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The Celtics roster situation just got a little more crowded. Confirming multiple reports in the past week, the Celtics officially signed center Vitor Faverani and Phil Pressey to multi-year deals today, the team announced. The Celtics inked the Brazilian center to a three-year deal, worth six million dollars in total, with a portion of their mid-level exception. According to Hoopsworld.com, only the first two years of the deal are guaranteed.

Pressey signed a non-guaranteed two-year deal at the rookie minimum, which pretty much amounts to a training camp invite. According to Hoopsworld, there does not appear to be any guaranteed money in the deal, although there could be a small guarantee, similar to what Dionte Christmas and Jamar Smith received last year. The C’s next decision comes at the end of this month, as the team will have to make a decision on power forward Shavlik Randolph and his team option for next year. Colton Iverson also remains unsigned at this juncture.

Here is the official press release from the team on both Pressey and Faverani along with some video highlights:

The Boston Celtics announced today that they have signed free agent center Vitor Faverani and free agent guard Phil Pressey. Per team policy, terms of the deals were not disclosed.

Faverani, a 25-year old, 6’11” center, played in 23 games for Valencia Basket of the Spanish ACB last season and averaged 9.3 points and 4.6 rebounds while shooting 55.0 percent from the floor in 17.0 minutes per game last season. Faverani also appeared in nine games of the Eurocup competition for Valencia last season and averaged 6.7 points and 3.4 rebounds in 13.3 minutes per game. A native of Porto Alegre, Brazil, Faverani posted his best statistical season for CB Murcia of the Spanish LEB Oro during the 2010-11 where he averaged 14.9 points and 6.4 rebounds in 22.0 minutes over 34 games. He also shot 70.7 percent on all of his two-point field goal opportunities that season.

Pressey, a 5’11” guard, was a member of the 2013 Celtics Orlando Pro Summer League roster where he averaged 9.4 points, 6.6 assists and 2.0 steals in 23.0 minutes per game. Pressey played collegiately at Missouri where during the 2012-13 season he was named a finalist for the Bob Cousy Award which is given to the best point guard in the nation. The Dallas, Texas native averaged a career-high 11.9 points and 7.0 assists per game during his junior season. Pressey was named First Team All-SEC and to the All-SEC Tournament team and finished just one assist shy of the second highest single season mark for assists in SEC history during the 2012-13 season (240). Pressey posted 19 points and 19 assists against UCLA on December 28, 2012 which tied the SEC record for most assists in a single game and was also the highest single game total posted during the 2012-13 season in Division I.




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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Nick Magliozzi

    Great signings and great article. Brian when can the celtics trade the players they received in the trade from the nets?

  • cos

    If I may, I'd like to post a couple of bullets in hopes of getting some answers to what the CelticsHub writers think is going to happen.

    1. this team as presently constructed is better than a a high lottery pick team – it might even be able to compete for an 8th seed.

    2. every year that goes by without trading any of the first round picks means we're using them. so their a depreciating asset in some regards. If you don't trade them, you gotta make the picks.

    3. this is the best year in 10+(?) to bottom out and grab is phenom in the draft.

    4. What the EFF!!! is the benefit of trading away your heart and soul (Pierce & KG) only to compete for a playoff spot when theirs not 1 golden ring at the top of the lottery but in some reports 5, maybe 7 golden rings. You could have kept the double P and KG and found yourself in the same compete for the 8th spot.

    This pisses me off. I'd like to also point out I'd like rondo to remain a celtic. But if this organization is serious about competing for the playoffs its a complete slap in the face of PP, KG, the fans, and the organization they say their looking out for. Its like they want to cut off their face in spite of their nose. (yes I know the cliche is backwards… I think it sums up the situation better this way.)

    This team, as much as it'll be tough to watch, needs to tank. the only draft pick they have any control over is their own and it would be a waste to end up with a 13th pick because "we want to compete for the playoffs."

    I know its still early in the summer and there will may be more moves to make other than cutting a guy or two to get to the roster limit but I can't shake this feeling that DA and Stevens are serious about competing.

    had to get this off my chest.

  • cos

    in lieu of an edit button:

    – Yes, I know no one said they are competing for a playoff spot but thats the sense I get from everything I've read. And, again, the roster is not bottom of the standings bad.

