Post-game Reactions

Multiple outlets are reporting that Kevin Garnett has waived his no-trade clause and will be traded to the Brooklyn Nets along with Paul Pierce and Jason Terry. The Nets will fully guarantee Garnett’s contract for the 2014-15 season. In return the Celtics acquire Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Reggie Evans, Tornike Shengalia, Keith Bogans, Kris Joseph, three first round draft picks (2014, 2016, 2018) and the right to trade picks in 2017.


This is it.

In the last twelve months, the Celtics have lost Ray Allen and Doc Rivers and shed Pierce and Garnett, putting a Closed for Business sign on the new Big Three era.

We had early reaction to the proposed trade early today and tomorrow will be loaded with reaction and analysis, so let’s leave it at that for now.

Welcome to the Rebuild.

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  • gideon

    cant believe pierce is gone

  • Had22B

    Who do you guys think will be the new captain?? I'm thinking Rondo or Green

    • janos

      rondos number one league is certain number one team

    • Phil

      This isn't hockey, there won't be a captain. Everyone on this team has a 'for sale' sign where the C would go.

  • Phil

    Sad to see Pierce go, that's my reaction. Just a bad day to be a Celtics fan.

    • janos

      hi phil is janos

      i am sad to with you.

    • GymRat

      Hey Phil!! Assuming it's the same one. Been a long time.

      Very, very, very sad day.

      • Phil

        Hey there. Yeah, I'm the same Phil from earlier in the season. I got swamped with work and a broken laptop near the end of the season, so I wasn't able to follow the Cs as closely as I like. Even now I'm posting from a 15 year old computer that I think runs off vacuum tubes. I have no idea how it still works…

        We all knew this day was coming, but it seems worse than I was prepared for 🙁

        • GymRat

          Good to see you again! You were missed and several of us even asked about you at a point.

          This is horrific. Just utterlly terrible.

          • Phil

            Well, I plan on being back for next season at least. Hopefully the team will at least be entertaining to watch, even if they're not winning (looking for silver linings here…)

            I'm with you on the state of things though. Players like Pierce don't come around that often, hopefully it's not as long as the gap between true franchise guys as last time.

  • Vincent

    Sad day, but necessary. I'll be cheering hard for the Nets come May and June. Thank you, Pierce and KG. What you have done for the team is simply incredible.

  • janos

    Ryan is Janos

    what good money save if cost fan to?

    On time to tells us if good or no but for now i am happy whatwas has, but sad for what is loose.

    All player gone and now; ruin team '; was always taeached respect boss but not know if nba celtics boss is mistake or not and am the old man ok, i dont want wait 5 year for new titles – want titles on current, next.

    • Ryan DeGama

      Hi Janos.

      The team isn't ruined as much as it's in transition. Some of these players won't be around (even next month!) and the draft picks and eventual cap space will form the core, in one way or another, of the next good Celtics team. It just won't be next year. But there will be plenty to watch anyway.

      • janos

        thank you very much reply me is apprecate post ther is sitatiions here fan, rat, other, very upset please do a help us

  • CelticsBIG3

    Ugh really. What a crappy haul for those guys. Gerald Wallace sucks and has a behemoth contract, Kris Humphries is… well… He's Kris Humphries, Evans would of been nice with other good players, don't know who the hell the other guy, and Bogans might as well retire. Kris Joseph is back. Danny must of really missed him. This sucks.

    • janos

      hi big three
      i dont want talk nba celtics no more , just saying hello you ;hope you are have good day of summer

    • Phil

      Bill Simmons had a great comment on the draft show; the Celtics traded their best two players of the last 20 years for one of the worst contracts in the league and three insignificant draft picks.

      The deal doesn't even save money (you could've bought out Pierce and traded KG to any contender.) Maybe they get lucky with one of the picks, but I'll be surprised if this isn't the final memory of Ainge's stay in Boston.

      • GymRat

        I so hope you're right. I never liked Ainge. Now I honestly hate him.

    • shaun

      For one, Humphries will have an attractive expiring contract next year, that Danny can use during the season for even more assets. So many people jumped the gun thinking "Nets are loaded/C's 3 1st's will be late 1st's". That's BS. That's the biggest reason Danny did this. As today(and moving forward) have shown, the Nets are getting KILLED for this. They have 2 years TOPS to win it, and then they will have the absolute WORST financial situation of any team in the NBA. In a league where, with the new CBA, it's all about cap space and 1st round picks.

