Post-game Reactions

It’s over.


1. What was your in-the-moment reaction to the trade?

Hayes Davenport: The truth is I haven’t confronted my emotions yet. Just hoping it doesn’t happen when I’m driving a car or holding anything sharp. But initially I was pretty grossed out: Gerald Wallace, rebuilding piece. I came around for the sake of Pierce and Garnett. For those who think they deserved “better”: you mean to finish seventh in the East and get bounced in the first round again? Those guys are the biggest winners of the trade, hugely.

Michael Pina: Sadness, of course. Knowing Paul Pierce wouldn’t retire as a member of the Boston Celtics is as much of an emotional kick to the ribs as any fan base could suffer. That being said, I also knew it was both necessary and rational. After taking a few deep breaths, I stepped back from the ledge.

Ryan DeGama: I felt the same way I did on Monday when Doc was sent/sent himself packing: excitement. That was followed by a surprisingly potent sense of loss. And then deep shame that I’d been hoping for this all along. These guys are warriors, after all. And then, finally, excitement again. We’re one (horrifically messy) step towards the next title.

Brian Robb: It’s just starting to sink in, really. While the Doc Rivers soap opera took weeks to come to an end, this was the exact opposite, coming to fruition in mere hours. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the best deal available NOW for the Celtics, but I’m still not sure it was worth ripping your franchise apart (knowing Doc was likely out the door because of it) to fire up the rebuild right away.

Brendan Jackson:  We’ve had a ton of build up to this.  Paul Pierce hinted that his time in Boston had come to end after losing to the Knicks last season.  Then there was Doc Rivers’ exodus. These moments, coupled with all of the rumors swirling, should have prepared me for this.  The adult pragmatist in me loves the three first rounders, but my 14 year old self, who is still practicing fake-crossover step back jumpers in my driveway is heartbroken.  And that’s the truth.

2. Did the Celtics get good value for Pierce and Garnett?

Davenport: Yeah. Teams with high picks and young talent aren’t in the market for expensive Hall of Famers in their mid-thirties. Ainge found the only “contender” who would deliver on three picks, and those picks will look REAL good once these Nets suck in 2016. Yes, they ate one bad contract in Wallace so everyone cries CAP SPACE. But this team will mostly be losing on purpose for the next two years. They don’t care about cap space, they care about Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker.

Pina: If you can think of a better realistic haul Boston could have had for a 35-year-old Paul Pierce/37-year-old Kevin Garnett combination, I’m all ears. The players coming back are pretty gross (especially a $30 million shell-of-the-Gerald Wallace-we-all-once-adored), but the draft picks and opportunity to scrap Jason Terry make it more than fair.

DeGama: I get why it might not feel this way, but in the three draft picks the C’s got great return for two guys who, our emotional history with them aside, are in little demand around the league. Think of the bonds we’ve already formed with flawed players like Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger. Now imagine forming those same bonds with guys who are way, way better. Like franchise-changing better. We may eventually see this deal as a steal for the Celtics.

Robb: Best deal available. Too early to say good or bad. It was certainly the biggest haul Boston was going to get for Pierce and Garnett this summer. However, I’m still not crazy about the deal. No valuable breathing assets at this point in time, and a trio of what will likely be late first round picks from Brooklyn? It’s better than nothing, but still quite the crapshoot.

Jackson:  It’s hard to believe that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were traded for three first round picks and a bag of balls.  But it’s important to keep in mind that the former C’s have one, maybe two years of significantly skill-diminished basketball to play.  In the same deal, the C’s also jettisoned a now useless contract in Jason Terry and can probably recoup some of those second round picks if some contender wants Reggie Evans.  I also haven’t even mentioned the draft picks, which could be awesome when the Nets suck in 3-5 years.  All in all, good haul.

