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Celtics Hire Brad Stevens As New Head Coach

In what comes as an absolute stunning move, the Celtics have announced they have hired Brad Stevens as the team’s newest head coach. Here is the official press release from the team:

The Boston Celtics announced today that they have come to an agreement with Brad Stevens to be the 17th head coach of the team. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not announced.

Stevens, age 36, has served for the past six years as the head coach of Butler University men’s basketball team, never winning fewer than 22 games and leading the Bulldogs to two national championship games against Duke and Connecticut. His career win percentage is .772, including a 33-5 season in 2009-10. He was also the youngest coach to reach the Final Four since Bob Knight in 1973.

A native of Zionsville, Indiana, Stevens was a three-time academic All-America nominee while earning four varsity letters at DePauw University, before graduating with a degree in economics. He later joined the Butler University program as the coordinator of basketball operations under then-coach Thad Matta, before being named head coach in 2007.

“Brad and I share a lot of the same values,” said Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge. “Though he is young, I see Brad as a great leader who leads with impeccable character and a strong work ethic. His teams always play hard and execute on both ends of the court. Brad is a coach who has already enjoyed lots of success, and I look forward to working with him towards Banner 18.”

Stevens and his wife Tracy, along with their children Brady and Kinsley, will be introduced to the media at 11:00am on Friday at the Celtics Training Center at Healthpoint.

Much more analysis on the way…..


  • Phil

    Way out of left field. It's intriguing though. You could always tell that Butler was one of the best-coached teams in the NCAA though, so let's see if he can make the jump. if he can, good, if he can't, good.

    • Josh_5

      Welcome back Phil, hope you recognize the place (aka roster).

      • Phil

        Heh, thanks. I'm gonna miss rooting for Pierce and KG, but you pretty much have to root for laundry over players in this day and age. Let's just hope the break between contenders isn't as long this time.

    • roadsidenotes

      "if he can, good, if he can't, good. "

      Exactly. What's the worst that could happen here? He could be a terrible coach and the Celtics end up in the high lottery next year.

      Actually, the worst case scenario is that he ends up being an average NBA coach. Need him to be terrible (for the picks, and then a buyout/termination), or awesome.

  • Josh_5

    I've always like what the Butler program has stood for (gritty, hard-nosed and tough) but I personally think Rondo is gonna eat this guy alive.

    • emg

      Yes. I take this as evidence that Ainge plans to trade Rondo.

    • OKCeltic

      I agree about how well-coached those Butler teams always seem to be.

      I hope you're wrong about Rondo, but I could see it happening. If it does, we'll quickly find out who has more support within the organization, the coach or the star player.

      • fabzzz

        I don't think Rondo is a coach killer – like at all. He's moody, sure, and sometimes difficult, but he wants to win, and I think he welcomes the chance to be the main guy on a team. If one of our ctriques of him is arrogance, then, well, let him be arrogant, let him believe he can be the next great Celtic.

        I would still be shocked if Ainge traded Rondo.

  • W2.

    Wow. So we must be flipping Rondo. Right? My guess is he is headed to the Pistons with Josh Smith for a young one, a contract, and a pick.

    • Ersatz

      Interesting. Rondo for Monroe or Drummond and a first-rounder. I'd think about that.

      But I don't hiring Stevens in anyway means Rondo will necessarily be flipped.

      • W2.

        If Josh Smith signs with Detroit, things could get interesting.

  • John

    rah rah rondo is toast, Stevens won't put up with his juvenile antics, ubuntu!

    • RHD

      yeah like when he averaged a triple double. what a punk!

  • I_Love_Green

    I love this hire. Stevens has always been one of my favorite college coaches with the way he maximizes the talent of his players.

  • dasein

    I don't know anything about college coaches. I do think that giving a young guy a shot is a better idea than getting some crusty old Nate McMillian type retread.

    Hope this dude is good with starting his career going 23-59.

  • dasein

    Monroe and the Piston's 2014 first for Rondo? You'd have to think about it right?

    • Eric

      Totally. Though with Rondo and Smith, the Pistons could be a playoff team next year.

    • Phil

      Do the Pistons have their 2014 first? I know they traded one away to the Bobcats in order to dump Ben Gordon.

      I'd definitely consider that. First round picks are sexy, but even lottery picks bust at a surprisingly high rate. Getting back sure thing talent would be nice.