      • shaun

        We fleeced a style-over-substance team and owner for a deal that in 2 years will look genius……and that NOBODY ELSE would have or could have given us. Bogans and Evans won't be there in 2015. Jeff Green may not be. And no matter what Danny says, Rondo can bring back some pretty key assets. Probably from a younger/more terrible team whose picks will be even better than the 9 we have. I've always been down on Danny, but to rebuild, clear future cap when it counts, tank next year for a chance at Wiggins/Parker/etc, provide Doc/KG/Pierce with chances to still win, and the massive 1st round picks? Danny FINALLY earned my seal of approval. 33

  • James Patrick

    Real Celtics fans love you KG and Paul!!! It breaks my heart to see you go. Your hearts truly bleed green and anyone who says different is an idiot! I look forward to the day we retire #34 and #5. THANK YOU for all you’ve done for the city of Boston and the Celtics!!!!

    • janos

      hi james patrick
      this nice post, i give you point ,it

  • yeah


  • Frank A

    CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW THIS IS REBUILDING? We have no cap space and took on some bad contracts. Can any of these guys be traded for Al Jefferson or Josh Smith?
    It’s time for Ainge to go, if he was running the Spurs he would have traded Duncan in 2008

    • GowGow

      Three first rounders and clearing cap space sounds good to me.

      • Phil

        They didn't clear cap space, they have less now than if they bought out Pierce and traded KG for an expiring contract. Wallace's contract is worse than Green's. This was for the draft picks.

      • dasein

        Signing Josh Smith or Al Jefferson is not a way to rebuild. Both want all star money, but neither are leading you anywhere. Signing these sorts of guys leaves you stuck in 8th seed limbo.

        Collecting assets and waiting for an opportunity like Houston, or bottoming out and hitting draft paydirt like OKC is how you do it.

    • Vincent

      Sucking next year is the point. We had no cap space, we will have cap space, and we have a ton of picks. For a GM, this is WAY better than being the 8th seed. For a coach, not so much, but whoever the Celtics hire to coach a horrible team next season isn't getting fired for losing too many games. He might get fired if they WIN too many

  • Frank A

    Oh God I miss Red, he wound have kept PP and KG till they retire. Ainge is worried about some 20th picks , lol what a dope.

    • janos

      Hi Fran is Janos
      sometime s justhave a whisky and not let boss ruin your night

  • Morpheus

    Sad day indeed for Celtics fans. Well, real Celtics fans.

    I can't believe it's over. Seriously i can't.

    Thankyou KG and Pierce for the memories, #17 and the culture you guys instilled into this franchise. I will be rooting for you guys to win your second ring in Brooklyn.

    I feel like my heart just skipped a 100 beats. Goodbye guys, i will miss seeing you guys play in green. All the best in Brooklyn.

    Beat the Heat!!!

  • Celtic 4 Life

    Pierce deserved better.

  • bandwagon nets fan

    The name says it all.

    • GymRat

      I think I'm jumping on that wagon. Wish the Clippers deal had worked out. I'm in LA and it would be all too easy to jump on that wagon.

  • John V

    I'm actually happy with it. I found it painful watching PP and KG labor away on a mediocre team. KG waived his no-trade clause, so obviously he's ok with it, and I am sure Paul is too. It's a good chance for them to play a reasonable number of minutes and have reasonable roles on a team chasing a championship.

    I don't think the Cs will be very good in 2013-2014, but the future beyond that looks bright.

  • GowGow

    Our guys deserve this chance to get their second ring. Period.

  • someguyinsac

    I'm bummed. 🙁

  • dasein

    Simmons is overreacting as usual. Sure, the 2014 pick won't be high, but it's supposed to be a good draft. By the time 2016 comes around though, KG will probably have retired, PP would have lost it, Joe Johnson is already average. The Nets will have no picks, and bugger all cap with which to improve. Plus their GM is still Billy King. Better than average chance those 2016 and 2018 picks will be good ones. 1st round picks are more valuable under the new cba then they used to be so getting 3 is a big deal. The celtics will stink the next couple of years regardless, so it doesn't really matter that Wallace is there sucking cap.

    And for those panning the trade- what where the alternatives? There simply can't be that many teams willing and capable of taking both PP and KG, and KG wasn't going anywhere without his friend. Danny passes up this and he might not have got another opportunity.

    Nobody really wanted to see these guys go, but if they must, they've landed in a pretty good situation. Much better than sending PP off to the Cavs or whatever. Look, we were never going to get a young star for these guys- that's just not how the league works. I'm certainly no defender of Trader Danny, but this haul isn't too shabby all things considered.

