Post-game Reactions

UPDATE: According to multiple reports, the press conference for today has been postponed by the team until Monday. No reason was given as to why. No official word from the team yet on it, so we’ll pass that along when it comes in. The saga continues….

A week after uncertainty, major spin in the media and report after report involving Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett being dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers, it’s time for some answers. We’re hopefully going to start getting some today at noon, where Rivers and Danny Ainge will meet with the media in Waltham and face some tough questions.

What can we expect from the presser? Depends on which way it goes. At the very least, we should find out if Doc Rivers will be returning to the Celtics’ bench or be heading elsewhere (including potentially back to broadcasting for a season). There are also plenty of questions awaiting Danny about the status of KG and Paul Pierce heading into next season, the deal with the Clippers that reportedly fell apart and much more.

CelticsHub will be live on the scene in Waltham to provide updates and get some answers. Stay right here for the latest all day from the situation.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Josh_5

    ^Caption Above^

    Reporter: "Doc, will you be returning as coach and if so, will you be fully committed to this team?"


    Doc Rivers: (trying not to mash teeth while talking and look happy) "Yes…… I will be fully……committed"

  • Larry Legend

    I think doc retires or walks away for now. Too much heat too much media frenzy. . he can always come back just like Phil Jackson did in LA

  • DreMo

    A bungling mess. What looked like a decent trade at the conclusion .. became a draining saga by the day. Danny Ainge. I blame you. Anyone & everyone should never be available in such a culture. A program with stability needs to be built. Built with a new GM Larry is floating out there, seemingly headed back to Indy).

    The (non) handling of coach, players, negotiations (with a notoriously cheap owner),and media by DA have rendered this a full blown circus.

    Not sure I dont simply want the thing to end on all fronts. The trade, and current HC, management.

    Just blow it all up.

    • SDW

      How can you blame Danny? This started out as a good trade and the Clippers kept pulling things off the table. The only thing Danny did wrong was continue negotiating with a still-dysfunctional franchise long after they breached the bounds of even basic professionalism.

      A Doc/KG/Terry for DAJ/C. Butler/ 1st rounder trade would have been enormously helpful for both teams. The Clippers are so so dumb.

  • DreMo

    We aren’t the Bobcats. This is the Boston Celtics. Expectations should be much higher.

  • g12

    Agreed with DreMo, however blow it up next year as it will implode naturally. No need to rush and urgency is overrated in this case. The way to make it up to the fans is keep paul, doc and kg. Ride out the farewell tour, sell tickets, keep season ticket holders happy, make some soft trades to brong on expiring contracts and know doc will be inspired to win back any loyalty lost. Bring back larry and trade danny to the clippers along with rondo and bass and lee and terry for a sign and trade for cp3 since he wants to play so badly for doc and with kg. Bird did great at indy and will do the same here as we rebuild as they say..

    • jman

      Exactly. Bring Paul here not give our core there. Let Kg and pierce ride the tour for the year. Goodbye Rondo, terry and Bass. Danny screwed this whole charade up and made the greatest NBA in history team look like shit for future players so he needs to go. I can careless at this moment who is GM. Let Doc be GM/Coach for all I care. But for future players remembering how a GM treated 3 of the greatest ever during their stay in Boston is going to be hard to lose that negative vibe. Now Danny sees why Red rode it out. Bye bye Danny. Only way Danny doesn't tarnish his shit is if the three stays and Paul comes here which unfortunately won't happen

      • Mark

        Goodbye Rondo? Thank god you aren't GM. If you were the C's would be irrelevant for 20 years.

        • jman

          Goodbye Rondo hello Paul. Who the hell wouldn't want that huh? Are you going to say Rondo is a better player than Paul. Paul's a shooter and passer Rondo is a passer. Their attitudes are the same but I'll take Paul any day before Rondo hence why I wrote Trade them for Paul of which would never happen

          • Mark

            You aren't being realistic therefore there is no reason to talk to you.

          • jman

            No shit I'm not being realistic of which I wrote it would never happen. My point is if you could read, is that Ainge tarnished this team with his years of being Trader Danny and how he kept his Hof's on their toes and how he'll trade them before moving a average Pg. Just saying that future players are watching this shit and how those three were treated and they will definetly not come here. Danny is the issue for the present and future debacle of this team not Doc.

          • Mark

            Future players don't give a damn if their going to be paid. You exaggerate whats going on here as it relates to the future.

