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Celtics Summer League Highlights of the Day: Starring Kelly Olynyk and Tony Mitchell

Is that a hickey on Kelly Olynyk’s neck?  Has Olynyk been taking his Summer League dominance off the court as well?


More likely, this is collateral damage from that actual on court dominance he’s been spoiling Celtics fans with all week.  All I know is that I’d kiss him on the mouth if any of the touch, range, and aggression carries on to the regular season.

Speaking of Olynyk, he was a monster again today as the Celtics took down the Indiana Pacers.  He finished the game with 21 points and 9 rebounds.  Here’s some of his highlights:

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t give some love to Tony Mitchell. He left his imprint all over this game with a dunk, a streaking layup, and a huge recovery and block; all of which you can watch here:

More analysis later…

  • fabzzz

    Olynk is better than Dirk Nowitzki. FACT.

    • Sophomore

      He is Larry Bird and Bob Cousy's love child!

  • w2.


  • Phil

    It's funny, ask anyone, and to a man they'll tell you that Summer League doesn't mean anything, yet you can see just how much better people feel about Olynyk now than they did a week ago. I include myself in that group. It's easy to get carried away, but I'm looking forward to seeing him against better competition now. That's not something I was saying after the draft.

    It really is nice to see highlights that include three pointers 'and' up and under post moves though…

  • Hey im a brazilian celtics fan and im in love with KO, honestly i was a little disturbed when DA draft him, i didnt like at all, but man this kid can really play, and he's showing to everybody.
    Just one question to everybody who's reading this, i love fab melo because he'a a funny guy and obviously because he's brazilian just like me !
    can he develop into a good rotational, rim defender player?
    i really like him, but i have some doubts.
    I just got inspired for you blog that i just created one by myself.
    thanks for the hard e good work !
    sorry if wrote something wrong, dont kill me for that !
    see you all !

  • SmalltownID

    Just know that I loved Kelly Olynyk first years ago. :). It is frustrating that we are getting hyped up for a season unlike we’ve experienced in years.

  • check12check

    I really like what I see from KO. I'm not ready to call the the next larry bird (it's summer league. let's not forget that), but I can see the potential for him to really blossom into a very dangerous player. I think part of the reason I want him to work out is that he is a skill player more than an athlete. I don't like the direction the league has moved toward in recent years. now, teams seem to want athletes a whole lot more than they want basketball players. yes, athleticism always has been, and always will be, important to basketball, but a high level of skill seems to be undervalued in today's league. take Bird for example. One of the all time greats, but not exactly an athletic freak (he wasn't as unathletic as people make him out to be though). highlight dunks are great, but players win games. i know i got really off topic here, but it's something i've aching to put out there

    • CG12

      "Athletic" has come to be used in a way where it only means "can jump high" and "fast." The way I think of it, athletic also includes less glaringly obvious things like balance, hand-eye coordination, timing, and vision. You can see that Olynyk has all those things in spades. And even though he isn't a real leaper, he isn't a floor-bound slug like many old-school white dudes were (e.g., Greg Kite). It doesn't seem like a stretch at this point to project with a high degree of confidence that he will be a very solid NBA player. A guy that big who can shoot like he can will always have value. The question is whether he is good enough to be a very good player, rather than merely solid.

    • Phil

      I don't really see athleticism ruling the league like you say. Athleticism is valued highly in draft picks/young players, but that's because the other stuff can be taught (at least theoretically.) The best players in the league have athleticism 'and' skill. The general progression of professional sports is that the overall level of talent in the league increases over time, so while you may have been able to get by on skill alone 30 years ago, now there's going to be someone more athletic than you who is just as skilled.

      Lebron is arguably the most athletic human (if he's really a human,) on the planet, but it was his 3pt shot that made him impossible to guard last year, and he's always been an insanely talented passer. Kevin Durant is bigger and more athletic than most, but he makes his money on his shot as well. He also has one of the nicest handles in the league. If Jeff Green could dribble a quarter as well as Durant, he'd be a different player.

      Dwight Howard is probably the best example of getting by on athleticism, but the league always has and always will be different for big guys. I didn't watch Moses Malone, but I doubt he got by on many skills aside from being bigger and more athletic than everyone else.

      That doesn't mean that every player needs to be able to do a windmill dunk, but the amount of guys like Steve Novak in the league are limited. You need to be elite at something if you're not athletic enough to stay with anyone on defense, because your team needs to constantly babysit you. I don't think Olynyk's gonna end up on that level, and insane athleticism is more necessary for wings in today's NBA than big guys. Olynyk's length worries me more than his athleticism.

  • MontrossDad

    He has played well…in summer league.


    I hope Danny pick up Greg Oden and the center from Brazilian Vitor Faverani let Olynyk's play power forward

  • tim

    tony mitchell is really looking good for d celts