3. What should we expect from the 2013-14 Celtics?

Davenport: Hopefully nothing. Best case is Sullinger, Bradley, and *teeth suddenly grind to dust* Kelly Olynyk continue to develop as the team loses its first 60 games. Then Rondo comes back with an icy 30-footer and they win out. Then they draft both Wiggins and Parker after they get the first pick and the Nets get the second (bad chemistry issues).

Pina: Remember 2006-07? Feels like a while ago, doesn’t it? Hopefully this team is even worse, as the Celtics once again have their eyes on a 2014 lottery that promises to jolt the league with a handful of franchise-altering prospects. Thirty-five wins would really be pushing it.

DeGama: An entire season of Wyc & Ainge’s po-faced tanking denials while the Celtics simultaneously turn in their single worst season since the ill-fated Duncan quest in 1996-97. The best/worst part? Ainge still has a few more Rondo-size holes he can blast in the bow of this ship. We may have to invent a new way to cover a team I expect to be hellbent on losing.

Robb: I’ll be able to give you a better answer when I know how many games Rajon Rondo is playing. If he goes by the Derrick Rose timeline, it will be a long season. Otherwise, there is still too much talent on this roster for them to dip much under the .500 mark. Making the postseason doesn’t seem like a long shot either. I have a feeling we’ll see a few more deals though so this answer is subject to change.

Jackson:  Lots of losing.  There are two franchise-changers in Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker in next year’s draft and the C’s are in a good position to be in the lottery.  There’s also no reason to rush Rajon Rondo back from his ACL injury.  It’s also importent to mention that the C’s may not play the defensive-style basketball we’ve been used to seeing.  All of that points to a very bad team.

4. How good are the Brooklyn Nets with Pierce and Garnett?

Davenport: I have no idea. They’re definitely weird. The idea of Pierce and Joe Johnson sharing one ball is fun/disgusting. Jason Kidd is a trash person and probably a horrible coach. The motivational presence of KG is the only thing that makes the situation at all promising. I’ll watch!

Pina: Starting with the bad: the Nets still lack a bench, and have an inexperienced head coach who may not be equipped to lead a team with such high expectations (though Lawrence Frank should help as an assistant, given his prior relationship with Pierce and Garnett).

Now the good: Pierce and Garnett will be the third and fourth best players on Brooklyn’s roster (think about that for a second). They’ll bring championship experience, knowledge, and moments of All-NBA ability to the table. Don’t be surprised to see this team battling in the Eastern Conference Finals.

DeGama: They’ll be vulnerable to crippling injury due to the collective miles they’re carrying but Pierce and Garnett will open up the floor for the rest of their starting lineup. And on any given night, either Boston transplant could (and probably will) be the best player in a playoff game. Unless Jason Kidd’s too green, they’ll see Miami in the ECF.

Robb: The starting lineup is scary good on paper, but unless some adequate bench pieces are brought in, it’s tough to put them ahead of the Indiana Pacers at this juncture. Once we know more about how the rest of the roster will be filled out, as well as Kidd’s coaching abilities, Brooklyn could jump ahead of Indiana.

Jackson:  It’ll take some time to figure out how Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson are going to be able to play together on this team.  That said, I’m salivating at the thought of watching Garnett and Deron Williams run pick and roll and Garnett and Brook Lopez doing some high-low passes.  This definitely vaults them into the contender category, but I’ll have to see how the chemistry develops before I make any bold predictions.

5. Are you confident in where the team is headed?

Davenport: Not at all, only because the first draft pick of the rebuilding era went to Kelly Olynyk. Successful rebuilds depend on successful talent recognition, and drafting a seven-footer who can’t rebound for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW is, to me, a clue that the actual rebuild will only begin once Ainge is gone.

Pina: Extremely. Right now the Celtics have two unprotected first round picks in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018, and their own pick in next year’s draft will almost certainly be in a golden lottery. They have four quality assets on rookie contracts and one of the best point guards in the league, in his prime, available for the right price.

The flexibility Danny Ainge has right now is incredible, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Celtics back on top of the mountain sooner than you think.