      • dasein

        Ah, I forgot about that. Yes, the Bobcats own the Piston's 2014 pick. I think they still have the ability to get something done though. I'm assuming their plan in trading for Rondo would be to pair him with Smith and make a run for the playoffs. Not a great plan in my book, but it's not my team so who cares.

        They also seem to prefer Drummond to Monroe, which might make the latter the odd man out. Now even after signing Smith, they should have enough cap room to take on the bloated corpse of Wallace. They might need to send back the expiring Stuckey for Jerebko or something to make sure of it, but that's fine too. So Monroe plus filler for Rondo and a Wallace sized hole? It's the type of short-sighted win a bit now move you could see Dumars pulling, and would be worth serious consideration by Trader Danny I'd think.

  • hax

    Rondo has no antics, Doc loved him. He only left because stacked city sounds better than olynyk & friends.
    This seems like a super rebuild now though. Enjoy Brad, good stuff.

  • ghoulbuns

    Sorry I just have no enthusiasm left for this team. A hollow crumbled shell of its former self. Celtic pride my ass. I hope they trade Rondo so I can cut emotional ties with this once-glorious franchise and the inept destroyer, Danny Ainge. The name feels in my mouth the same as if I chewed a few aspirins without water. Disgraceful.

  • The Cardinal

    A young coach that will develop and grow with young pros (whose mentalities tend to be more akin to to high school prodigies and college stars as opposed to old, seasoned vets ). I like the theory, so let's hope it works out over the next few seasons.

  • james patrick

    I'd still love to see Thibs on the sideline someday.

  • RHD

    Good job Danny, we should be relevant again in about a decade!

  • Phil

    It's kind of amusing how unanimously positive the reaction to this move that I've seen has been. It seems like Stevens is well respected by all schools (schools of thought that is.) I'm liking everything I'm seeing too (I don't think I could handle a Lionel Hollins type who thinks advanced stats are for nerds,) I think this was pretty close to a best case scenario as far as the coaching search goes.

    I haven't seen the salary numbers yet, but I assume the Cs paid a lot more than they would've for Jay Larranaga. It's nice to see ownership willing to spend even during the rebuild. That's an advantage that the OKCs of the world could only hope for, and it should give you hope, even if you don't agree with all of the moves.

    • JStokes1313

      6 years/22 million. So 3.5ish a year. A little higher than the norm, probably to ensure they could pry him away from the security of Butler.

  • bostonbobby

    sorry boys next year is about losing that is the plan.

  • JStokes1313

    Normally I wouldn't like a college coach hire since managing pro personalities is much different from managing college kids, but all I've heard about Stevens is that he's adept at the sort of thing, and the team will give him time to learn anyways (i.e. be terrible), so I'm all for it! At the least, it's an interesting hire for a team that's going to be lacking interest this year.

  • joe

    I guess stuckey and monroe for rondo and wallace would be alright with some picks but if they trade rondo they can do a lot better. Let him pull a d rose and sit the season. Then, if we dont get screwed like with did on duncan, we draft wiggins. We need to finally sign oj mayo.

    And on the irrelevant side… if we do tank the season, I wanna see the jordan crawford show every single night. I dont care what anybody says, he has the heart of a lion. He doesnt care who you are, utmost confidence. Kid may end up surprising you

    • check12check

      i think that would be a great trade and i am down for the crawford show, let him cut his teeth out there

  • joe

    Oh and I think its an interesting, but great coaching choice. Will be good developing talent. Rondo will be fine if hes there still

  • OlSkool1972

    Rondo has no leverage so I don't know why people keep saying Stevens has to win him over. Ainge is only concerned with Stevens managing the young talent on this team. Bradley, Green, Randolph, Crawford, Sullinger, Melo, Joseph, Iverson, and Olynyk. The rest of the team, Rondo, Lee, Bass, Wallace, and Humphries are just on borrowed time until Ainge can find somewhere to move them.

  • greathire

    I've watched a lot of college basketball. Brad Stevens is probably one of the best college coaches. Look at the guy they drafted. Olynyk. Good college player that has a history of improving. They passed over Shabazz and others who they were worried about having an ego. I think that if Rondo listens to Stevens, he can be in the conversation of the best PG. But he HAS to work on his shot. He doesn't have a hall of fame team around him anymore and so more of the onus will be on him. That's why I think he'll be traded. I don't think Ainge has faith that Rondo can carry that burden.