      • OlSkool1972

        Danny is under the delusion that he can build OKC East. He wants a bunch of young guys to try and recreate what they did out there. The problem is he has nothing like they had in Durant, Westbrook, and Harden. Rondo, Green, Bradley and perhaps a Deandre Jordan and/orJosh Smith would be a great AAU team but it's not gonna win any Championships.

  • Josh_5

    So my assumption on this is that Danny's threat of a press conference has caused the Clippers to up the offer. Any truth to this? The fact that they cancelled the press conference means Danny's phone rang.

    • The Cardinal

      Nope…the opposite.

  • zack

    Why not bring scal in as a GM or head coach if no one wants to help the team? He’s got amazing basketball IQ and would be perfect!

  • someguyinsac

    Yay! Another weekend full of drama based on "according to sources" rumors.

  • hax

    What happened.
    Clips: 2 picks, F*** you Ainge
    Ainge: Okay bye. Hey johnny, set up the conference to announce everyone is returning.
    Clips: oh s*** wait Danny.

  • Mark

    You can assume what you want about this but lets layout the facts presented in a Boston Globe article, that I can't link here, that basically said that Clipper management has been negotiating this deal without slumlord Sterling being involved. However, slumlord Sterling has taken the position that he does not want to give up any assets for Doc (players or picks) and really has no interest in hiring Doc. Slumlord Sterling prefers to drag this out until July 1st to give the impression to Chris Paul that he'll do anything needed to win when reality is he's a cheapskate that would rather do nothing but stand pat with the same team that got bounced in the first round last season.

    This info being out in the open means the Clippers weren't negotiating in good faith. Racist, slumlord Sterling is a POS and the worst owner in sports. Good thing I'm not owner of the C's because I'd get Sterling on the phone and rip him a new one for jerking the team around.

  • DreMo

    Sterling. Uuuugh. I like the hypothesis above in regard to DA calling a presser .. because LAC has everything to lose here (CP3) & Daryl Morey (Hou) is known for his creativity .. aiming for Dwight AND CP3 .. so there are threats to what the Clips want.

    Clips risk losing it all .. & DA saying he wants Doc back would likely bode well for KG & PP in running it back one last time .. Clips have to know that.

    Also, I live out here, and read the LA Times recently .. and Ralph Lawler (Clips longtime color man) said he had dinner recently with Chris and his wife and “I can tell you, he’s a real big Doc Rivers fan”.

    Call all the Clips bluffs. They want no one but Doc.

  • James H

    Eh, what's it matter anyway. Now that we are officially in the age of LeBron it won't matter what Ainge, Doc or Donald do over the next 6-7 years.

    • GymRat

      Damn you San Antonio and your 28 seconds of futility in game 6

      Basically if they kept Manu off the floor more OR Duncan on the floor more…we're talking about how inept LeBron is. Wade doesn't have the knees for another championship run and anyone who watched them this posteseason saw it was lots of lucky bounces and a few key plays that did it. They're hardly a dynasty. And with the new CBA my money is they trade Bosh and go into a soft rebuild mode this coming season (as in trying to get new players around LeBron to extend their relevance and keep him in Miami after his contract ends in 2014).

      Three-peat is never going ot happen.

  • Mark

    The age of Lebron won't last that long. They struggled to win the title this year and it'll only get worse as their cap flexibility, or lack thereof, prevents them from reloading the bench. If Paul George makes additional steps forward next year its very real that Indiana takes over in the East. That is until Wiggens joins the Celtics and dominates.

    • Josh_5

      This is exactly what I'm talking about. Everybody is rolling over because they think Lebron will deliver on his promise of not 6 not 7 not 8…rings but It took everything they had to win this year and Lebron had an amazing season. Wade is banged up and getting older. Bosh has been exposed. Allen is ancient and Miller's body is broken. This team has some major issues to address and I really don't see them winning it next year. Indiana and Chicago will be healthy, younger and hungrier next year.

      • GymRat

        True dat.

        And don't forget OKC and Memphis, and Houston could be scary good fast if they're able to lure CP3, Howard or another big free agent or make a trade for another all star. They've got tons of young (cheap) talent and lots of cap room.

  • james patrick

    winning with the heat doesn't make you any less of a trader benedict ALLEN!

  • Ummm Danny Ainge is the major screw up here! He continues to let other franchises get good and ripe players and wants to raise up all new rookies and veterans being cheap. The reason the clippers only need a few pieces is because most of those players were brought to that team in the last 1 yr the pieces they brought on were few agents Danny went after none of them smh