Post-game Reactions

Every year, NBA fans are treated to an array of photographs that, without fail, put the future stars of tomorrow in embarrassing and absurd situations.  This year, the Celtics obviously factored this reality into their draft-day decision-making.  Kelly Olynyk has all the makings of a true contender for goofiest rookie photo shoot pictures ever.

Last year, we were treated with Fab Melo breaking a folding chair while waiting to audition for the Celtics Dance Team.  I can’t wait to hear about the funniest behind the scenes moments from this years photo shoot but until then enjoy how I assume Kelly Olynyk’s session went:


(Getty Images)

  Photographer: Kelly, act like you’re AirJordaning but instead of a stride, think lamaze class.  *snap* And push! *snap**snap* and Breathe! *snap*

(Getty Images)

Photographer: Okay Kelly, now we’re going to go in a different direction.  Imagine this: there’s a fourth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie only Casey Jones is now infected with the ooze and just starting to glow.  Go! *snap**snap* Beautiful!”

(Getty Images)

Photographer: Kelly, what’s it like to be drafted by the most storied franchise in NBA history?

Kelly Olynyk:  This is a basketball.

Photographer:  Aha…

(Getty Images)

Kelly Olynyk: That’s ‘OH-LYNN-ICK’ not Oleynik.

Photographer: We have four chances to get this shot right.  Think the power of getting your heart ripped out of your chest juxtaposed with the serenity of cumulus clouds.

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Kelly Olynyk: Nailed it!

Be sure to check out more awesomely bad rookie photos at NBA.com!

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  • dasein

    Oh me, Oh my, Oh Lynyk.

  • check12check

    these just made my day

    guy 1: what if we have him jumping in a field?
    guy 2: what like half man half gazelle?
    guy 1: yeah, pretty much
    guy 2: LOVE IT!!!! let's get 4 of those babies!!

  • Nic6

    "Lets make sure we get these jumping photos from below so the audience thinks Big O has at least a 17 inch vert"

  • Hector

    Is it just me or does Brittney Griner look more manly than Kelly Olynyk?

  • Tom

    Kelly – Be like Isiah Thomas and disregard these ridiculous photos.
    (Though I gotta tell ya that green light thing is pretty disgusting.)
    You can console yourself with the comment Isiah Thomas made last night on NBA TV..
    …When asked, "Who will be this year's top rookie?"
    Looking at the photos of the top 5 picks in this year's draft,
    Isiah disregarded the photos and picked,
    "Kelly Olynyk" as his most likely Rookie Of The Year.
    …Not too shabby.

  • Ferguson

    These pictures are terrible and embarrassing for the rookie.

  • Jenny

    It’s the Olyn-pics! 😉

  • peterocks129

    There no basket any where around? why did they think it would be cool in a field? Maybe he likes dunking on nothing, pertty much

  • Person of Interset

    I like to Guy in Blue in a couple of Field Pic backgrounds

  • zagszone