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In quick-hitting, non-essential news, NBA.com gave the Celtics a “C” for their work this offseason. For the most part, teams with young talent and potentially impactful rookies were graded harshly since their players are unknowns, while teams like the Rockets — who, as you may have heard, signed Dwight Howard — received much higher grades. Here’s NBA.com’s John Schuhmann on the Cs (pun intended, sorry, not sorry):

Still, they’re probably not going to be very good on either end of the floor, having lost their anchors on each. This was a bad offensive team even before Rondo got hurt last season. And it was a bad defensive team whenever Garnett went to the bench.

All of this begs the question: If trading away two franchise legends in exchange for Kris “I once fought your best player and tweeted pictures of the scratches on my back in a passive-aggressive manner” Humphries, Gerald “I was good the last time Charlotte was good ” Wallace, Marshon “I once scored 52 points in college” Brooks and Keith “My non-guaranteed contract is guaranteed to be an expiring contract next summer” Bogans and losing your franchise coach doesn’t constitute a D or lower, what in the entire hell does?

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  • hax

    1) Team is arguably much better for regular season basketball.
    2) We have like a million 1st round draft picks.
    3) Coolest coach in the league.
    4) Depth, instead of just underachieving guys missing 3's for 15 mins a game.

  • ghoulbuns

    Hax you must be high. All 4 of your " points" are simply bad opinions. Not a shred of relevance. Sorry. You can get back to your bender now.

  • WickedSmaatGuy

    Come on 'ghoulbuns'; you ever read celticshub…on weed?! 🙂
    1.) Whaa? You mean 'better' at acquiring Andrew Wiggins?
    2.) Correct; excellent point
    3.) I though George Karl got fired; oh, wait, you mean…no, Popovich is still with the Spurs
    4.) If by depth you mean really, really big holes; like 'cavernously' deep. As for missing 3's in 15mins Lee is still on the roster.