DeGama: Always have been. The veteran additions last summer didn’t work but the strategy in signing them made sense. And I trust Ainge far more with young talent than I do mid-level style acquisitions. So, for at least a couple of years, I expect a nice inflow of young talent, draft pick collection and prudent cap management while he primes the C’s to make a big score in the draft, on the free agent market, or in trade.

Robb: Lukewarm. Ainge is collecting a lot of lottery tickets with all of these unprotected first round draft picks. Unfortunately, it’d be surprising for any of them to land in the top 20. Can Ainge turn those assets into another star or two? His job should depend on it.

Jackson:  I’m confident in the assets the C’s have stock-piled.  Now, if they turn around and trade that haul for Josh Smith I’m not going to be happy of confident.  The C’s shouldn’t overthink this.  Tank this year, if you don’t get the first or second pick overall, it’s time to wheel and deal.


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  • DreMo

    Both picks THIS draft .. BOOOO. What is going on?? The team as stands isn't half bad with Reggie and Sully on the glass … 30-40 wins is really a non issue as long as these bums don't tank and keep moving parts.

  • DreMo

    I don't trust ANY player from Gonzaga. From Adam Morrison to Austin Raye (Supposed to be another Tayshaun Prince) to Robert Sacre. No. No. No!

  • DreMo


  • dslack

    Hi guys, thanks for posting your thoughts, but I disagree on a couple points.

    Hayes — Olynyk might not be the world's greatest rebounder, but he averaged 11.1 per 40 minutes, in comparison to potential #1 pick (actual #5 pick) Alex Len. Saying he can't rebound is a bit hyperbolic.

    Brian — Sure, the Nets pick in 2014 will probably be late in the first round. But why do you think the 2016, 2017, and 2018 picks will be late? I wouldn't be surprised if the Nets are horrible in 2016 and have no way to get better since they're not getting draft picks. I wouldn't be surprised if the Celtics get 3 straight lottery picks from the Nets in 2016-2018.

    • TomGreenThumb

      They do not get a pick from the Nets in 2017. Only 14 16 18

      • JStokes

        They also have the right to flip picks with the Nets in 2017, which is sort of like getting their pick.

        • dslack

          Exactly. If they take the Nets pick in 2017, they give up their own pick, but if the Nets have a lottery pick and the Celtics do not, then the Celtics will be taking a lottery pick from the Nets.

  • Rolltide3332

    @dremo: what about stockton?

  • Phil

    Hayes, if you didn't hate the Olynyk pick enough already, how about the fact that they gave up two picks that will be in the 30-40 (there's some value there,) range for the right to move up 3 spots to do it! There's almost no historical difference between 13 and 16, a lot of draft predictions had Olynyk going as low as the second round (he seemed to rise late, but I'm sure the Celtics had a lot to do that since they clearly loved him,) and they were linked to plenty of other players who were still on the board at 16, like all of the PGs and the Brazilian center. It will be largely ignored because there was much bigger news today, but I think this draft could turn out to be a massive F.

    I agree with Ryan's feelings about this trade perfectly. I knew the rebuild had to happen, and I was ready and hoping for it, but it really, really sucks.

    I have to think the Celtics are all in on tanking, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were "super cautious" with Rondo, or even considered trading him. Everyone says this is a great draft, and the Celtics have been less than over the top about building their franchise around 'Rajon Rondo, max player.' That great bargain of a contract is getting closer and closer to an issue, and it's a completely different tenor when the team is trying to lose instead of win.

    • Phil

      I meant everyone thinks 'next year's' draft is awesome. I need to find my log in for that edit button…

      I still don't like the trade they made, if only because the whole 'they weren't going to have cap space anyway' argument isn't as good when you're cutting into the 15-16 space with Wallace, which was after Terry would have already come off the books and they would start getting some room.