    • Vincent

      I'm waiting for someone to roast Danny because he couldn't get Paul George and Roy Hibbert for PP and KG. Or LeBron and Bosh.

    • Phil

      You make a really good point about the 2016/2018 picks (I'm someone who's panning the deal.) I think the Nets are going to be good next year (too good for that 2014 pick to be worth anything, even in a good draft,) but I also think they're gonna crash hard and soon, with no way to recover quickly. Those later picks could be worth something. Of course, if you think they just got a stiff who can't defend or rebound with the 13th pick, that doesn't exactly instill confidence.

      You could've gotten a couple of picks in separate deals without taking back a contract as bad as Wallace though. Any contender (who KG would play for,) would've done an expiring contract and a late 1st for KG. A middle of the road team looking to shed salary would've taken Pierce with the intention of buying him out. The Pistons paid a good first rounder to get out of one extra year of Ben Gordon's contract, and Cleveland got a 1st for taking three role players. There are deals out there like that all the time. To say a couple speculative picks 3 and 5 years from now is the best you could've gotten for a better than expiring contract seems impossible.

      • Vincent

        Which NBA GMs did you talk to that were willing to give up more? What team is in win now mode that can take on PP and KG at their ages and salaries? Those picks in 2016/18 are unprotected, and the Nets will SUCK then.

        Besides, you really want to watch KG and PP struggle to earn the #8 seed in their last year so we can draft 15th?

        • Phil

          My lack of information is a straw man argument, because no one here knows that there weren't better deals out there, just like I don't know that there were.

          The Nets will 'probably' suck then, but it's not guaranteed. They're in a big market with an owner willing to spend. That's usually a combination for lasting success in the league. That said, the unprotected nature is nice.

          Also, the years away does affect the value of a pick. You don't trade the 15th pick for the 15th next year, you trade the 15th pick for the 10th next year (or better.) 5 years from now this team is going to be completely different (probably including Ainge.) Immediacy has value, and there's no immediacy here. It might be a good pick, but it's not worth as much as a 1st rounder from this or next year.

          • dslack

            I think we can take the fact that Danny took this deal as evidence that there weren't better deals available.

          • Phil

            That's a fallacy though. I think we can all agree that the Thunder massively failed the James Harden deal, and I have a lot more faith in Sam Presti than I do in Danny Ainge. Even if he took the best deal available then, it doesn't mean he took the best deal that could be available. Who says opportunities wouldn't have been there at the trade deadline, or even after the draft and before the season? It's not like this trade had to go down on draft day.

            Pierce loses some value once you can't buy him out anymore (and I'm not sure when that is,) but if he started playing the season well, maybe he would have more value than the nothing he apparently had.

  • hellyloya

    Celtics sucks from 1986 to indefinitely

    Garnet will suck like he did in Minnesota

    • Vincent

      You obviously haven't watched a single game of NBA basketball from 2008.

      • swissflix

        he hasn't watched a game of basketball since 1995. I've never seen Garnett suck.

  • Mig

    Rondo’s stats are going to crash through the floor.

  • I_Love_Green

    First off: A VERY big thank you to Kevin Garnett who bought in to what Doc was selling, and basically brought the winning culture back to Boston. KG, you are a legend and Boston will forever be grateful for you. Thank you #5, and may you continue to be bat shit crazy with the Nets.

    Secondly: Paul Pierce. One of the greatest Celtics of all time, an absolute legend, and someone who I will always have special feelings for as a basketball player. Pierce was an unbelievable player, person, and teammate and I highly doubt we'll ever see anyone like him again play for our team. He's my favorite Celtic of all time, I basically grew up watching him grow up in the NBA. From the young promising star on an over achieving team, to the headcase on an awful team, to a champion and warrior on a championship team. Paul, thank you for all you've done for this franchise, and may you never be forgotten.

    Its a sad day for Boston fans, but also the beginning of the new era. One that will take a few years to really begin, and we may struggle for a year or two, but make no mistake, we'll be back.

    Onto the deal now: We gained 3 first round picks, and basically 1 horrible contract. Without Wallace's contract I would've said that this was a great deal for us, but that contract is a killer. We can't amnesty him, nor can we really trade him for anything. HOWEVER, he will provide much needed veteran leadership in the locker room, and he still has a chance to put up decent numbers this year. He's been battling injuries, and maybe a fresh start on a new team will serve him well. Its highly unlikely he plays up to his contract though of course.
    We also gained two big rebounders in Humphries and Evans which is huge for us and they're also expiring contracts. (Actually Evans may have 1 more year but its very small).

