

  • Touche

    How did Pitino ruin the Celtics? It's not like they had a chance of winning a championship any time during that time period. Another coach wouldn't have been able to step in and win a title.

  • Sean

    Any Celtics fan should love this interview. Pitino doesn’t deserve a chance to defend himself because he didn’t let the Celtics defend themselves against him. He made RED AUERBACH, the greatest coach in sports, step down as president and made horrible decision after horrible decision until he was out of Boston. Pitino absolutely ruined the Celtics. Thank you Fred Toucher for the best sports reporting in Boston.

  • Sean

    Would you rather have Chauncey Billups in his prime or a nearly retired Kenny Anderson? If you chose Kenny Anderson, you have as good a basketball IQ as Rick Pitino. If you have a brain you have a higher basketball IQ than Pitino

  • Tim

    Unprofessional, dumb, hate-filled. Why would you insult someone of his magnitude for ratings. Classless!!!