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Whether you want Rajon Rondo to stay in Boston or you don’t believe the Celtics can build around their controversial guard, having him in the best health possible is very important.

If the Celtics keep Rondo, they need him on the court for obvious reasons. If they want to trade him, his value will be much higher healthy and productive.

In either case, Jared Sullinger recently told a local radio station what he believes will be Rondo’s timetable for return and while Sully is far from an authoritative source, his take is encouraging. Here’s Jay King from MassLive.com:

Danny Ainge has stated publicly — several times — that point guard Rajon Rondo wants to return from ACL surgery by training camp and play on opening night.

Yet while speaking with WSYX Columbus on Friday, teammate Jared Sullinger shared a different timetable for Boston’s four-time All-Star.

“He’s back working out again and hopefully he’ll be back by December,” said Sullinger.

King goes on to point out that while Sullinger is not a medical professional, he does have access to Rondo and could very well have a better idea of how Rondo is progressing.

Dr. Sullinger’s timetable makes the most sense to me. Bringing Rondo back and testing his surgically repaired knee during Boston’s inexplicably grueling November seems like an unnecessary risk both to his health and the Celtics’ 2014 draft pick. Allowing him to wait until December will give him an easy schedule for the first month after his return, and it will help the Celtics realize exactly what they have as a roster next year.

It’s an 82-game season, and at the end of the road, Boston’s chances of competing in the playoffs are extremely slim. There will be plenty of time for Rondo to gain chemistry with Boston’s new pieces without bringing him back immediately. Giving him enough time to recover (or forcing him to take more time off, whichever is necessary) benefits Boston in multiple ways longterm.

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  • geo

    this picture in particular leads me to the conclusion that if Sullinger's back surgery works, and that he both loses weight and gets better posture he is more in the 6'10" range.

    • I think it's obvious Sullinger has a much higher ceiling than Big Baby. So if he truly did fix his back, it looks like we have may have a third piece to the title puzzle. Rondo. Olynyk. Sullinger. Yet that only works if one or both of the latter can play center. Right now that seems doubtful. I wouldn't mind them sharing power forward duties. It's definitely looking like a good time to unload Brandon Bass.

      Maybe Faverani will surprise us with some good interior defense.

      • hax

        Jeff Green, our leading scorer this year. Don't forget him!

        • You're correct. I'm on the side thinking Jeff Green can be a starter on a title team. I forgot or took him for granted.

  • Rondo being out a while could help the cause. Maybe we can get some extra clutch losses for the draft pick. Or maybe Pressey emerges as a decent point guard. Thank god there will be no doc robot plugging in Avery Bradley this time.

  • GowGow

    I fear this team is better than we expect if we want to tank.

  • AC3

    There are players on this team that have the goods, but you root for them to be bad? I'd rather be entertained and enthused by a team trying, than watching a team tanking. That's lame. It's no way for Stevens to start. Let him prove himself by proving himself. Also, anything can happen on draft night, and there are many prime time players who originated in the middle of the 1st round and below. And not to invoke tragedy, but Len Bias? Anything will and can happen in this world. Let them rock!

    • dasein

      Anything can happen sure. But for every Paul George there are how many mid to late first rounders that do nothing? 100? 200? It's a lot anyway. And how many high lottery picks died before playing a game? I think it's 1. Having better odds (a higher pick) literally means you are more likely to get a star. "Anything can happen" doesn't change this. You're never going to get LeBron, Durant, Davis, or Wiggins with the 10th pick.

      • jag

        But you can get pierce with 10th or kobe at 11th

  • hax

    I wouldn't be surprised to see this team finish -better- than last year, for the regular season. Why?

    1) A deep bench. Last year the bench was mostly terrible and underachieving. Now we have guys like humphries who have done well in the past and need to play for another good contract next season.

    2) The Big 3 Celtics gave up on the regular season starting in 2010. They would sleep, then come out big late in the season to jump up a weak eastern conference ladder. These guys are being called tankers before they even get a chance to play a game. It's young guys with something to prove. They'll play hard all season. If they don't, that mentioned deep bench will have someone who will.

    3) Guys with energy. We watch Pierce and KG get limited minutes(benched 1/3 of the game), nights off, etc. Jeff Green & Kelly Olynyk don't need nearly as much rest. They can go 40 minutes a game on a nightly basis.

    4) Less Injuries. Okay, anything can happen. But the current group mostly has a good history of not getting injured every single year.

    With all that, if Brad Stevens hasn't been ordered to make the team suck(faverani playing PG), there's no reason this team can't get a 6th seed, more or less.

    • If we tank it will be by Danny's design and not because he does a wink-wink with Stevens in private. He could trade Rondo. I don't think he will. I hope not. Having a gutted team could be less fun to watch than KG and Pierce on their last legs.

  • bigblack

    I like to see Danny bring back Chris Wilcox and let Jordan Crawford,Donte Greene go.hope DeShawn Sims make the teams. he average 20 points a game in D-League he can run floor real fast he can jump completly out jym. he will be good with MarShon Brooks both them can streacth the floor with there three point shoting.they will fix good with Rondo when he come back.along with Olynyk.

  • ihategreen

    Olynyk was substitute for Sacre at Gonzaga

    dream on

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