    All in all: We gained assets. Next year we're going to have probably 2 picks in a LOADED draft class in the 10-20 area, we're also going to have 2 2015 first round picks, and 2 2016 first rounders. Add in our young trade assets with Bradley and Sullinger and I truly believe next year on draft night we'll be celebrating a big move by Danny that puts Boston basketball back on the map. We may be looking at a 30 win team next year, but Ainge knows what he's doing. Its all about assets, and we have plenty.

    • Morpheus

      I think you're underestimating how bad this team will be next year. Our pick will be top 5-6. BKs pick will be late 20s.

      • I_Love_Green

        No I understand we'll be really bad, but worse than most of the teams in the bottom 10 this year?? We'll have to see. I'd love to get a top 5 pick next year though.

        Also anyway we can get rid of Wallace's contract would be great. We'd have enormous cap space+draft picks+young assets= perfect way to rebuild quickly.

        • Chris G

          This is probably a stupid question but why are we not allowed to amnesty Wallace? Sorry but I don't have a great grasp of the CBA

          • dslack

            Can only amnesty players who were on the team at the time the last CBA was signed.

  • chris m

    I’m not an expert on this stuff but the Celtics just got two 1st red picks in 2014,15,16,&18. That isn’t too bad. Consider that Boston is not a free agent haven for NBA stars.

    • dslack

      We don't know that Boston isn't a free agent destination. Boston never has cap space. The theory is untested.

  • jpbl1976

    As painful as it is, this is how re-buildings are done. Tear it all the way down and build something new. I imagine Gerald Wallace is going to be a piece that'll be traded later on for something else. He's just fallen off the cliff after a few good years.

    I'm happy for KG and Pierce. Their new team is stacked: KG, Lopez, Pierce, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson plus those other guys and they get to compete for a title. Does that mean Blatche is gone?

    I'll be rooting for the Nets to beat Miami this season. Unlike Ray or Doc, I harbor no hurt feelings towards those two guys. They were warriors who fought for us until the end and, if we land Wiggins in 2014, who knows? Maybe Pierce comes back for 2 more years at the mid-level.

    At the end of the day, KG and Pierce will forever be Celtcis in my mind and make no mistake about it, No. 5 and No. 34 are going to be joining 6, 33 and 17 in the rafters someday. I'll get chills on the night we finally retire those guys' numbers.

    Of course, the Celtics core now is just miserable. For all we know, Danny isn't done yet and Rondo could be next. It always gets worse before it gets better: the 1978-79 Celtics went 29-53 before Bird arrived and the 2006-2007 Celtics were 24-58 before we got the 2nd Big Three.

    The Andrew Wiggins watch starts today.

    • Morpheus

      I think they'll keep Blatche. Him and KG can be buddies. Blatche could be a good piece coming off the bench.

  • JStokes1313

    Incredibly sad to see these two go, regardless of how it happened. An absolute pleasure to watch both of them, but particularly Pierce, who I grew up watching mature into a champion. The selfish green-blood in me would love to keep them, but I'm glad they get another shot or two at a ring.

    As for the trade itself, I think this is about the best haul we were going to get. I know we loved these guys, but no one else in the league is going to love them the same way. If the best Pierce alone was getting was two second rounders, or the pupu platter the Nets offered at the deadline last time, that kind of tells you their market. Sure, we could roll it back one more time for sentimentality sake, but where does that get you, really?

    Not thrilled that the Wallace contract is there, but everything else in the trade is pretty solid. The Nets probably won't be great for 5-6 years, no sense in trying to predict how good '16 and '18 will be.

    Although having to watch Humphries for a year is going to make me vomit in my mouth a bit. Any way Rondo can throw a bounce pass that "accidentally" trips him and makes him tear an ACL?

    But again, and much more importantly right now, thank you KG and PP for a helluva ride. Best of luck, and see you at your retirement ceremonies.

  • Bobby

    Its sad not only to see them leave, but sad to see so many clueless celtics fans.

    First of all, what makes Brooklyn a contendor? Deron Williams? Really?

    Rondo > Williams
    Brooke Lopez?


    Pierce Kg Dwill Lopez Joe Johnson and a rookie coach ?

    Take that lineup and have them contend with Miami and OKC

    Point is that they still have no chance!!

    Rather just give it one more go and have them retire as Celtics

    • I_Love_Green

      Deron Williams
      Joe Johnson
      Paul Pierce
      Kevin Garnett
      Brook Lopez

      That is one hell of a lineup right there.

