Post-game Reactions

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  • Phil

    I'm starting to save my money now for the Keith Bogans 'get rich quick' book, S & T & LOL. I hear the foreword is written by Keith Van Horn.

    On a serious note, it must suck being the best at basketball until about college, still being in the top 1% up until the NBA, then becoming useless trade flotsam where you know you're headed to a team who has no interest in doing anything but dumping you as soon as possible. The picture captures how I imagine it feels pretty well.

  • JP

    Depressing picture. Wallace didn’t even bother to show up either. It will all be worth it if Andrew Wiggins is holding up a green jersey this time next year though.

  • Hawk

    They look already traded from boston

  • tbunny

    Seriously, I think I may just skip this season. The Celtics are going to be terrible, and if they're not terrible, that's even worse.

  • metta biggest fan

    have fun leprechauns
    you will suck for years to come