      I am coming around on the '16 and '18 picks though. I do think the Nets will suck after a year or two, and there's also a pretty good chance that Ainge will be gone by then. His infatuation with useless 7 footers (seriously, where does Olynyk go if he's 6'10"? Second round?) and bigs who are athletic and nothing else aren't good things for a rebuild.

  • Phil

    Also, this is kind of a different subject, but does anyone else feel like Pierce is being marginalized in this whole storyline? (and I don't mean here specifically, but across all media.) Maybe I'm just biased since I started rooting for the Celtics for real around the 99-00 season, and my fandom for the team is basically tied perfectly to Pierce's career, but to me, he 'is' the Celtics. KG is a great player who gave the Celtics a championship.

    They're obviously going to be linked given the run since 08, the championship and their exit together, but I look at Pierce leaving as a major blow to me as a fan. With KG, I understood the business aspect of it. Pierce is the only player I still felt that way about, and probably the last one I will feel that way about. It's not a shot at KG at all, it's just that Pierce was the twice a decade player who plays 15 years with the same team, and is there for every up and down. KG was the once every year or two player who changes teams and brings a championship or two to his new city.

    • hydrofluoric


      This is like the Lakers amnestying Kobe Bryant, or Cuban finally getting sick of Dirk, or Pop… yeah, I can't even say that one.

      • Phil

        Yep. Kobe, Dirk and Duncan are it now for this era. If things had broken a little differently, Pierce could've been one of those guys too, but there's a reason that there's only three. It's stupid stuff like signing Danny Green instead of Jeff Green, but there are so many land mines to avoid that it's not surprising when this happens.

        It doesn't diminish Pierce's time in Boston at all to me. He's still the guy who rose from our troubled young player to an all star and champion, and made the Celtics watchable for almost a decade while there was no other reason to.

    • dasein

      I'm with you. All the commentary suggesting he was a buy out candidate was driving me nuts. How many SFs were better than him last year? LBJ, Durant, George, maybe Melo. Not a long list. Sure he sucked in the Playoffs, but 80-odd games is a better sample than 6. The guy can still play and he's being talked about like he's Caron Butler or something. Shameful.

    • celticlegend00

      i feel pretty much the same i know at some point we had to make moves but it hurts to see paul go especially after all he gave for this franchise i think he deserved the right to play his final yr in boston green but there is no loyalty in when it come down to buisiness i used to get mad when i saw players hop from team to team just for the money but know i feel much different get all you can get while you can because you can't play forever because when they have no more use for you this is what happens could you imagine lakers do something like this to magic or boston do this to bird NEVER!!!!

    • kg215

      Your last paragraph is a little confusing but I hope you are not implying that Pierce was a better overall player than KG. Let's just say there is more of a chance of finding another Pierce than finding another KG in the next 50 or 100 years. As great as Pierce was/is I don't consider him on KG's level, or Kobe's level, or Duncan's level, or Shaq's level. He is one tier below with Dirk.

  • dasein

    Too much talent to drop much below 0.5? This team was barely above 0.5 last year with KG and Pierce. And Rondo won't be there for a couple of months at least. Excluding Rondo, how many of the guys on this roster are currently even a replacement level player? I struggle to see this group pulling out 35 wins this season.

    Also no good reason to believe that the picks in 2016 and 2018 are "likely in the 20s". Real good chance that the Nets are bad in the years prior to those drafts. Miami showed cracks this year so I can see the attraction for the Nets to go all in, but it's going to get real ugly for them real fast in a season or two.

  • The Cardinal

    This was a much, much better deal for the C's than a KG-to-Clippers deal – actually, too good to be true since we rid ourselves of Terry and his contract.. I remember a few years back how many fans howled about the fact that we didn't draft Marshon Brooks instead of Ja'Juan Johnson (I think), so let's hope the kid regains his rookie season form and has a break out year..

    Since value is relative and the aborted Clippers offer is the only one that has been reported, it has to be the standard by which this deal is measured. From where I sit, it's a huge win for both the Celtics and the Nets, and a crushing loss for the Clippers (bwahahahaha!) because KG for Andre Jordan would not have done squat for the Celtics either this season or in the future.