      • FHF

        And… are they playing the entire game? And what happens when KG's shins put him out 1/3 of the season (he couldn't even make it through a whole season)? Oh.. and they are already painfully in luxury tax mode, so where are they getting any bench players from?

    • Phil

      The front office didn't trade them so KG/PP had a chance to win another ring. Ainge made the trade because he looked at it as the best haul. Obviously fans aren't the best judge of the hierarchy of the league, let alone when it's their players that are the difference in the equation.

      I do think the Nets are going to be better, but there's such a gap between them and the Heat and elite western teams that it doesn't matter.

  • Bobby

    Oh and, boston is a free agent haven. money talks. Kg and allen came didnt they?

    We are a big city and people rather play in big cities vs a city lets say like Milwaukee

    Plus Rondo is top 3 guards in the nba and a franchise player. People woiuld want to play with him.

    Trade all the picks and exp contracts and get Dwight

    • lakershater13

      First of all KG and Allen got traded to the Celtics. They did not sign as free agents.

      Second LA isnt going to sign and trade Howard to the Celtics.

      • dslack

        KG decided to sign the extension. It was his choice to come or not and he chose to.

  • Phil

    Silver lining; I kind of like the second rounder the Cs picked up. I've been dying for the Cs to pick up someone who could rebound or play with energy since Leon Powe left, and the fact that they picked a one dimensional rebounder gives me hope. You're obviously not getting much around pick 50, but it's better than nothing.

  • BeanMan

    There is a high probability that one of these three picks will be a lottery pick.

    This gives PP/KG another shot at a title while allowing us to finally rebuild, which is something we probably should have started doing three years ago.

    • Phil

      Not three years, but last year. Ironic, but this team would likely have been much better off if Rose never tore his ACL. If the Bulls had beat the Celtics in 6 games that year (a probably outcome in my opinion,) we would've never gotten the big contracts handed out to Terry, Lee and Bass, and the Cs would've started rebuilding when it was still easy. Now we're mired in around 35m for useless role players for the next couple of years. A key to rebuilding is taking other teams assets in exchange for letting them use your cap space. That option is just gone.

  • Banner18

    First need to thank pierce and kg for ultimately selling their soul to the C's, but please someone give me something optimistic to look forward to.

  • Bobby

    Rondo Green Bradley.

    We shouldnt be in full rebuild mode menality. Trade the picks and contracts and get better players. Well contend regardless with a healthy Rondo

  • Bobby

    Phil, what would you think the chances of getting Dwight would be?

    Dwight sully green bradley and rondo sounds good?

    • Phil

      It's impossible because of cap space. The Lakers would have to agree to sign and trade him to Boston, and even if they would do business with each other, what would the Cs offer? They would have to include Rondo at least.

      That assumes Dwight wants to play in Boston, and I haven't heard him say that at any point. He would have to agree to the sign and trade as well. The Cs won't have cap space for a long time unfortunately.

  • BeanMan

    Personally, I am not totally opposed to the idea of moving Rondo in exchange for two or three first-round picks especially if we can pull off such a move with a disastrous franchise that is unlikely to make the playoffs each of those two/three years. I love the idea of stocking up on draft picks, writing off the next year or two, and rebuilding with a ton of picks. The more picks we have, the greater our odds are of adding the next Bird or Russell to this roster. After a couple of painful years, we'll have a lot of youth and enough cap room to throw the most money at whomever the most coveted free agent is of 2015. 2015 will be here before we know it. I mean, think about how quickly the last three years have flown by, and how many championships we have to show for it. In the meantime, we continue to be the greatest franchise in NBA history even if the Lakers somehow manage to win another championship or two (And who the heck sees that around the corner?).

    Of course, I will always believe the Big Three would have delivered a three-peat if not for KG's injury in '09 and Perkins not playing in game seven against the Lakers. I am going to miss KG/PP, but I am glad they have one last shot at another championship (and injury here or there to the Heat/Pacers and the Nets could easily go all the way next year) and I am glad we have THREE picks in exchange (and two of those picks may prove to be lottery picks for all we know).

    • Phil

      Rondo's future seems like the number 1 story with the team right now. He's going to be on a max contract the next time the Cs are good (part of his value now is his great contract,) and trading him now for future assets helps in the long run in multiple ways (higher draft picks, and more of them, especially if you don't plan on signing Rondo to a max contract.) If the Cs find a taker, I don't think they hesitate. Then again, I'm just guessing based on their willingness to trade him in the past.

