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Watch this very important video of Jeff Green dunking

At Jamal Crawford’s Summer Pro-Am, Jeff Green played a very important basketball game full of very important crossovers, stepbacks and dunks. It is pretty essential that you watch them.

There is little-to-no defense being played but that’s not important. Jeff Green effortlessly throwing down a windmill on an admittedly wide open break is important. Also extremely important: Jeff Green crossing over a defender, stumbling and still managing to get up to effortlessly throw down a one-hand smash.


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  • Stephe

    In my humble opinion, Green has always been the basketball equivalent of a "mistake hitter". If you give Green two steps or 4 feet of room, he's golden. And then he makes a highlight play. But play excellent defense on him and he can't do anything. God help him if he's doubled. Unfortunately, most good NBA teams and almost all playoff teams play good defense.
    I get that good defense is hard to score against for anyone, but Green can't do it at all. If he's yore #1 scoring option against a good defense, you're screwed.
    Hopefully, he'll show enough that you can package him up w Wallace or Humphries and get something of real value.

    • Josh_5

      Yaaaaaaa well the Miami Heat and March 18th beg to differ.

      • swissflix

        or like the Knicks in the playoffs. Game 1, 21 points in the first half? And people still diss him for scoring only 5 in the second half? Because maybe, just maybe he got a little tired?

        The only thing that bothers me about that vid is the fact that there is still no left hand to be seen.

        • Sawyerfox

          Watch again for the left hand – left side drive ends with left hand slam.

  • -JP

    Great video, hopefully this is more of a sign of things to come, than an outlier.

  • check12check

    there were a few things here that Green doesn't usually do that looked like he could maybe move them into his NBA game. I mean, take that with a mountain of salt, but fun to watch anyway.

  • Jon

    I can't wait to see how he does in a new system with more opportunities and being put in better positions to succeed. If Rondo doesn't come back right away he is going to be basically the go to guy (that doesn't mean just scoring) I believe people haven't had a chance to see his playmaking ability for others. CAN'T Wait until the season starts. Lets go CELTICS!!!!

  • Jskizzle


  • kevan

    Im almost certain that Jeff Green will have a monster season being almost 2 years away from the heart surgery..He is going to be in the conversation for "Most Improved Player Award".

  • Jeff has so much physical ability – I am curious to see how he adapts his game to the new role. With the big dogs no longer around, the weight falls on his shoulders to come through as a potential mismatch situation against other teams – but ONLY if the aggressive, assertive Green suits up every game and plays with a chip on his shoulder. He's had a good couple years to watch some of his aging teammates in Paul and KG with failing athleticism be pretty damn competitive – mainly because of their heart/determination. Jeff needs to be aggressive and confident in his crazy potential and abilities. He was a bit caged with Paul, KG leading the way – but now this could be his (and Rajon's) team IF he wants it. That's a BIG if- and I am curious to see how he handles this opportunity.

  • Renato S.

    Does somebody know what's the size of his hands? I've noticed some time ago, from how he palms the ball, it looks to be pretty big. There are several dunks that he simply palms the ball with one hand off the dribble and you don't see that so often out there – MJ had pretty big hands, his fake with one hand is pretty funny.

    • timmytoes

      Most 6'8 black guys have huge hands.

      • swissflix

        with all due respect. Most 6'8 guys have huge hands. Why only black guys??

      • emg

        …was going to write the same thing. It turns out that, Nigeria does have the largest hands but then a bunch of ultra white counties defeat African ones on hand size.

        Nigeria – Hand length: 19.26 cm (= 12.0% of body height); hand breadth: 9.03 cm;
        UK – Hand length: 18.75 cm (= 11.0% of body height); hand breadth: 8.25 cm;
        Netherlands – Hand length: 18.70 cm (= 10.6% of body height); hand breadth: 8.5 cm;
        USA – Hand length: 18.15 cm (= 10.6% of body height); hand breadth: 8.2 cm;
        Mauritius – Hand length: 18.05 cm (= ??% of body height); hand breadth: 7.9 cm;
        China – Hand length: 17.7 cm (= 10.9% of body height); hand breadth: 7.8 cm;

  • hax

    He's coming off surgery to save him from a would-be fatal heart problem. He is now fully healed for this season and ready to go. Not to mention he's been on the bench most of his career because he's been playing behind Kevin Durant & Paul Pierce. He knows this is his season, his team, and his time to shine, 20 ppg and the Celtics will be near that 8th seed, at least.