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Four Players Celtics Could Draft At #16

There aren’t many certainties in the NBA Draft this year, however I feel the Top 6 will in some order be: Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, Alex Len, Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett, and Victor Oladipo.

It also appears that Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, C.J. McCollum, Trey Burke, Michael Carter-Williams, Cody Zeller, and Steven Adams will be gone.  So who is left?  And who should the Celtics take in a year that will likely begin the re-build.  I feel any position is possible and they are in a spot to pick the “best player available.”  Here are four options.

Shabazz Muhammad, SF, UCLA (6-6, 222, Fresh.)

There are a lot of knocks on Muhammad (lied about age, poor shooting, dominates only against weak competition), but I still see a lot of potential from the suddenly 20 year old.  I think he will be a legit 2nd scoring option on a team someday.

Tony Mitchell, F, North Texas (6-9, 236, Soph.)

If it was up to me, this is the player I would take.  Crazy athletic, 6-9 and an NBA body, unlike many rookie who need to add weight/muscle.  Averaged a double-double his freshmen season and admittedly had a subpar sophomore year playing for a new coaching staff at North Texas.  He compares himself to Kenneth Faried, we’ll see.  But lots of upside with Mitchell, and a guy who could be part of the Celtics rebuild or an intriguing trade option down the road when trying to add a superstar.

Mason Plumlee, C, Duke (7-0, 238, Senior)

This is a possibility, but one I would not be excited about.  College seniors (specifically from major schools) typically aren’t great pros.  (Yes, Tim Duncan is great, that was 16 years ago.)  Plumlee may be more “NBA ready” than others in the draft, however even best case scenario is below All-Star caliber.  I’d pass, but he’ll be in the mix and likely drafted between 15-25.

Shane Larkin, PG, Miami (5-11, 171, Soph.)

Unfortunately for teams this year, the best point guard in college last year, Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart decided to return to school.  Therefore guys like Trey Burke, Michael Carter Williams, Dennis Schroeder, and Shane Larkin all slot up.  The C’s could take Larkin here (just under 6 feet tall but the most athletic PG in the draft) and then begin the Rajon Rondo trade rumors!


And of course since I mentioned these four players, it won’t be any of them.  If they decided to go international it could be Giannis Adetokunbo of Greece or Sergei Karasev of Russia.  Enjoy the draft!

Rich Keefe is an Anchor & Host for 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, and a frequent contributor on CelticsHub.com.  You can follow him on twitter: @Keefe21

  • celtdieng

    No Deing?? This article's a joke without him on the list

    • http://CelticsHub.com Brendan Jackson

      Strong words coming from someone who wants to the C's to draft a very raw 23 year old. He's just too old to be this raw.

      • Morpheus

        I beg to differ. I think he'll be one of the more developed Cs in this draft, especially on the defensive end. Even then, i'd say at age 26, he'll be a legitimate rebounding, shotblocking C.

        In other words, i'm taking him if my other guys Giannis, Adams, Schroeder are gone. Shabazz and Larkin would be good picks. I like Mitchell too.

        • MassHole

          its not that hes raw its that hes 23… and still raw

          • Morpheus

            Defensively, he's ready now. He's projected as a 20 – 25 pick in a weak draft, i think he's a good pick there.

  • The Cardinal

    I don't watch a lot of collegiate basketball, so excuse me if this sounds naive and/or ignorant (because I am), but would any of these guys be able to contribute something immediately, or would they all be end-of-benchers/D-leaguers? I know the answer to this might be dependent on whether both KG and PP return, so for the sake of this question, let's assume both will return.

    • http://CelticsHub.com Brendan Jackson

      Under your parameters, we now have another unknown factor we need to consider: head coach. If it were Doc? No, none of these kids would play that much. The new coach? Maybe.

  • hax

    Plumlee makes sense since we have no center, but I like other centers first.
    Shabazz makes sense if we stick him at SG, but bradley would need to be benched/traded.

  • W2.

    Paul Pierce is likely gone. Shabazz would battle for minutes at the backup three behind Jeff Green.

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