  • check12check

    I can understand the signing of Pressey: we don't have a PG who is ready to play, and we got him on the cheap, but I don't understand the signing of Faverani. Why go sign some unheard-of foreign player? we already did that with Shavlik. We realistically want to tank anyway, so why not just let shav and Melo go out there and show if they have what it takes? Plus, I think olynyk can play some 5. at least against teams that lack a true center. He keeps being pushed to that 4 spot, and I do agree that the position makes more sense for him, but when you have a chance where it can be done, I think playing him at center provides a huge advantage. Already, I don't think NBA teams are going to be stupid enough to leave the big man unprotected around the arch. If you have him pulling the center out toward the 3 point line, the inside becomes vulnerable in a big way.

    so what i am saying is this, do we have any reason to sign faverini for 3 years? does he have anything to offer other than a name that's fun to say?

    • hax

      He was undrafted a few years ago, and played under 20 mins per game overseas. His numbers were pretty good for the low mins though. Cheap center for 2 guaranteed years isn't that bad for us. Hopefully he plays well of course.

    • Phil

      Just because Olynyk would be playing the 5 doesn't mean the other team's 5 would be guarding him. Roy Hibbert's not leaving the middle. Assuming a traditional opposing front line, they would have their more mobile guy follow him around while the better rim protector matches up with Sullinger or whoever else won't pull them as far away.

      Playing Olynyk at center could still be an advantage if you pair him with a 4 who can handle bigger and stronger opponents (I doubt Sully is that guy,) but it's more likely that he's most effective paired with a more traditional center. Shooting from the 4 is just as useful as shooting from the 5. You're never going to pull everyone away from the rim.

      I don't know anything about Faverani, but Ainge seems pretty determined to pick up a true center. In that case I'd much rather throw hail marys at unheralded foreign players instead of wasting late 1st round picks or blowing 12m a year on an average one. 2 years (unguaranteed years don't really count,) at a tiny salary is a small investment to see if he can play, especially when you're not gonna do anything else with the money.

  • hax

    Also those championship pistons teams, the current nuggets team, etc. Having a solid starting line-up with good chemistry and a good bench is just as much a contender as 3 stars with min contracts around them. If the whole team is motivated, I expect a surprisingly good year. This team is so deep. We have ex-all stars sitting on the bench. That 'motivation' and 'chemistry' is the swinger though. If the team doesn't mesh, it can be a lottery year easily.

    • fabzzz

      I really don't understand this notion of us competing. We essentially replaced Pierce and KG with Humphries and Wallace, for this year at least. Rondo is not the difference between the seventh seed and 'competing,' especially when we downgraded as much as we did. I'm only worried that we will be high lottery instead of low lottery, and that is only because there are so many bad teams in the east.

      As of right now, my bottom of the league list looks like this, from worst to better:

      1. Utah
      2. Orlando
      3. Sixers
      4. Phoenix
      5. Sacramento
      6. Charlotte
      7. Boston

      I mean as this roster is constructed can it really beat out Toronto, Washington, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland? Not to mention the undisputed top five in the East: Miami, New York, Indiana, Chicago, Brooklyn?

      Barring a miracle, there is no way this team even sniffs the playoffs. I'd just rather have a top five pick then a top 10.

      • Phil

        I was really surprised reading Zach Lowe's breakdown of each team's offseason. There was a note in there that more than a couple GMs actually think this team as constructed is in the group competing for the 7th/8th seeds. Now, just because they're GMs doesn't mean they aren't horribly wrong sometimes, but I've compared that belief among Celtics fans to believing in Santa Claus. I'm shocked that people with a lot of basketball knowledge actually think this Cs team could compete.

        I think it relates to people underrating Pierce and KG's impact on the Cs. There's no other explanation really. The defense was almost 10 points worse when KG sat last year, Pierce was the team's heart on and off the court, and they replaced those guys with nothing. This wasn't exactly the 86 Cs that were broken up either, they got the 7 seed and lost in the first round. To expect them to compete means you think that what Pierce and KG did was replacement level, which seems insane to me. I don't know why those guys weren't/aren't valued higher (especially Pierce,) but it's just the way it is.

        Totally agree about top 5 versus top 10. I think the Cs are comfortably behind Toronto, Washington, Milwaukee, Detroit and Cleveland without doing anything else, but all those teams want to win. Getting behind a couple of teams that want to lose would be nice.

        • Marc

          Agree with you about KG/Pierce's value, Phil. This team has traditionally, over the past several seasons, been markedly worse defensively with KG on the bench, let alone on another team. The offense has been terrible for years, even with KG, Pierce, Ray Allen, and the new-look Jeff Green.

          That said, I think a lot of fans are overrating this team's chances in the lottery.

