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Deveney: Boston Celtics never “seriously entertained dealing Rondo”

According to Sporting News, Rondo was never on the trading block this offseason.

After yesterday’s news that Fab Melo was moved for Donte Greene’s non-guaranteed contract, Boston’s roster potentially could stand pat for the rest of the offseason. The Celtics both have the potential to be under the cap and have the requisite number of players on the roster if they opt to waive Greene.

According to Sean Deveney of Sporting News, any roster moves the Celtics may have considered over the past few months never included injured point guard Rajon Rondo. But that doesn’t mean the Celtics are necessarily done exploring trade options. From Deveney’s latest on SportingNews.com:

According to league sources, Boston never seriously entertained dealing their flighty point guard. Rumored talks with Detroit were “overblown,” a source said, and Rondo does not want out of Boston. Rondo is coming off ACL surgery, which bumps down his value, and the Celtics were not planning on selling low regardless.


That’s not to say Boston isn’t looking into deals—the Celtics would love to move Gerald Wallace or Kris Humphries, who were acquired in the Kevin Garnett-Paul Pierce trade, or Brandon Bass.

The Rondo news is confirmation of what most of us assumed. Rondo’s status at the trade deadline might be different, but at the moment, his value is as low as it has been since he broke out as a star. Coming off an ACL injury, most teams would be hesitant to give up fair value for him until they see how healthy he is when he returns.

At this point, it seems incredibly unlikely that any GM will bite on a deal for Gerald Wallace. His contract is too large and too lengthy, and his value is too low. Boston would have to include some pretty serious sweeteners in any deal, which — if Rondo is off the table — would probably include picks. And if the Celtics had to move the picks they received as compensation for taking Wallace’s contract back in the Brooklyn deal, it would seem like a massive waste of a trade.

Moving Humphries is also kind of a dicey proposition. If the Celtics are already looking to trade him, his future with the team is probably very limited, and if that’s the case, he holds a lot of value as an expiring contract. Letting Humphries’ $12 million contract come off the books and waiving Keith Bogans’ non-guaranteed $5 million contract for 2014-15 would open up $17 million in what promises to be not only a loaded draft class, but a loaded free agent market as well.

Moving Humphries and some of the Nets picks for a talented player might be a worthwhile endgame. A huge expiring contract and several first-rounders might be enough for a good player on a bad team.

But with talented free agents coming available in 2014 and the potential of a good draft pick looming, keeping future cap flexibility and future assets seems like the wisest route for the time being.

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