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Blockbuster Rumor: Celtics Discussing Trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn Nets

With the departure of Doc Rivers, we knew the trade rumors would begin again involving Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. I don’t think anyone was expecting a blockbuster like this though, which could happen on Draft night.


Stay tuned to CelticsHub for full analysis of this potential blockbuster move in the coming hours. For now though a few key items about the rumors.

1) The Nets can’t trade draft picks in consecutive years, so the deal would have to be for 2013, 2015 or 2017 draft picks, for 2014, 2016 and 2018. Further complicating matters is the fact that the Hawks can swap picks with the Nets in next couple seasons due to the Joe Johnson trade.

2) Kris Humphries is an expiring contract. He’s still Kris Humphries though.

3) Gerald Wallace has three years and 30 million dollars remaining on his contract. That’s a bad deal no matter how you slice it. Raef LaFrentz-esque.

4) According to the New York Daily News, the Nets have reached out to KG about playing for Brooklyn and KG has not responded.

5) KG continues to hold all of the chips here with his no-trade clause.

6) On the reported deal: No thanks. Getting 1st round picks is nice, but they’ll be late in draft and shouldn’t come at the cost of taking back bad contracts. Pass.

We’ll have more on the situation as it develops.

  • hydrofluoric

    Gerald Wallace is signed for $30M/3y

    … On the other hand, if this really happens, I can officially just become a Brooklyn Nets fan and get season tickets!

  • Pauper

    The one years make sense but Gerald Wallace? Gross!

  • Charlie

    Nets would be so nasty on paper. D-Williams, J Johnson, P. Pierce, KG and Lopez as a starting 5 would crush.

    • Pauper

      Yes, that looks like a ridiculous starting 5.

  • Olskool1972

    As much as you would hate to see Pierce and KG gone you would be happy to see them get on a contender with a legitimate chance to get one more shot in knocking off Miami.

    • KBA

      Not to Atlantic Division rivals please! (sick lineup though)

      I don't even mind hanging on to both of them until at least we have a coach. With a piece or two and a new coach, these guys could be re-energized and still make a run without Doc. If nothing else, at least PP gets to play out his contract and KG gets to retire in green if he so chooses. If the season is going really bad, we can always trade them during the trade deadline. Worth running it back for a few months at least under a new coach like Avery Johnson or Lionel Hollins (my top two picks for established candidates)

  • janos

    come on nobodies want this bums…come on, is joke articles?

  • g12

    Wow, may i ask how stupid is ainge to even listen to this horse shit deal. Imagine kris kardashian showing up to practice with rondo. Is this a joke? Or a nightmare .. kris is not a basketball mind, he is a true dumb-ass. But, the good news is i can watch nets games from where i live. Not such a bad deal after all, choke, gag …

    • hax

      I'd guess Rondo would be traded next then…

  • Tos

    If Danny does this ALL hope is lost.

  • Ryan

    We'd get 3 first rounders, an expiring contract, and 1 terrible contract. Can't the terrible contract just be amnestied? And reportedly there's a sign-and-trade deal on the table for Josh Smith if we can unload Pierce. The core would be: Rondo, Bradley, Green, Lee, Sullinger, Smith, Melo with 4 additional 1st round picks

    • Anthony

      Even if they amnesty GWallace, they still have to pay the guy. $30 mil is $30 mil any way you look at it.

      And JSmoove is not worth max contract money. Maybe if we can flip Gwallace and Humphries for JSmoove and someone else (lol…and Al Horford… now I'm just dreaming.)

    • OKCeltic

      Good thoughts Ryan, but a team can only amnesty a contract they had in place prior to the new CBA. They wouldn't be able to amnesty Wallace because the original contract was signed by the Nets. Also, the Cs wouldn't be able to do the Smith trade because the sign & trade mentioned earlier this week include a trade exemption if the team traded PP to another team under the cap. If he's traded to the Nets, there's no trade exemption to give Atlanta as part of the sign & trade.

      • Ryan

        Okay, good to know. Thanks for the info. Just seems like the best deal we'll get, with options limited right now. We have to take on the Wallace contract to make money match, and we're likely getting the third 1st rounder because of the bad contract. If we cut another deal with a different team for the expiring contract the size of Wallace's, we wouldn't be getting 3 first rounders. Tough call.

