Post-game Reactions

This is an actual picture of the Celtics newcomers.

Aside from some slight cropping, this is the actual reaction from Keith Bogans, MarShon Brooks, and Kris Humphries (courtesy of my main man Gethin Coolbaugh (or as I call him “Coolbaugh Gooding Jr”) of BostonSportsToday.net).  As far as I’m concerned, none of these guys have reason to be THAT disappointed.

I get it.  They went to sleep one night members of a playoff team and woke up with locker stalls next to Fab Melo.  It sucks. Except when you consider who these guys are.  Bogans, a career three and D guy, is making more money this season than he has in the last four.  Brooks wasn’t getting any time last season and now is looking at 20+ minutes a night.  And Humphries, well, could you have least held the jersey up, buddy?  It ain’t on fire.

Pushing aside the real world reasons why these guys should be happy to play for the Boston Celtics, my theory for their missing exuberance is two-fold:

1) They know that no one in Boston, least of which Danny Ainge, wanted to do this trade.  

These guys are all veterans.  They presumably understand the salary cap well know to know that they are filler (save for Brooks). In a perfect world, the Nets and Celtics would be trading buckets, not players.  Ainge saw the writing on the wall and made the deal he had to make, not the deal he wanted to make.  It’s hard not to really be wanted but they could have at least feigned something resembling excitement.

2) All of these guys (again, save for Brooks) have a good chance of not being on the roster by the end of the season.

Humphries is a double-whammy of an asset: he’s a big expiring contract and not terrible.  He should look pretty desireable to a team looking to shed some salary.  The Celtics, however, have to be shrewd about how they use Humphries.  Ideally, they would want a trade exception that they can use to sign players next year.  If they have to take back salary, they need to make sure they get young talent in return; not easy.

Lost in all the excitement of Bogans entering a new tax bracket is the fact he is also an expiring contract.  Sure, in order to sign and trade a player the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) forces the team accepting the player to give said player a three year contract.  The CBA, however, doesn’t say anything about years two and three being guaranteed.  Thus, Bogans becomes another expiring contract who is also a valuable veteran to a contending team.

Wallace is another story.  He has three more years left on his current deal, paying him a little over 10 million per season.  It will be really hard for the C’s to find a willing trade partner unless they give up something valuable.  I’ll be the first to say that Danny Ainge is not going to give up a first round pick just to dump Wallace.  The situation has to be that special kind of perfect where there’s a team making a playoff push that needs an extra on-ball defender and is willing to trade an expiring contract or have cap space to absorb the contract; like with Humphries, this is not easy.

The trade was consumated late last week but the press conference was scheduled for today.  There is no doubt in my mind that Ainge and crew were working the phones all weekend, trying to find a trade partners in order to avoid the awkwardnessthat went down.  He wasn’t able to get it done but he hinted that he wasn’t done tinkering with the roster today to Comcast SportsNet New England’s Kyle Draper, saying, “Come on, we just traded Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, our two best players.  How can you guarantee anything in this business? Were still looking to have a team that we like.  We have some objectives that we’d like to still accomplish before the summer’s over. Whether we can or not we don’t know but there’s no guarantees in this business.” 

Translation: Veterans for sale!

I’m confident that Ainge can get something done.  As we all know, when Danny goes full “Ainge” he stops at nothing.  Not even tackling Tree Rollins.

We’ll explore some trade possibilities later on this week.

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  • Phil

    I doubt the Cs are interested in a trade exception for Humphries, they already have a 10.3m one from this deal (Pierce's salary minus Bogans',) and most TPEs (big ones at least,) aren't fully utilized anyway. You don't really need multiple of them since there's no room to take on more big salary players without sending others out. The TPE gives them the opportunity to take on a bad contract in addition to an asset, but not much more than that. It's not like a team is going to give away a good player. If a useful big salary guy is coming in, chances are Rondo is headed out and the numbers match anyway. I still expect the Cs to just cut Bogans a check for 5m and send him on his way to maybe get a better job elsewhere.

    I'm also not getting excited over the fact that he has an expiring deal. Expiring deals haven't been worth much the last few years, and with teams valuing 1st round draft picks higher than ever, I'd say a deal is unlikely. Most salary dump trades in recent years have been to get under the luxury tax, and you generally want cap space to absorb a salary under 5m in that case, not a big expiring. It's possible that he plays well enough for a good team to give up a minor asset, but chances are Humphries is most useful to the Cs by actually coming off the books and getting the team one year closer to crawling out of salary cap hell.

    • dslack

      Also, why would a team that has cap space trade for Humphries? Humphries's value is that he can provide cap space to a team in a year; but if a team already has cap space (so that they could slot in Humphries and send back no salary), they have no reason to want him. Unless they think his flashy smile is worth $12M….

  • hax

    As long as Lee-Bass-Wallace get traded, our salary is in great shape. If anyone asks for humpy or bogey, one of these dudes need to be tacked on.

  • noche

    Did we ever use our amnesty clause? Do we still have one? I feel like there is no better target to be amnestied than Wallace. No one wants his salary, which makes him impossible to trade and we don't really want him playing here.

    • Ramon

      You can't amnesty someone you traded for

    • dslack

      The only amnesty candidates left on the team are Rondo and Bradley. Can't amnesty someone whose contract wasn't signed before the current CBA went into effect (and only the team that signed him to that contract can amnesty him).

  • Josh_5

    How has anyone not commented on the photo yet?! Those guys look like they just found out they're being sent to a Siberian work camp.

  • -JP

    This trade is even better than it already is if we can deal Wallace. I don't think there is any market for him, but you never know. It wouldn't make any sense to trade a first rounder just to get rid of Wallace either though. I think the only way to get rid of him is to trade Rondo with him for expiring deals and picks. Some team would take on Wallace if it meant getting Rondo also.

    It is difficult because we need to tank, and Wallace can be a decent player, same with Humps and Bogans, guys who are expiring and want to prove that they have some value for their next contract. I think getting Wiggins should be the top priority, because even though it is a long shot to get him, franchise guys are worth it.

  • e

    lol the c are not going to trade rondo he is whom we are building around…tired of people giving up on him do to the fact he got hurt if he would of not got hurt we would have went alot deeper in the playoffs an maybe pierce an kg would still be here with olynk coming in an out for kg or bass…2 years ago bass was great in the playoffs they did not feed him the ball as much this time because terry an lee where missing shot after shot and even layups it was rediculous, i would love to get rid of wallace somehow he is a punk an has it out for rondo…makes no since but you can get the rondo wallace trade out your head. It would be more likely to trade lee an wallace with humphries….some people have no basketball since, o an one more thing wiggins is good but next years draft is going to be packed with great players coming into the league 4 to 5 from ky off tops…stop banking on him the other big man for ky is way better scores more plays better defence id rather have him an one of the twins

  • e

    tanking…..thats all i see an hear, i dont really see us tanking he has some tricks up his sleeves an he can still trade 2 first round picks for a top 5 first roundpick….so dont really half to tank rondo,green, brooks will step up this season watch

  • e

    done talking about bball have a whole summer to worry aout then this shit….an its football season coming up…httr go hog heads baby

    • I have no idea what you just said but please, seriously, don't go!

  • Morpheus

    LOL i just saw this photo on NBA.com and my first reactoin was "man Hump looks depressed" and Brooks? Well he could at least give a little smile. Bogans looks reasonably content…lol. And then there's the no show from Crash…say no more.