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The Latest In Lies: Rivers No Longer Interested In Clippers

By now, we all know the latest update in this saga, irrevocable as it may appear, multiple-sourced though it may be, is not to be trusted. The Clippers and the Celtics could drag this out right up until the draft or beyond, if only because both teams want to get a version of this deal done. The difference between a first and second round pick, the alleged gap in the negotiated compensation for Doc Rivers, is significant but not insurmountable given the Celtics’ desire to retool their roster and the Clippers’ desire to avoid alienating Chris Paul.

Nevertheless, here’s the latest in deception and chicanery, after the Celtics set up a press conference Friday morning, quickly cancelled it, resumed negotiations with the Clippers and then walked away from the table hours (minutes?) later:



So, there’s that.

And then there’s this, from Clips beat writer Brad Turner of the L.A. Times:



Despite what Rivers has reportedly told them, as long as the Clippers hold off hiring a coach, they can probably resuscitate this deal anytime between now and when the Celtics make a formal announcement that Doc is returning. And if he were to formally step away from the Celtics with an eye towards doing TV next season, Rivers could still end up in L.A. if the Clippers offered up a first round draft pick, say, tomorrow. Or in July. Or even later. Because from all indications, coaching, especially at $7 million a season, is Rivers’ preference.

So, don’t get too comfortable with anything you’re reading about dead deals just yet.

Signs it really could be dead? If the Clippers think Paul is returning even if they can’t land Rivers and Kevin Garnett. Or if the Celtics commit to returning the same core next year (by action or words). The former is more likely than the latter as all indications are the Celtics are committed to a rebuild.

Our next scheduled milestone is a possible Rivers-Ainge press conference Monday. But the smart money is on another plot twist or two before the weekend ends.

  • Danny

    This whole situation sucks. Makes me miss the pre 24 hour news cycle days when you didn’t hear bout shit til it was done. This is exhausting.

  • sightline

    Im watching the 2008 finals right now. That team is gone, and what a great team it was. Lets just say thanks to Doc, KG, Ray and PP and start again. This team will probably need to bottom out before they get better.

  • check12check

    when did the celtics start being run by dwight howard?

  • Sam

    This is what you get for negotiating with the Clippers (whoever is running them).. one day they offer you a 1st rounder and balk at offering another one, the next day they say: "Hey, what about we only give you a 2nd rounder? Deal?"

    It seems like we won't be able to get those two 1st round picks and dump Terry or Lee's contract in the process so why even bother? Just walk away from the negotiations, waive Doc goodbye but hold firm at the non competition clause for the next three years in case someone wants him, laugh at the Clips losing Paul and regress to the mediocrity that's in their DNA, and see what you can get for KG and Pierce's expiring contract (I'd love them to retire in Celtic green but I understand the retooling process has to start at some point and that this team as of right now has little chance of contending next season).

  • hax

    Trade both picks to move up a little, get a good bench player(or starting big man) and play the season out as is!!!!!

  • someguyinsac

    Hopefully someone double taps this zombie drama one way or the other, so we can get on with it already.

  • James Patrick

    I’d rather lock Doc up then give him to the Clippers for mere peanuts. It’s insulting what we’re being offered!

  • fabzzz

    A deal is gonna get done. After all this posturing on both sides something has to get done, otherwise everyone has egg on their face. I doubt all the rumors that say this is just an elaborate show for. Chris Paul