      • BeanMan

        Absolutely, Phil.

        As much as I like Rondo, I do not love him. I mean, he has never really been a franchise player. He is not a dominant PG in the Magic Johnson-style vein. I think back to how he was easily the weakest link of the championship lineup from '08. Yeah, he has grown a lot since then and showed a heck of a lot of heart in game seven against the Lakers, but he is no Larry Bird nor will he ever grow into that caliber of a player. Furthermore, we have no idea if he will completely bounce back from his injury.

        If somebody is willing to give us two unconditional first-round picks for him, I pull the trigger on that deal in a heart beat

        Celtics fans need to think forward, not backwards! One or two of these draft picks we are piling up may prove to be an all-star Celtic for the next 10-15 years. Heck yeah I am excited about that prospect. Add in the fact we'll be able to throw a max contract at the best free agent of 2015 or 2016, and our future is bright…

        • Phil

          I'm in the camp for dealing Rondo as well. I was really disheartened by his season last year (though I have no worries about the injury. A torn ACL in 2013 is nothing.) If his on court game doesn't improve from what it was last year, he's not worth the contract he'll command. He can be a good second or third guy on a team, but it will be nearly impossible to get that first guy necessary into Boston without using Rondo as trade bait, or with Rondo's contract still on the books. Part of the reason I hated the C's pick today was that I thought going with one of the ones on the board would've given them options and leverage in Rondo talks.

          Of course, maybe I'm wrong and Rondo will come out this year as a true lead guy, but I don't see it. Fishing for assists and putting up similar usage and scoring totals as when KG and Pierce were first team all-stars isn't good enough.

  • BeanMan

    Correction: Maybe we won't increase our odds of adding the next Bird/Russell, once in a generation type of players, but we definitely may end up with the next KG/PP.

  • Gary

    I can't understand why people don't like this deal. Ainge is such a shrewd negotiator getting 3 future first round picks for guys at the tail end of their careers. Sure the Nets look good next year but does anyone really believe they won't be lottery bound by 2016 or 2018? Joe Johnson will be 35 then and PP/KG will have already retired. Rondo and Green are probably next to go. Keep acquiring draft picks and this rebuild is off to a great start.

  • GymRat

    First, a HUGE and wonderful thank you to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They bled the parquet green night in and night out and gave so many amazing memories even in defeat.

    I've loved the Celtics for a very, very, long time. Ever since I first started watching basketball and saw the blue collar effort they gave night in and night out that defined the franchise.

    I've loved that Celtics fans stay till the end even in losses and in heartbreaking defeats in the post season, just so they can stand and cheer and yell "Let's Go Celtics".

    This franchise was about tradition. This franchise was about heart and hustle and bleeding green.

    Today Ainge broke that heart and disgraced a franchise. You just don't trade a guy like Pierce in his final year of his contract, or ship away KG after convincing him to keep playing and giving him a no-trade clause. Not for anything. And definitely NOT for Kris Humphries (who makes as much as Garnett), and a bunch of scrubs and late draft picks.

    Ainge you broke my heart.

    Have to say I loved conversing with so many of you this past season and wish I knew about this blog site for the past 27 years I've been bleeding green. I would have really enjoyed being able to talk with other Celtic fans as I've lived in LA for 15 years now but still stayed true and would cheer against the Lakers and Clippers for our boys in green inside the Staples center and weather the looks and boos.

    And now…it's time to move on. There's nothing left to cheer for. Those banners, all 17, what do they mean when you trade away a guy like Pierce who broke the curse and got you past 16. What is Celtic pride when you give away the heart of your team and robbed fans of the chance of giving those guys the send off they deserve. And to add injury to insult Ainge traded away a guy who got a friggin Celtic tattoed with the title trophy on his arm. The players loyalty was clear.

    Fuck you Ainge.

    And to all you on here, you will be missed (yes even those of you that hate me and love to hate me for my long rants). A special goodbye to Josh_5, Janos, Phil, CelticsBIG3, I_Love_Green and everyone who ever responded to any of my posts.

    Also a big thank you to all the contributors of Celtics hub. Thank you for creating a platform to share our mutual love of the leprechaun.

    I can deal with the heartbreak of losing. I can't deal with the heartbreak of betraying your supperstars because their best days are behind them. I can't cheer for this team as long as Ainge is holding the reins and running things into the ground and when the misdirected lust for a title trumps tradition, nastalgia, and running a classy franchise.

    I'll always have a soft place in my heart for Boston but it's time to move on.

