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Celtics Summer League Highlight of the Day: Courtesy of Colton Iverson’s Face

The Celtics bounced back from yesterday’s disappointing loss to blowout the Pistons. Despite some nice performances by Darius Johnson-Odom and Kelly Olynyk, it was the pride of Yankton South Dakota Colton Iverson who provided the highlight of the day:

Yesterday, it was the sky-high block that landed Iverson on the CelticsHub highlight reel. Today, it was providing a basketball eclipse.  We are all witnesses.

Iverson goes for the hat trick tomorrow…

  • check12check

    I love you

  • Phil

    The highlight of the day winner is certainly deserving, but there was a great Tony Mitchell (Boston version,) chase down block that got swept under the rug. It happened while they had some weird camera angle on, and I don't think they replayed it, but it was sweet. I'll keep my eye out for it if I'm up late. The game's rebroadcasting on NBATV at 4am >_>

  • Mark

    He’s still miles better than Melo could ever dream of being.

  • JStokes1313

    To be fair, that's happened to me before. You mistime your jump on a ball shooting sky-high like that, the depth perception gets weird. Iverson did show a couple of good things yesterday.

    Still, very high comedy during a blowout exhibition.

    • check12check

      just saying, if i did that at the park near my apartment, i would never hear the end of it, and we are FAR from professional ballers. i'm 6'4' and i play center most of the time

  • hax

    3 year deal signed with some brazilian center…

  • SmalltownID

    I believe the proper title for these has been "Lowlight Highlights". I always like them. I can always use some extra laughs these days!