        • KBA

          Why not try and get a third team involved to take on Kardashian or Wallace? the three 1st rounders could be valuable trade chips or valuable picks if we keep them. It would speed up the rebuild if we can trade those pics in within the next year

  • Anthony

    Good God no! That would immediately put the Nets as title contenders. Even living in NY and as intriguing as the Nets starting 5 would be, I DO NOT want this deal.

    My only concern is can JKidd convince KG to waive his no-trade clause? It's very plausible.

  • hax

    Wallace has to come back to make the trade match. I'd assume Danny would try to flip him & Kris right away though.

  • Phil

    Weird, I thought I had heard all of Boston collectively throwing up in their mouths a little earlier. I guess this is what it was.

    It seems like I'm gonna have to come to terms with the fact that KG/PP aren't going to bring back as much of a haul as they should, but still, this is an obvious pass (and I'd be shocked, and lose a lot of faith in the Celtics front office, if this was seriously being considered by them. "Rumors" get floated out of New York all the time that aren't really rumors.) You don't take back that kind of useless salary when you're already in cap hell. Even less for no real return.

  • You guys are so whiney. I get that Pierce and Garnett have been staples – have been incredible, historic players – to the Celtics, but to other teams they're fading, semi-expensive vets. You won't get many better offers than this, and really, if it takes Wallace's abysmal contract to justify 3 first-rounders, I'm actually okay with that.

    But really, C's fans, it's been a pissing contest to see who can insult Danny more, and it isn't worth your time. This is called REBUILDING for a reason. You get bad – even take on a bad contract or two – to become good in the long run (and, hopefully, great in the long run).

    • hax

      So true dude! Danny's one of the top gm's in the league.

    • Vincent

      You mean we can't get LeBron and 2 first rounders for KG and PP?!?!?

    • janos

      hi justicnohn is janos
      am not whies just frustrate

      this good reason post comfort all

    • Phil

      This 'is' a bad deal, and it has nothing to do with valuing PP/KG too highly. People overrate late first round picks way too much. What you're essentially hoping for in a deal like this is JR Giddens, JaJuan Johnson and Avery Bradley in exchange for 45 million dollars burned in a fire and KG/PP. Getting real players late in the first round is very rare. Even late lottery picks rarely turn into good players.

      You'd be better off buying Pierce out for 5m and trading KG for an expiring contract and a late first from another contender than taking that deal. At least then you save a lot of money.

      • dslack

        The 2014 pick will be late in the first round, but 2016 and 2018 could be lottery picks.

  • Jstokes

    ….so how bout that deandre Jordan trade, eh?

    But seriously, find a way to take out the Wallace deal, he should have no part in a rebuilding effort

    • Mike

      Awful. I hate Jordan and his contract. I hate Wallace too but at least we get 3 1st rnd picks in this deal.

    • hax

      might not be a complete rebuild. Rondo-Green-Smith just entering their primes. + all other assets & picks we have

  • Jwil

    Great comment Justin….I agree. KG/PP are done, can we please move on.

  • Jstokes

    Woj seems to take a shotgun method to his rumor mill, so I really wouldn’t put a ton of stock in this just quite yet

  • Danny

    Wow picks in 2018 sounds like fun, can't wait to see who the celtics pick from my nursing home. While where at why don't we throw in Ainge for some picks in 2047.

    • Vincent

      I think the C's will need players in 2018, too. Just because you'll be near dead in 5 yrs doesn't mean the NBA draft won't exist.

      • Danny

        relax Vincent its a joke. I certainly hope im not ina nursing home in 5 years im only 24.

  • tbunny

    The existence of this rumor means that Ainge is the worst GM in basketball history.

    • janos

      hi bunny

  • Kafel

    This would be a very sad day… I mean I know that You support team, not players but PP and KG are definition of a Celtics pride. They are not like Howard or other players that would jump form contender to contender. I would rather watch this team to struggle WITH these franchise players, legends and watch them retire as Celtics than watching someone who's not deserving to be playing in Garden and wearing green..

  • Jstokes

    The more I’m hearing about this story, the less mutual interest there seems. Right now it just sounds like the nets want both pierce and Garnett and they’re just throwing different combos at the celtics to see if one sticks. Remember the pierce trade they were shooting for at last deadline? They’re desperate for anything.

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