    Our two future HOF'ers get a real opportunity to compete for a championship, the Celtics get a boatload of draft picks and some decent players in return when you compare them to what we have remaining on the roster, so all I can say is "Danny, you da man!" He and the owners did right by everyone involved, including Doc..

    • fabzzz

      I agree. I think Marshon Brooks can be what Jordan Crawford could be…I don't like that sentence. But I do think he is a natural scorer. And I do think he can get better. And those 16 and 18 picks? That 18 pick will most certainly be in the lottery – KG and Pierce will be gone by then. 16 could be too, I'm not as confident though.

      While drafts are crapshoots, they are crapshoots that one can win. And, in the upcoming new CBA era, where teams cannot pay their way to championships, Danny will have assembled himself a cheap and (hopefully) talented roster.

      Now here's to hoping he doesn't take all we've acquired and ship it out for Josh Smith.

  • W2.

    I can't imagine a trade where we would have gotten more. The part that hurts the most is the idea that we will try and lose on purpose next season or hold Rondo out even if he could play. Tanking is the worst. I want to see them play well together and be coached well even if it means just missing the playoffs and not getting a shot at a top five pick.

    • The Cardinal

      I don't really buy the "tanking" speculation – at least during the first half of the season. Now if we go into the All Star break looking like a hopeless bunch, then perhaps…but the final roster going into this season will be much better compared to the old ML Carr-led roster where the team obviously tanked.

      When you look around the Eastern Conference beyond Miami, Indiana, an always tough Chicago squad, a rising Detroit team, and a soon-to-be-revamped Brooklyn squad, the Celtics can compete (at least theoretically) with every one else, and maybe even Chicago and Detroit. Throw in unpredictable stuff like injuries to other teams' key players, Danny's ability to possibly acquire an impact player or two through trading or free agency (look at them draft picks and an expiring contract soon-to-be acquired), and remembering that there is a reason teams play the games vs. being awarded titles based on projections, ya gotta believe anything is possible.

  • swissflix

    This is going to be the most important basketball season of Jeff Green's career so far. His performance will decide whether he will be a star and a big part of a future celtics team that can contend or whether he'll be gone soon.
    It is now or never. A chance to prove himself, time to show up.

  • olskool1972

    Thanks fellas you will be missed. Can't wait until these owners get rid of the real problem whose initials are DA!

    • Vincent

      The real problem is that KG and PP are in their mid to late 30s, and this isn't 2008, and Miami has the best team in the East, and the C's were .500.

    • Jackie O


  • Gary

    Why are people doubting Ainge's ability to rebuild? He came in 2003 and within 5 years we raised banner #17. Sure he had PP to build around but the man knows how to evaluate talent. Nets will surely stink in 2016 and later without any ability to reload. 5 years from now we could be raising #18 and have a top 3 pick. This rebuild is off to a great start and there are plenty more moves to make but I'm stoked!

    • CG12

      Hear hear.

    • Brian

      i totally agree… he did a solid job

      he also picked the right "partner" in king to deal with… talking about track records, ainge can only look UP to king…

    • celticlegend00

      totally disagree he walked in the door got rid of walker mind you the yr after just being one game away from a conf. finals in the playoffs he got so much flack he panic and pretty much bought us a championship even though i dont care how we got it but we got it danny ainge is a arrogant idiot never liked him as a player don't like his girly azz now he's no jerry west for sure i wish the owners boot him and bring in the bird. just thinking out loud

      • dasein

        Umm..Bird already has a job. It's should be pretty clear by now that his heart is in Indiana

    • Phil

      To be fair, the next GM is probably going to have the brains to reply 'yes' when someone offers them a franchise altering player for a load of crap too.