    Danny just traded away a lifelong fan.

    • Morpheus

      So, you won't be posting here anymore? Is that what your saying, GRat?

      • Celtic 4 Life

        He is saying he can't root for the C's anymore, so he can't be a fan…they lost him as a fan

        • Morpheus

          Come on now. That's just weak. There is life after KG and Pierce, as great as they were and they were great, legends, HOFers no doubt, but saying you're not a fan anymore after this? Just let it sink in, have a whiskey or 3 or more, come back and think this through brother.

    • Josh_5

      Gonna miss you GymRat. I enjoyed the posts and go KG!

    • janos

      no rat
      i don not acept your quit
      we are fan nba celtic best team most titles is not wash away even boiling waters becase is blood is not end for us rat

      i am not acept this term

    • FHF

      Give me a break… "you just don't trade away a guy like Paul Pierce in the last year of his contract"?? You sir, are an idiot. That is EXACTLY when you trade a guy like Paul Pierce away. I love Paul Pierce, a true warrior… but this isn't your momma's NBA. So you prefer 1) to have the Celtics suck in perpetuity to keep Paul here and 2) make Paul suffer through another stretch of horrendous Celtics mediocrity rather than a "last run" of sorts? How much of an a$$ are you to wish that on Paul Pierce? How selfish?

      You are an idiot and should apologize to Paul Pierce for wishing that on him… and you can apologize when he returns to the Celts on a 1 year or 1 day contract at the end to RETIRE AS A CELTIC as he is bound to do.

  • ultimatejedi

    GymRat… dude, calm down. 24 hour rule: take a day, then reevaluate what you were just freaking out about.

    Two picks in a loaded 2014 draft first round; the Celtics will probably sit Rondo to tank really hard and earn pole position in the Wiggins sweepstakes, plus another one in a deep first round.

    Two picks in the 2015, 2016, and 2018 drafts, plus the chance to swap picks with the Nets in 2017 if theirs is higher. The Nets have an older-than-dirt lineup; now they chase rings until The Truth and The Big Ticket retire (which is probably 2 and 1 season from now, realistically). Unless Billy King makes magic after they go, with zero assets, those picks end up being valuable.

    This is how you rebuild. I love Paul, I love Kevin, and I think it's selfish to demand that they leave their hearts on the floor every night for another first-round playoff exit just so you can have them retire in green.

    If you really love them… let them go.

    • BeanMan

      I second that, Jedi. I'll just chime in that we have to keep in mind that KG waived his no-trade clause. He wanted to be a part of this trade. KG/PP knew they had NO chance of winning another championship so long as they remained in Boston for another season (we would be lucky to pull off one-and-done again). KG/PP have another shot at a championship while we are stockpiling ammo so that we can maybe win 3-5 championships in the next 15 years.

      Being sentimental is not going to bring another championship to Boston.

  • Danny

    What a joke

  • dasein

    Here's a thought. By the next lottery, Stern will be gone and taking his Celtics grudge with him. Silver will know that the NBA is better off when the Cs are relevant. You never know, the balls might just "bounce" our way for once.

    • Phil

      The worst record is a 25% chance of landing Wiggins. I'm too rusty on probability to know how many times you have to attempt a 25% chance to have a solid expectation of hitting it (6 for an 80% chance?) but try calling a coin twice in a row. If you missed one, the Cs just missed out on the player to make them relevant. Winning the lottery isn't as likely as just getting lucky with picks (a la the Thunder.)

      • dasein

        My probability is a little rusty too, but if you finished with a 25% chance to win every year, then I believe your odds of winning once are (assumes you loose every year prior):

        yr 1: 25%
        yr 2: 44%
        yr 3: 58%
        yr 4: 68%

        That's all a little beside the point though (which was tongue in cheek anyways). The team with the best chance almost never actually wins it (mysteriously). All you need to do is be in the running and let the commish…I mean ping pong balls do the rest. Like the great Kahn once said, "the NBA draft has a habit of producing great stories." The Celtics rising from the ashes with a franchise altering tallent sounds like a great story to me. But maybe that's just my bias talking.

  • Danny

    We officially suck again. What a joke playing for lottery balls. So what we can draft more stars like Kelly olynk. Dude will be out of the nba in 3 years max I guarantee it and your GM traded up for him. Yeah I have a lot of faith in that guy. Prepare to suck for years. Side note we will never win the lottery sweepstakes ever. You’re not getting wiggins or Parker. Stern and his cronies won’t let it happen just like they didnt let us get Duncan or oden/durant. So Can’t wait to draft our next Ron mercer or jerome moiso or Kendrick brown. Cuz that’s what rebuilding gets you. So enjoy.