          The way I look at it, there are 6 or 7 studs in the 2014 Draft: Wiggins, Randle, Parker, Smart, Harrison, Gordon, and maybe Caulie-Stein. There are sure to be surprises in college basketball as always (i.e. Otto Porter, Oladipo, Len), but that's hard to predict at this point. So the question remains: are the Celtics one of the 6 or 7 worst teams in the NBA?

          Philadelphia, Orlando, Sacramento, Phoenix, Utah, and Charlotte all seem to be worse than Boston. They have inferior talent and varying reasons to tank. In addition, Toronto may decide a different path is preferable and blow it up. LAL could crash and burn if Kobe is finished. Detroit might continue to struggle even with Smith in tow. Even Milwaukee, last year's EC 8 seed, only won 38 games and may have gotten worse.

          I believe Boston is in line for a top ten pick, and the lotto balls may bounce their way, but Wiggins is far from a lock. Probably unlikely. Betting on the 2014 Draft is risky.

          • Phil

            I'm not too focused on actually winning the lottery. Fans like to act like there's some kind of conspiracy against them when their team doesn't win with the worst record, but a 25% chance is tiny. The appeal of tanking this year is that you probably only have to get into the top 5 to come out very happy. While you can't ensure you come out with Wiggins, you can ensure getting an 'all star prospect' if you plan for the season correctly.

            The Cs are definitely in the dead zone right now. They could very easily fall behind the teams fighting for the playoffs, yet be too good to land a good player. Maximizing their trip to the lottery probably entails more moves to 'plan for the future' and some shady business once the season starts. 22nd best isn't a good spot to be.

            We'll see if anyone else steps down into the lottery race, but I feel pretty good about Detroit, Milwaukee and Toronto actually being good (well, 35 win good.) The Lakers are interesting, but they seem pretty adamant about trying to win. Maybe Utah even steps up a little. Their defense is going to be much better with Jefferson gone.

            It's too early to really guess since we don't know how the team will look, but if the Cs want to get into the top 5 worst records, I'm confident that they could do it. It will take additional effort though, and there's been no confirmation that they actually want to do that.

          • dasein

            Was also surprised at the Zach Lowe footnote. From memory, the Celtics were like 22nd in defensive when KG sat, and the offense was painful even with the big 3. Sitting in the bottom 10 in both offense and defense does not portend a playoff spot, even in the east. I personally don't think there's any doubt the celtics will be bad this year. The question is, will they be bad enough?

            Holding Rondo out for "precautionary reasons" for a couple of months should do the trick. A team with Jeff Green as the best player is not going to win many games. (Yes, put me in the camp that believes he is what he is.) My concern with this is that making Green the man for a period may crush his confidence.

  • roadsidenotes

    When people say the Celtics could compete for a playoff spot, the subtext (at least how I see it) is a criticism of Rivers.

    The point being that a team with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo should not have been a worse-than-average team on offense. And yet it was. From 2009 to 2012.

    I'm not sure I disagree with that conclusion either.

    • Jorde

      I'm not sure that's necessarily the subtext. It is partly for me because I grew to loathe Doc's unchanging offensive sets but the consensus was that the Clippers got a coup in Doc. His reputation is still pretty pristine, which, for the life of me, I can't understand.

      I think the subtext is that Rondo may be the best player among the below-average teams in the East and that alone gives the Celtics a fighting chance. It's the team with the best player theory refashioned in the context of bad teams in a Eastern conference with little depth. It's hard to buy because the Celtics without Rondo are a clear bottom three team for me and Rondo can't carry a team THAT much.

  • DreMo

    The tank talk and of letting Shavlik and Fab play, when there are superior talents on the roster already, is sickening.

    This isn’t a lotto team as constructed. Not at all.

  • DreMo

    See Bulls without Rose last season. Look at this roster. The Bulls were believed to be a bad team with ho hum minimum signings like Marco Bellini, Nate Robinson (10 day deal), and Nazr Muhammad, coming off a “whatever” season as a role big. Chicago played great TEAM basketball. Insert Ron Adams onto Stevens staff (Thibs top asst, fired by Bulls mgmt, which caused a stir between HC/mgmt) .. so there stands to be a decent outlook in a thin East as long as there’s pace among the rook HC and his new team in a long season.

    RR doesn’t need to carry anyone. Within the team concept he’s going to be fine and as long as he’s getting easy buckets for guys who cannot create themselves and others who can, It’s a definite look upward.

    Tanking would be silly. Players can be had, DA is smart and I think he realizes that he’s not going to use all of these picks but will sweeten them to nab bigger fish which will show a rather fast rebuild.