      The trade gives good opportunities through the draft if the Nets suck soon, but I'm not sure why you're so over the top about Ainge's ability to evaluate talent. Ainge has a big weakness for guys whose only skill is being 7 feet tall, but the most worrying thing is his lust for "athletes" who bring little in the way of actual wins. All of that rebuilding through the draft does no good if you're paying DeAndre Jordan and Josh Smith 40m a year.

  • James H

    There was no need for this trade. The urgency to blow it up and rebuild has all been fabricated in Ainge's noggin. This team has youth and talent, and experienced mentorship and leadership (until the trade). Now this team is headed for at least 6-8 seasons of losing. Remeber those 15 years prior to KG? With picks like last night's, welcome to round two. It ain't going to be pretty folks.

    • swissflix

      those 15 years happened because of ML Carr being unwilling to truly rebuild, poor signings (Dominique Wilkins) and then because of Rick Pitino and later just lots of bad managing (Jerome Moiso, anyone?). Why should we have to endure 6 seasons of losing? This makes no sense. The real question is if Ainge is able to turn the team by rebuilding into a true contender or just a good team.

  • Bobby

    Robb is by far the most sensible one.

    Davenport is a retard. Tank? really? with the best pg in the NBA?

    People are really quick to give up on Rondo. Surround him with Green, Bradley and another star and we got ourselves a playoff team.

    The east is weak..only team is Miami that you really have to worry about.

    • dslack

      Please don't use the word "retard"

    • Vincent

      What other star are they going to get now???

    • Sully

      I'm just a little confused as to how the east is weak. Miami is a powerhouse….but what about the Nets and the Knicks who are still pretty talented. Plus the Pacers also are loaded with good young talent that made Miami struggle a bit. Even the Bulls (Especially if Rose ever comes back) will be tough. I think Boston still contends next year but it won't be easy.

  • CG12

    I am delighted with the deal. I am sad to see KG and PP go, but they were leaving soon any way.
    The C's now have a lot of pieces to use to put together future deals and KG and PP get to play on a good team, rather than a destined-to-be-mediocre Celtics team. I'm not sure how much tanking the team can do next year, however. We still have enough good players that I don't see this team being anywhere near bottom of the league bad. My guess is that Ainge is taking a big swing at a rebuild on the fly, accumulating assets that can be used later to acquire a marquis player or two to complement Rondo, Green, Bradley, and Sullinger.

    Danny has cojones the size of church bells and doesn't care what you or I think. He is just trying to put together a championship team in the future, and I like that.

  • Bobby

    EXACTLY swissflix

    People are forgetting about GREEN. HE can easily be a 22-25ppg, 7rpg, and 3apg player.

    Fills in the hole for Pierce.

    What if this kid we just drafted does turn out to be a player? What if he comes in avg 13ppg, 9rpg, and 3apg? THAT RIGHT THERE could make up a lil for KG.

    Defensive wise….well hmm lets see we have RONDO and BRADLEY…whose both been named as defensive players.

    We just need a shot blocker (STILL UP FOR GRABS) and a rebounder (EVANS).


  • Bobby

    Maybe shed Humphries, some draft picks, and courtney lee to the HAWKS for Josh Smith…that right there could help our rebounding and shot blocking.

    • The Cardinal

      Oh goodness…Josh Smith again. I realize it's your opinion, but for real – are you serious?

  • ed judson

    Is humphries eligible to be amnestied?

    • soomass

      Why amnesty an expiring contract?

    • JStokes

      You're only allowed to amnesty players you owned as of the new CBA. But I understand your sentiments.

  • soomass

    Whoa hold on so not only do we trade PP and KG but now we DON'T get Reggie Evans?! So much for rebounding.

  • DreMo

    ** (answer to above).

    The Zags program isn’t the one Stockton went to. The players named are Mark Few players and they haven’t developed well in the NBA and as in Morrison’s case (the next “Larry Bird”, remember?) couldn’t stick on a roster at all.

    So with that program, competition level in the WCC, (I live in Long Beach, CA) it stands to reason I need to see it first.

