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It’s so close to being official, we can taste it, and it tastes bittersweet…

…like a Masala Coke.

We here at CelticsHub have been in some denial since the trade was first reported.  Personally, I don’t think it will hit me until I see Paul Pierce wearing a black and white jersey in TDGarden.  Or when I see where his locker stall is going to be in the visitor’s lockerroom.  Or who gets his former locker stall this upcoming season.

Whatever that vomit-inducing moment will be, it won’t change the fact that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s time in Boston have come to an end.

And the Celtics have started the memorial service.

The Celtics Organization has taken out a full-page ad in the Boston Globe expressing their gratitude to two of the greatest Celtics of all time:

The rest of this offseason is going to be painful.  The only option is to grit your teeth as the bandaid is slowly pulled off.

  • KBA

    Classy gesture…

    Bittersweet indeed but it was inevitable. Excited about the future of this YOUNG (yes Celtics = young) team

    Maybe these guys can learn how to rebound (a couple of them already do) so at least one category can see an improvement over years past

    • Jabad

      Too bad we gave up two of the best rebounders on the team

  • Derek

    A year late. But it was time. Next up is moving Bass and Lee.

  • The Cardinal

    We had a great run with a championship and two final appearances to show for it primarily because of these guys and Ray (yes, Ray deserves a shout out too).

    As with the end of every team era, there is sadness BUT,,,there is excitement for what the future will bring. I'm happy that each of our Big 3 will have a legitimate chance at a title, and that Doc has the opportunity to coach a team that has a title shot. After enduring some hard times including a season where his team lost 18 games in a row, and willful and trying personalities such as Gary Payton, Rickey Davis, Mark Blount, and Rasheed Wallace, I don't blame him one bit for being unable to stomach another rebuilding season with all the frustrations and attitudes that are inherent in that.

    Despite this changing of the guard, I'm optimistic about our chance to rebuild and become contenders fairly quickly.

  • The Cardinal

    A final thought on the topic of rebuilding: it's analogous to the topic this old blues song addresses: "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die." It has to happen, but no one is overly thrilled when it occurs.

  • Josh_5

    Pierce and Garnett are still Celtics in my mind. When they come to the Garden next year, our announcer better intro them with: " Number 34, Paaaaaul Pieeeeeeeeeerce! Number 21, Kayyyyyyyy Geeeeeeee!"

  • KBA

    Where'd you have the Masala Coke Brendan?

  • Jack

    If we can get rid of Bass and Lee, we would be in great shape going forward. It is interesting to have such a young team here after so many seasons of aged veterans.

    It will be bittersweet to watch PP and KG this season, you have to respect those guys. I will be rooting for them in the playoffs for sure (since the Celtics won’t be there).

  • hax

    I see at least one team wanting Wallace-Lee-Bass separately. Danny has to work those phones.

    • Vincent

      I don't see any team wanting Wallace. If that GM exists, he gets fired immediately. Lee and Bass have value

  • mugi

    ladies and gentlemen, we're going on a feels trip.

    sure wish i could go to the garden the night they come back.