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Celtics Trade Up, Select Kelly Olynyk

The Celtics have traded the 16th overall pick, and two future second-rounders to Dallas for the 13th pick, which they’ve used to select 22-year-old, 7’0″ center Kelly Olynyk (get that spelling down!) from Gonzaga.

Olynyk is Canadian and, as the video below makes clear, has devastating hair. Those amongst you who are lamenting the potential departure of Kevin Garnett can consider him KG’s replacement, assuming he can crack whatever the hell kind of roster the Celtics put together for 2013-14.

We’ll have analysis of the pick later on tonight, but for now: watch and react.

(Also, it’s entirely possible Danny Ainge will trade for another pick tonight. So, heads up!)

  • Mark

    What. The. F####. The rebuild starts with a T-Rexed 7 foot white guy THAT DOESN'T DEFEND OR REBOUND.

    Ainge has lost his marbles if this is it.

    • Vincent

      We were not getting LeBron or Durant or Kareem with the 16th (or 13th) pick.

      • Derron

        The dude get 7+ rebounds per game.

        • dslack

          11.1 per 40 minutes. Alex Len: 11.5 per 40 minutes.

  • Danny

    Wow well that disappointing. This week just gets better and better.

  • ghost of garden past

    Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes here we come!

  • fabzzz

    I don' mind the pick so much. Kids' athletic and can score. Best case scenario hes a perfect fit next to Sully…oh wait Sully van't defend either!

    Also, I don't expect him to stay. You know this huge deal that probably is gonna happen, I think Danny is trying to get a west coast team involved, and that might mean shipping out prospect or two.

    I will now delude myself into thinking that Danny can turn this dude and Bradley into Klay Thompson…let me dream…

    • donttradepierce&KG

      hah. I'd rather have bradley than thompson any day… You want thompson? Jason Bleepin Kapono is available too

    • check12check

      wait…..how is a 7 footer who just barely dunk athletic?

      • fabzzz

        Well, he dribbled into the paint, spun off his man and made a fall away jump shot…that seems athletic. Oh and he runs the floor

        • fabzzz

          If you think Klay Thompson equals Jason Kapano, you haven't watched any basketball this year. While Thompson was winning a playoff game against the Spurs, Bradley was working on his entry passes

  • hax

    Better inside game than Bass, better outside game than KG. And cool hair.
    Assuming danny does the nets trade and can re-flip wallace/humphries, the team is going to be Rondo-Bradley-Green-Smith-Olynyk.

  • john

    All in for wiggins

  • I_Love_Green

    Disappointing, but I guess it adds offense. Just looking for silver linings here I guess haha.

    Right now (if KG and Paul are traded) we're looking at:
    I was kind of hoping for Plumlee since he's a really solid rebounder, but right now our roster is looking thing. Assuming the trade we've heard about goes through of course.

    • Mark


      • I_Love_Green

        Are you drunk

        • Mark

          Either Melo or the boy named Kelly. Maybe Bass is the 4 and Sully is the 5.

          • I_Love_Green

            Danny has to look for a center in free agency. Sully and Bass are way way wayyyy too undersized to be a starting front court, Melo looked like a lost puppy on the floor last year, and Kelly is way too soft to play center.

  • Ryan DeGama

    Probably smart to consider Olynyk — and any other acquisitions tonight — assets, not necessarily guys Ainge intends to be here in four years.

    • I_Love_Green

      My thoughts too. If we get those 3 first rounders from Brooklyn we have Bradley, Sully, 2 2014 first rounders, 2015 first rounder, 2016 first rounder, and Olynyk as solid assests to pull off a big deal. I see what Danny is doing here.

      • Mark

        You can take those 2014 first rounders off the table. I can't imagine a scenario where Ainge trades those unless Lebron or Durant is coming back in a deal.

  • DreMo

    Getting a rabid rebounder like Evans (who DA tried to get two years ago, but he signed with LAC) is solid.

    I am looking for more upon more moves. I have a feeling It’s far from over. Stacking youth, shedding salary and adding an asset or two to the current youth, while sitting on more #1’s.

    I believe this is hardly a repeat of 05-07.

    • I_Love_Green

      I agree. I think Danny is much more prepared this time, and the 2013-2014 season will be a bridge year until Danny's vision actually starts to show.

  • Morpheus

    ATL select two PGs? Hmmmm possible trade.

  • DreMo

    Just wait and watch. Stacking upon stacking. Maybe DA even approaches Sac about DeMarcus Cousins again .. malcontent .. currently demanding restricted max reup through his agent

  • james patrick

    you guys are the only ones reporting this #13 pick. Am I crazy? I just heard the C's take Lucas Nogueira

    • check12check

      that number 16 pick is already shipped to ATL

  • cos

    so Ainge trades up 3 spots for this dude AND gives up TWO 2014 second rounders in what is supposed to be a monster draft???