    **Iverson won’t make this team

  • fabzzz

    Also, I will enjoy watching this team next year if whoever coaches us just doesn't play Humphries or Wallace. Just don't. Really. It's not necessary. It will only be sad and embarrassing.

    I wont mind watching Green develop and Bradley too. Hell, maybe even Rondo and Brooks.

  • DreMo

    DA is playing chess and It’s likely Doc energized him to get this thing on speed dial faster than thought.

    Give it 2-3 weeks, this team will be flipped (too many players on the roster now). Some of these are obviously roster fillers who will serve as back end deal fillers.

  • Josh_5

    Ughh. This hurts, alot. I understand it is a business and that rebuilding is a necessary evil. I'm just too old-school and loyal to approve of this. If anything, Pierce deserved to retire in Green. All in all, I've been a KG guy first and foremost so it looks like I'm taking my talents to Brooklyn.

    Also, Danny Ainge can go pound sand.

  • Rob

    I’m still in shock that we gave up what will be 2 high second round picks just to move up an get Kelly Olynyk. What the fuck. Just 3 picks earlier the blazers got McCollum. We still have rondo Bradley green sullinger and Wallace, we’re not bad enough to get a high draft pick. And with the contract of Wallace we won’t be able to sign anyone significant, not like a franchise player would sign in Boston to begin with. Sure we have picks, but we’re gonna end up with late first round talent. How do I feel about the “value” the C’s got in return for the face of the franchise? I feel like we’re destined for years of mediocrity, and by the time the 2018 draft rolls around, Danny will be long gone and we’ll still be just as far from a championship as we are now.

    • Danny

      People value these picks way too much.

      • Danny

        And with the way Ainge drafts, its like throwing at a dart board drunk and blindfolded.

      • Phil

        People value second round picks too much, but two picks (likely) in the 30s is an insane price to pay to move from 16 to 13 to pick a guy most projected to go from 15-30 anyway. Early second round picks are cheap options to build a bench during a rebuild, and a few of them contribute each year (Festus Ezeli comes to mind for last year.)

        If anything, Ainge overrated the difference between 16 and 13. There's very little historical difference.

    • Phil

      You must not have seen much of Wallace last year if you think he's going to add wins to this team. The Cs have no big who can play defense; remember how much the D stunk last year when KG sat? Well that's the norm now. Even the perimeter is no guarantee given Rondo's general disinterest in playing D last year. I don't see where this team is getting offense either. Pierce and KG had a combined usage rate in the 40s last year. Jeff Green isn't picking up Pierce's slack. Above all, the Cs have a motivation to be bad. They're going to be "cautious" with injuries, and trades with the future in mind (that make the current team worse,) will all be open.

  • Troof

    " Then they draft both Wiggins and Parker after they get the first pick and the Nets get the second (bad chemistry issues)"

    Except I believe the Hawks get first priority at that Nets pick

  • High Rollers

    Rose has Thibs. Paul has Doc. Williams has KG and Pierce and Frank. Chalmers has a second ring.

    I wonder if Rondo is feeling fueled or emptied. Gotta wish the kid luck with the rocky ride ahead.

  • Josh_5

    Rondo has what Deron, Paul and Rose can only salivate for……. a ring.

  • Sully

    Like most of us on here I'm not sure how I feel about this move or any of the happenings recently. Losing KG and Pierce in the end is good (Sucks) but is good. Acquiring 3 first round draft picks for them is pretty good assuming the C's draft well then yes….those draft picks are a good deal. The players we got in return for KG and Pierce are so-so…..Wallace and Hump….not really happy there…..Things don't look overly exciting so far.

    Still like many have said there is still a lot of talent on this team. Whenever Rondo comes back he will lead guys like Bradley, Green, Melo can be good, Sully, and even Bass has his moments. And who knows maybe some of the picks this year will shock us all. There are still some moves that can be made. I don't really see this team dipping below .500 this year. Still wish Pierce Retired in Green.

