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Shavlik Randolph probably couldn’t have done much more to earn a roster spot for next season last year. Unfortunately, the looming luxury tax territory the Celtics wanted to stay out of next year, combined with an excess of power forwards under contract proved to be too much for him to overcome.

With a deadline looming which would have fully guaranteed his 1.1 million dollar salary for the season, if kept on the roster after today, the Celtics have decided to waive the journeyman power forward.

The Boston Celtics announced today that they have waived forward Shavlik Randolph.

Randolph, a 6’10” forward, played in 16 games for the Celtics during the 2012-13 season averaging 4.2 points and 4.4 rebounds in 12.4 minutes per game. He also appeared in one game for the Celtics during the playoffs recording three rebounds in three minutes of action. Randolph recorded a career-high of 16 points against Cleveland on April 5 and tied a career-high with 13 rebounds against Atlanta on March 29.

A few highlights from the Shav-era.


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Brian Robb

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  • Lebron James

    who cares

  • Alex

    While I would have like to see him play more with kg green pierce lineup in the playoffs he doesn’t deserve any articles being attached to him at this point. You guys are that bored it sounds uh?

  • hax

    His high rebounding in low minutes made him a nice bench player for the team last season. Any team with a roster spot and need for a PF can grab him on the cheap. Not sure who the Rocket's starting PF is but maybe they could grab Randolph and start him.

  • DreMo562

    Randolph starts for NO ONE in the nba. A 16 game sample is awfully smalll to base a bigger evaluation on. In hindsight Steimsma (sp) was a much better player, especially defensively. Randolph is NOT a good defender in any way, even with the small sample.

  • Phil

    I was confused by the prevailing idea that the Cs would keep him. He's a 29 year old solid end of the bench big. A rebuilding team trying to maneuver under the tax and not trying to put a winning team together has very little use for that. Add in his unguaranteed contract and it seemed like a slam dunk. There are only so many ways to easily cut money.

    He did play well enough to get an extended look, the situation was just against him. Hopefully he showed enough to get an opportunity elsewhere, and I expect he will.

  • hax

    Rondo-Brooks-Green-Humphries-Olynyk is a play-off caliber starting line-up if they could play solid defense.
    I think we'll see Bradley and Sullinger though.

  • ko1

    Talk about burying the lead. This co[umnist has the verbal skills of cheese