    If boston bottoms out this year, their 2nd rounder would be in the high 30's.

    dumb deal. I agree in trying to get assets but not necessary in giving up early 2nd rounders in a good draft when you looking to add talent.

    • Vincent

      How many 2nd round guys even make their teams? 1 per year?

    • Ronny

      Nobody has said they were 2014…only that they are future picks. My guess is one in 2014 and one in 2016. It's hard to take in more than 2 players per year anyways, so the 2nd round draft picks when we have 2 first rounders is redundant.

  • DreMo

    Boston will have TWO #1’s in 2014 after the Brooklyn trade completes.

  • Johnny B

    The C's are going to regret that they passed on the Schroeder kid. It'll take him a couple years to produce, but when he does I'm predicting some upset C's fans blogging about it down the line, especially if we can't keep resign Rondo.

    • DanielinLA

      He's young and has a lot of upside, a gamble you want to take. I agree.

  • sightline

    There were players of more value on the board…… Disappointing.

  • I_Love_Green

    Danny might even be stacking assets to move up in the draft next year. Guys like Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Randall from UK, Marcus Smart, and maybe a few others could be franchise changers. 2014 will be an absolutely STACKED draft.

  • hax

    Guys are worse than the Heat fans. Walking out of the building saying we're Wiggins tanking months before the season starts, at least Heat fans wait til 20 seconds left in game 6 of the finals.This guy is a Celtic now, we should support him. Cry now, but you'll be cheering when he hits a 3 in the Celtics-Nets opener.

  • Ryan DeGama

    BTW – awesome mix of regular people and new names commenting on this thread. Great to see both!

    • I_Love_Green

      We finally have something interesting to discuss other than Doc!

  • Truth

    How does Danny Ainge have a job. This is JuJuan Johnson all over again. The guy blows.

    • dslack

      I'm so glad an expert draft prognosticator graced us with his presence.

  • I_Love_Green

    Goodbye Paul, and goodbye Kevin :(

  • Morpheus

    The Nets deal is done.

  • Dan_the_human

    So the additional second-rounder in 2014 is just completing the cycle of getting absolutely robbed in the MarShon Brooks trade? I was interested to see what we could have done with Noguiera. Pair him and Melo together down low…

    • dslack

      That trade turned into Courtney Lee. Not so awful.

  • check12check

    I like his skills on offense. the dude can shoot. He can run the floor pretty well for such a pathetic athlete. a back to the basket player would be a great addition IF we were keeping KG for next season. We all the magical KG bandaid can make a poor defensive big decent enough, but that option seems to be out the window. Don't know for sure where he is going (sounds like brooklyn now) but I am finally willing to admit there is like 1% chance KG suits up in green next season.

    I don't like…..well pretty much anything else about him. can't rebound. can't defend. and just has 0 vertical. I'm just some 6'4" dude who likes to workout and play some ball, but I can dunk with more authority than this 7 footer. If he doesn't want to get abused at the pro-level, he needs to find a way to get some spring in those legs

  • Bobby

    rondo and dwight and green. Enough said!!!

    Why arent we pursuing Dwight? Is it not possible?

  • sightline

    Hes one of the players you dont mind seeing teams mention going in the top half of the draft because you hope someone else will draft him and a better player will slide. Unfortunately, Danny obsession with big slow un-athletic players has not been dampened by past failures. Why pick this guy after Melo, why pass up on great scoring players after ripping the heart out of the defense and having nothing left, why say hes a great trade chip, when hes not. We have Sully, cant jump, Bass, not that atheletic, Melo, like a stick man, Green, thank the lord(but goes missing) and Olynyk. We are either tanking in a spectacular way or Danny Ainge is the worlds biggest moron. No rookie we had a chance to draft is going to be an instant star, so wheres the harm in taking a guy with a great ceiling and giving him a year to develop? Hes not going to hurt your 2014 draft chances, but will add to the team in his 2nd or 3rd year.
    Its Ja Ja all over again, which makes me believe Danny and his front office, scouts and whoever else was involved in the decision is absolutely clueless.

    • sightline

      Oh yeah, hes a great kid.

  • JStokes1313

    Great energy guy. Not athletic, but has a couple of quick moves he can do on offense. Atrocious on defense, but what can you do. As long as you aren't expecting him to lead the next generation of celtics, I think it's fine. Can be a great 7-9th guy on a good team, will get a good amount of minutes to practice next year with the impending rebuild.

  • swissflix

    just watched some of the video. This kid does not entirely convince me – those moves around the basket will be much much harder in the NBA and he clearly does not look like a rim protector. Next season is gonna be wild….

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