    • Phil

      Do people really think that two times not hitting a 25% chance (did they even have the worst record in the Oden/Durant draft? I don't think they did,) means that there's a conspiracy against them? It's simple probability.

      No fan of a team who got KG (and a 5 year run of championship quality basketball,) gift wrapped to them should say the league has it out for them.

      • Anthony

        Phil, glad to have you back as you're someone who makes very objective comments.

        Just like most Celts fans, I'm not thrilled with the trade but it could have been a lot worse. One part that no one has even mentioned is JET. Sure, GWallace's contract is horrible but ridding JET's contract off-set some of that. He was an All-Star just 3 years ago. He's at least serviceable if he doesn't get traded somehow down the line.

        Also, I'm not so sure the roster as it stands will get enough ping pong balls for a shot at Wiggins or Parker.

        PG – Rondo, TWill
        SG – AB, CLee, JCrawford
        SF – JGreen, GWallace, Bogans
        PF – Sully, Evans, Humphries
        C – Shav, Melo, Olynyk, Iverson

        • Phil

          Thanks for the welcome. I've enjoyed ramping my basketball consumption back up for the draft after falling out of the world for a while. Didn't know that I was gonna stumble into this bombshell at the same time though.

          Shedding the Terry contract helps, but Wallace's contract actually runs an extra year after Terry's expires (and 30m instead of 10m,) so it's still a big net negative for the Cs. I really wasn't too worried about Terry's contract. 5m next year was nothing since they won't have space anyway, and he would probably have ended up in a random deal as an expiring contract for salary constrictions after that. It doesn't soften the Wallace pill for me. Even if Wallace was 2 years for 30m I wouldn't mind it as much, but I really hate the extra crap in the third year. You already likely have half of your cap tied up in Green, Wallace and young players, and that's assuming Rondo isn't on the books. There's not much room to do anything in free agency or taking on money in exchange for assets for at least three years now.

          For how the team will play, you have to factor in that the team likely wants to lose as much as possible. I'd expect "cautious" handling of Rondo's recovery, and maybe a lot of "tendonitis" near the end of the year. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a couple of trades to further weaken the team either.

      • dasein

        check my post above. If you count the Duncan and Durant drafts as our first 2 efforts, our odds of winning are better for the 3rd!

        Or something…

    • Morpheus

      Stern has done his last draft .

  • Kafel

    It's a very sad day when era like this comes to an end. Especially when it comes to end like this by trading beloved players..

  • Danny

    Yes people do think the lottery is rigged because it is. Too many story lines that conveniently work out like Chicago getting hometown boy Derrick rose or New Orleans string Anthony Davis right after being bought by a new owner promising to keep them in NO. Like that wasn’t part of the deal. Or Cleveland getting Kyrie one year after the decision. This year was probably legit cuz there was no consensus number one but you can guarantee next year they’ll b some new storyline. My guess its probably Toronto who wins and the best player to come out of Canada pretty much ever (remember steve nash was kinda an unknown) goes to the Raptors but I could wrong but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a celtics number 1 if I was you. Like Phil said its only 25%. And as for being a la the thunder. Talk to me when they actually win a championship. Only one recent team has been a champion through drafting an that’s the spurs. Everyone else is free agent bought and paid for or traded veterans. So good luck. Personally I think your all underestimating how long it takes to return to championship form after bottoming out. We got lucky last time.

  • daniel

    I have a feeling DA has a few more ticks up his sleeves. Hes a lot smarter then we give him credit for, hes a chess player. He wont pick up wallace if he doesnt already have some other next move…

    Give it a few weeks but we may say Danny you sneaky genius soon…

    • Bobby


      Why do people jump to rebuild mode?

      Is it because its near draft time and people love drafting unproven players?

      GREEN BRADLEY AND RONDO are a good core to build around.

      Rondo is the top pg in the league and it'll be a shame to blow his talent on a tanking season.

      Get Josh Smith, improve Green and Bradley and hopefully Sully and Kelly can step it up.

  • Darion

    Where are Ray Allen haters now? Now it looks like he had made one of the best decisions of his life.

  • daniel

    I have a feeling DA has a few more ticks up his sleeves. Hes a lot smarter then we give him credit for, hes a chess player. He wont pick up wallace if he doesnt already have some other next move…

    Give it a few weeks but we may say Danny you sneaky genius soon…