Post-game Reactions

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry showed off their new Nets jerseys on Thursday.

Photo Courtesy of the Boston Globe

 The Brooklyn Nets introduced the players they hope will bring them the Larry O’Brien trophy and it won’t make you feel any better.

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  • The Cardinal

    Evil man, evil!

  • james patrick

    If we don't tank this season, this was all for nothing. Breaks my heart to see them go and something tells me it breaks theirs too, but it is what it is. I'll be rooting for them in our season of rebuilding.

  • Banner18

    Not sure what's more messed up: KG being #2 or Pierce wearing #34 in a Nets jersey.

    On a serious note, you have to appreciate the class in these guys holding onto a smile. Unlike those bums who we received-not even holding up your jersey, really? Especially Bogans who is getting paid 6x his deserved salary.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Could not agree more. That picture of Bogans, Brooks, and Humphries should be embarrassing to all of them.

  • Josh_5

    Number 2?!?! This is like watching my ex lose 10 pounds and show off her new guy.

    • Josh_5

      Just found out that he's wearing #2 to honor his late friend Malik Sealy. And my love for him grows.

      • james patrick

        answered. thanks.

  • realityck

    Celtic pride is gone. I say that because i have no pride as a fan. This team is just like the rest, nothing unique, nothing special. Just another draft loving hopeful business venture. They could of kept paul, and still have gotten three picks. Brooklyn could have kept kris the dic, and or gerald. Really danny. Really? Too much ego, too much “i know what to do” when clearly his psycho-analytical bullshit fails to recognize these poisoned pieces, tainted shit he’s brought here to some of the greatest and most loyal fans in the world. Fuck you danny ainge, your decent at what you do, but in the end you betrayed the one piece of red that we had left. Red woulda said keep paul. No matter what keep paul so he could pass on the tradition properly, uniquely and in celtics tradition. Winning is fun, championships are great, but every year only one team wins it all. That’s it. So you have to feed the fans who feed the ownership. Danny is feeding us gmo food. Un-natural modified horseshit the destroys our genome. The dna of the celtics was ancient and legendary and now, … words fail me so fu da!

    • Phil

      Welcome to modern professional sports. It sucks, but this is what happens. You can hate it, but it's hard to blame Ainge for doing what he's supposed to do.

      It's even worse in other sports, I mean, has anyone looked at roster turnover for the NFL lately? If you have a kid who's getting interested in football, tell them to root for the quarterback or the team, because everyone else will be gone in three years.

      Pierce's career here should mean more to people because of how unlikely it is to be repeated any time soon. The Celtics will always be around to root for, so just focus on the laundry until the next Pierce (hopefully,) shows up.

      • KBA

        While it sucks greatly in the short term, it sucks more to be mediocre. We were a .500 team with these guys and Rondo last year = not going anywhere nor getting anything. I think this was a good compromise (once it sunk in a bit) so that we can fully rebuild while these guys (together!) and Terry get to contend for a championship. And the .500 record (and the playoffs) – I blame on Doc. I would've loved to see what a new coach would've done with KG, PP, RR, Sullinger and Bradley… but oh well

        On another note – Perkins for Green looks pretty damn good these days. So maybe just give it a year or two for this trade to bear fruit… Maybe Danny can pull something off like 2007 when he had young guys and draft picks to trade and a superstar on the roster – sound familiar?

        • jpbl1976

          I think that's what we're all hoping will happen. Maybe we'll manage to fleece Minny again and grab K. Love with these trade assets we've amassed. That team they have right now isn't going to be enough to keep him there long-term. Maybe Ainge can Jedi mind-trick ex-Celtics consultant Flip Saunders into trading Love to us.

          • KBA

            That would be awesome… only issue with Love is health. He has missed a ton of games but man can that guy rebound!

    • Vincent

      What are you expecting or hoping for? It's the GM's job to win, and do it long term. Fielding an average team for nostalgia's sake is stupid and childish. Grow up, man. Or do you only like the Celtics when they are competing for the title?

    • dslack

      How would you propose keeping Paul and still getting 3 picks? Have Danny hold up the Russian in an alley with a pistol?

      (You're thinking trade KG? Remember the no-trade clause, and the fact that he wouldn't have approved a trade without Pierce going too?)

      • Phil

        Eh, if Ainge is gonna resort to that for the rebuild, I can think of 28 other GMs to go after before Prokhorov…

        • KBA

          No one would be willing to take on this much salary ($30M+ between the 3 guys) AND giving away so many picks…

  • I_Love_Green

    Depressing 🙁

  • CelticsBIG3

    The best part is that Jason Terry didn't even need to be there. I highly doubt he's going to suddenly play better in Brooklyn than he played in Boston last season.

