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The dust has settled. Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks, Gerald Wallace and Keith Bogans are now Boston Celtics. Kris Joseph still isn’t one. With an incredibly crowded roster and a logjam at both the shooting guard and power forward positions, Danny Ainge’s work is far from done. He needs to find new homes for some of the players at these spots, while adding to a center spot that’s lacking tremendously in depth.

He also needs to work his way under the luxury tax, not only to save ownership a few dollars, but keeping themselves out of the repeater tax for future seasons, when they are better equipped to make a championship run.

So where do the moves start? Are Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace heading out of town sooner than later? What about Rajon Rondo? To break it all down I joined Rich Keefe on 98.5 The Sports Hub earlier this week to dissect all of these questions, Boston’s awkward press conference and much more.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • hydrofluoric

    Did I seriously just see Rajon Rondo's name in the same sentence in teh same context as Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries?

    • janos

      this articles ment stir of pot,

  • Future Celtics GM

    I don't see any good reason not to write this year off as a building year and not shoot for the lottery. (Ticket sales are not a good enough reason- even with a first round playoff exit).

    As a management decision, wouldn't it make sense to bench all the old Nets (sans Brooks) and play all your young talent, delay Rondo's return and develop Jeff Green as a All-Star/Top 10 MVP candidate? Rondo needs time to heal and chance to come back and prove he is as good and coachable as before! He needs a chance to run for atleast 2 months to determine 2 important things 1) can he be an integral piece to the Celtics long term future as a member of a Big 3 and leader of a younger team? And 2) INCREASE his TRADE VALUE! Danny, you're a smart guy, don't settle for pennies on the dollar, his stock is at a 3 year low right now, even if Boston decides that he is not part of the future and should be traded, give him 2 month run time with INFLATED stats of 20pg/10+assists/6rbnds/2steals as he is the first or second option on a bad team with uptempo run and gun style (aka HIGH ASSISTS for Rondo and easy transition points- where he thrives and builds stats). THEN trade him as a 20/12/7 guy and coachable under a new coach reputation! Then we can talk about $1.50 return on the dollar even if Danny decided he wanted to trade him all along. There is NO good reason to rush this trade that I can see….

    I think you right off this season as nothing more than an opportunity to develop your young guys skill, CONFIDENCE, and experience. Consider this as a VALUABLE asset as theu develop into higher trade chips (be inflated stats because of inflated playing time) or they actually develop into cornerstone's for Boston's future.

    Give AB full reign to develop, let this year gauge if he really will be a starter caliber or tradeable.

    Same for KO, Melo, Brooks and whatever young (potential-filled) player we will have on the final roster.

    There is zero point to playing Bogans or Humphries.

    Also, develop Jeff Green as a Number 1 option and see if he has the potential KG saw in him as "one of the all time greats". I see him as having the POTENTIAL to be a solid player to build around. Pair that with Rondo as the KG like soul/passion/fire of the team and Captain. You may be on to a solid future with these two as elder statesman while new talent develop under them in future years.

    Now the added benefit of this plan, is the Lottery. I'm not saying purposefully tank. I'm saying be realistic and STRATEGIC. You won't be a playoff threat with this roster. Don't waste a minute of playing time for players with no reason to either:

    a) develop as a player for the future

    b) increase trade value

    c) give a "test-run" to really determine value and future potential (ie who cares if Melo blows 5 games for us, better to find out if he's worth keeping or dumping


    Lastly, apply the Greg Pop system and give EVERYONE a chance to prove their potential and worth. Doc's biggest flaw was lack of trusting and giving people opportunities. I predict C.Lee has a breakout season because he will be used as chess piece that he is an not forced to function as a bishop when he may really a knight. I believe with our new coach we have the College mentality of earning your roster spot and opportunity based on actual output and not on fame.

    This season may be a lot more exciting if we accept it as what it is, a an experiment for growth. Low expectations. Remember how Michael Jordan became Jordan. He was on a bad team with no expectations for many years and just given free reign his first few years with no expectations or pressures to develop with freedom to shoot and play at will. I think if he was drafted in 1984 to Boston he never would have developed these opportunities and MAY have never become "Michael Jordan", but merely a Sam Perkins. Confidence is the most important thing to develop for a newbie to the NBA. This is the year to do it for the Newbies as well as the likes of J.Green and C.Lee's.

    • cmartin12

      Gerald wallace makes 10 million and you cant have a guy making that kind of money and sitting on the bench, he has to start

  • hax

    Win the championship.

  • Frank A

    My God I can’t read that much.

    • Vincent

      🙂 Then you missed the Sam Perkins reference.

      • Future Celtics GM

        Thanks Vincent, Was it worth the read?

  • Vincent

    Play Phil Pressey at point until Rondo's delayed return, play tons of AB and Courtney Lee, Brooks, Green, Sully, Olynyk, Fab Melo and that Brazilian center, and hopefully lose a lot of games. In the process, your core guys grow and get better, or prove they suck and have zero value (I'm looking at you, Fab Melo).

    • check12check

      Even though the idea of what i have dubbed "Melo minutes" scares the ever loving shit out of me, I am all for him getting plenty of run. it's sink or swim time for the big fella imho. he probably takes us leaps and bounds closer to winning the wiggins sweepstakes too.

  • emg

    Rondo/Stevens aside, I wonder if KG and Pierce will feel weird being coached by Kidd..

  • DreMo

    Go get your Fab Melo jerseys .. they’ll be a regular it seems, lol. They keep him, It’s all bad. Looks like some dumping of guys for future considerations may be on the horizon.

  • fabzzz

    I think getting under the tax repeater whateverclausething is probably Danny's main priority. We want to be able to sign a quality free agent AND be in the lottery next year; I think that's the only way we're back in it in 3-4 years from now. With Wallace and Humphries playing a lot of minutes beside Rondo and Green we might actually miss out on the lottery, and realistically we need at least a top 7 pick.

    With that said, the only way we get rid of Wallace is to pair him with a prospect and/or draft pick for an expiring contract. Perhaps we will be able to inflate his value before the trade deadline, but I doubt it. So now plan B: Play the young guys, play all of them!! Yay!!

  • DreMo

    With all these #1’s, getting into the lotto with this talent on the team (It’s a 7-10 seed as constructed, Vegas odds currently have #7) screams of greed. Look at Indiana, look at SA. Neither had to hit rock bottom to be where they are now.

    The draft is a crapshoot. Anything can happen, that’s why you trust your scouting and you end up with a RR
    (Draft day trade) at 21, a Tony Allen at 26, Indy gets a Paul George at #17, SA nets Kahwi Leonard at 15.

    There’s not a single need to tank. Play these guys out, inflate their value (esp Humphries who avg a double double in 2010-11, & 2011-12 .. he’s in a contract year and only 28, no reason to believe he can’t return to form away from a team full of ball dominators in Brooklyn).

    Use the open court scheme and team D to inflate just about everyone, and there could be takers at the trade deadline, esp a contender looking for a valuable body and expiring deal ..

    It’ll work. That trade exception will come in very handy.

    Things change rapidly in the NBA.

  • elroz

    I would keep the core, the most promising players…and the rest, I would get rid of, if I could, plugging the holes with Fab Melo, Iverson, Pressey, Brooks, Sh. Randolph.

    This upcoming season is the perfect time to play these guys while saving money.

    Rondo, Bradley, Green, Sullinger, Olynyk, Bass are keepers in my book right now.