  • kelvin ball

    Why is everyone so sure we get Wiggins, remember Tim Ducan. It did not happen. I do not count on draft for anything. Do not rebuild, just reload.

  • celticlegend00

    danny does stupid again move up to get kelly and give 2 future 2nd picks please!!! he could have drafted pumlee which i think is a much better player if he rids rondo were really in a bowl of shit at least we will still have a proven point guard who can run the floor that we can build around believe it or not if rondo stays were going to see rondo really at his best the shots he normally would pas up hes going to take because the trust factor is no longer there he will become a scoring machine believe that.

    • dasein

      a full stop now and then makes reading so much easier.

  • High Rollers

    Nice work by the Celtics media/tech guys to put an old school Rondo pic up on the team website, sporting the upside-down headband. Nice nod to the past and the future.

  • trent

    Everyone needs to quit ripping on DA, and quit boasting on doc rivers, most people forget that it was doc that coached the worst team in Celtic History, and it was DA that pulled all the stops to make this team what it was. The plug should have been pulled a few years ago, but because of putting butts in the seats, I think DA waited too long. Does it hurt? Of course! They brought the celtic lore back to Boston. But please sit back and see that these players are gonna be turned around for another trade. Rumors have been going for weeks for Josh smith. It doesnt replace what we had but what we had was barely playoff basketball and a couple of years of wanting to put your head through the tv. We now have the potential to building a new team. I remember the days of gomes and gerald green and jefferson, you pulled for those guys every night, even though you knew they would lose, you still cheered them on because they gave it all for the celtic lore, I see that happening again. This gonzaga kid can play, and believe you and me.. the celtics offseason is far from over.. They aren't looking for the draft next year as much as they are looking at the free agency pool.. they are looking at both.. and right now they are shredding up payroll and getting ready.. its not gonna take as long as you think for the c's to get to where they want to be.. they only thing I didnt like about the trade was gerald wallace.. anyone who likes it is a moron. other than that.. it was the best we were gonna get.. and I agree with the majority.. the nets will be good for maybe 2 years.. I go with maybe one.. kg is done at the end of the year and I think even pierce, especially if miami trumps them again.. cause then they will really know.. their time is up..

  • steven gold

    I still say we could have been a contender next year choosing Dieng to give us some size in the middle and Redick to provide offensive help. Now, hell.

    • dasein

      They lost pretty easily to a Knicks team that then got smashed by Indiana. Neither of those teams is going away, Chicago will be back with Rose and Miami is still Miami. Adding a couple of bench guys wasn't going to make em a contender.

      Besides, what makes you think Reddick would choose a team with no cap space and a 2% shot at the title? The guy is still young and will want to get paid.

  • ghoulbuns

    DeGama, you are a bigger fool than you are typically accused of being if you think this move is a step towards a championship. This team is fucked for a long time.

  • Boduke

    Sigh this trade is crap overall no good players for the cs saying the picks are good that's a laugh with the team now playing In the eastern conference finals nets won on a mudslide 0 percent celtics 100 percent nets hands down. The celtics are now the last team that had A. Houston on their team back in 02. This trade would of equaled Garnett pierce would of equaled a dirk or Carlos boozer plus extras and picks. With the money owed 73 million with this trade as a fan of the team and the nba Ainge should be fired rondo should be gone he is worth 2 first round picks one second round pick and 2 plays. Any player in the past equalled still good people rondo was in the top 3 point guards in the league. Allen at the time was injured trade to the celtics for Jeff green delante west rafe lefrence and a second round pick. Look at grant hill he is over priced

  • Boduke

    Also just because they were good for a school or a minor league for their country doesn't mean iverson or Kelly o will be good, it will take them time, with the way the celtics are going see rondo play in preseason games trade him before the start of the regular season for 4 first round picks and eat an ending high end contract. I would add Wallace and Humphreys in the trade.