  • jpbl1976

    If you guys watch the Sportscenter interview with Jackie Mac, this was really hard for them. Look at Pierce's expression in that picture. He looks uncomfortable/reluctant/hesitant. Even during the press conference, he didn't look 100% into it. KG didn't seem all that happy either. Put yourselves in their place: you're both 1st Ballot Hall of Famers and yet, at the twilight of your careers, you were sold to a crazy Russian for draft picks.

    As a Celtics fan, part of me will never, ever, forgive Ainge for this — but at the same time, I realize that he was only tying to do what he thought he had to do as President of basketball operations. We'll never know with absolute certainty, but it seems that a large part of his decision-making process was influenced by ownership's wishes. I get the sense, from everything that's been said, that this wasn't really Danny's decision. As I said in some of my old comments — the guys who own the Celtics are Private Equity people: everything is just an asset to them. Companies, investments and even people are simply things to extract the most value out of and then turned out to the next buyer. No emotions. No hard feelings.

    This is why rooting for laundry is so hard. It used to be easier (at least if you weren't a Cavs or Wizards fan) but the days of owners like Jerry Buss is over. If you look at the landscape of the NBA, more and more teams are being owned by guys who are Venture Capitalists or Private Equity people. What we've seen with Paul is going to get more and more common in the coming years. Ultimately, I guess that if Jordan didn't retire as a Bull (though that was ultimately his decision), we shouldn't have expected Paul to retire as a Celtic.

    Having said all that, I think that for most Celtics fan, no matter how we rationalize it, it just really stings to see him and KG in another city — and it seems that they didn't have much choice in the matter. It's going to be very emotional for the Celtics when those two come back — I would't be surprised if KG and/or Pierce were somehow injured and didn't play their first game back.

    Hopefully, we get real assets out of this (right now, the picks are only assets in theory) — that's the only thing that will mitigate some of the emotional turmoil for Celtics fans. The deals certainly didn't free-up Cap room and we've always struggled getting top-flight free agents here anyway.

    I wonder if Paul will come back here — if the ownership will countenance giving Paul at least the full mid-level next season or thereafter on some tail-end-of-career deal just to him to teach future draft picks what it means to be a Celtic.

    Regardless, I'm certain we'll see numbers 34 and 5 (and MAYBE even number 20) up in the rafters someday soon.

    • Phil

      Good point about Pierce and KG. They seem genuinely sad to leave Boston, and Pierce especially seems to be handling this whole matter with the perfect amount of class and respect. It's gonna be hard to come by tickets for the first Nets game in Boston this year.

      I wouldn't blame the owners for the landscape of the league though, I'd blame the competitiveness. 20-30 years ago, if you had Red running your team, you could run circles around half of the league with that alone. There is no Ted Stepien in the league now (the Kings sale is official!) But the 15th best owner/front office is also now light years ahead of what the 15th best you to be. There are enough owners willing to do everything and spare every expense, plus there are brilliant GMs and personnel directors of other teams that make the league so competitive that you can do everything right, get lucky, and still not win.

      With the pressure to win higher than ever, there is no room for sentimentality. And with the intelligence of the fans higher than ever, they mostly understand that. Ainge had no choice but to accept the trade. Three 1st round picks aren't franchise altering by themselves, but they are powerful assets (Houston got James Harden for basically a 'future lottery pick'.) If you do everything else right, maybe Pierce and KG will contribute to the next championship after all.

      It definitely stings to watch Pierce and KG in a different jersey (especially a team that was so unlikeable last year,) but Pierce especially transcends laundry for me. He'll definitely be back at some point to retire as a Celtic, there was no falling out or bad blood that I've heard, and it makes too much sense. Whether it's ceremonial or as a tutor role once his game leaves (a la Billups in Detroit this year,) I don't know, but PP will retire in green.

  • James H

    The problem for many of us is that trading Pierce and Garnett just never felt like the right thing to do. YES, we totally understand the strategy to acquire assets and flip many of those for future free agent stars and hope one or two of those draft picks turn out to be someone. But for me, the sudden switch to losing as a strategy, and trading the heart and soul of your team, regardless of their ages, speaks to much larger organizational and cultural issues. I will always believe that there existed a successful way to keep PP and KG, continue the fight (you must always play to win) and transition to a future roster. There was a nobler message at stake and path of integrity open before Ainge and the organization. It was hoped that Ainge would see that way, but he did what was expected, he did what any other GM (save Popovich) would do, the new NBA way. So Rivers bailed out on us — so what; you adapt and fight on. Instead we raised the white flag. I know, it will have all been worth it if the train is back on the track in a few seasons. But I fear that it will take a decade to recover from this. It is very disheartening as a long time Celtic fan.