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As suspected from last night, the Clippers and Celtics, thanks to some prodding with Chris Paul and a desire from Doc Rivers to skip town, are on the verge of completing a couple of blockbuster deals. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports confirmed early this morning that the parameters of a trade (or two separate trades) had been agreed upon in principle and were being taken to the ownership level for final approval, so the team could be finalized today.

Clippers management planned to huddle with owner Donald Sterling on Wednesday night in Los Angeles to get his approval and move on Thursday to finalize an agreement with the Celtics, sources said. Sterling met with Clippers coaching candidate Brian Shaw, an Indiana Pacers assistant coach, on Wednesday night.

The Clippers will send center DeAndre Jordan and two first-round draft picks to the Celtics in the deal, league sources said.

 Under league rules, Rivers can’t officially be traded, but the draft picks are compensation for a release of the coach’s contractual obligations to the Celtics. Garnett and Jordan can be exchanged for each other. In the eyes of the NBA, these have to be executed as two different deals.

The Clippers negotiated a five-year, $35 million deal with Rivers that could be worth as much as $8 million a year with bonus incentives, sources said. Rivers has arrangements to bring some Celtics support staff – including assistants coaches Tyronn Lue and Kevin Eastman, and possibly others – with him to Los Angeles, sources said.

CH’s Take: While there are still a couple obstacles to overcome here, including the wildcard that is Donald Sterling, it appears clear that it’s only a matter of when, not if, Garnett and Rivers are sent to the west coast. So what are your feelings about the deal?

It’s hard to fully evaluate the deal, until we know of all the specifics, as well as how that meeting with Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge went yesterday. Assuming that Doc voiced he would not be willing to come back to Boston for next season, and the fact that Kevin Garnett likely would not have let himself be traded to any other destination, Ainge’s hands may have been tied a bit here.

On the other hand, Ainge knew that it was the Clippers that crawled back to the table yesterday, with Chris Paul’s urging so he had that knowledge in his back pocket in his attempt to squeeze more out of them.

It’s a bit disturbing that this might have been the BEST Ainge could do, with no other recourse besides letting Doc/KG walk away for nothing, or return to a damaged locker room. Something is always better than nothing when it comes to Ainge and assets though, so the deal looks like it’s getting done.

If Sterling gives it the okay, David Stern still has to give approval. As we saw last winter with the trade of Chris Paul, those approvals aren’t always sure things, especially when you are dealing with two connected (but separate deals) here. The league will take a close look at it.

There are plenty of other questions that need to be answered as well. What does this mean for Paul Pierce, who will surely and understandably want out, if at all possible? Is this a precursor to other major moves this summer, now that Ainge has additional assets or will there just be more salary dumping in the interim of guys like Jason Terry who have no use on a rebuilding team?

We’ll answer those questions in the coming days, but for now, we wait for a final go-ahead on this one.

In the meantime, check out the latest CelticsHub Podcast from late last night for more in-depth reaction from Rich Keefe and myself on the deal

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Kel

    Still doesn't seem like enough. An overrated center who can't hit free throws and two first round picks for doc, kg, and pretty much assurance that Chris Paul signs? Seems like we get screwed here.

    With that said it was my absolute pleasure watching kg perform these past five years, but I guess he bleeds red now. I hope the clippers crash and burn.

    • Pat

      Not to mention the two draft picks are for the weakest drafts in years.

      • dslack

        Do we know what years they're for?

  • Josh_5

    This is so damn awkward for me to try wrap my head around. I'm a die hard KG fan (since his days in Sota) but how the f*ck am I supposed to cheer for a team loaded with duesch bags ala CP3, Griffin, Barnes and Turiaf?! FML I wish KG woulda just retired.

    • Bison Dele

      That's why you should root for a team and not for a player , i'm a huge KG fan as well, but the C's are the only thing matters at the end of the day.

  • MontrossDad

    I am bracing myself for the outrage of jilted celtics fans- delivering ridiculous parting shots at kg and doc who were in large part responsible for bringing back not only a championship, but true Celtic pride.
    Regardless of where their careers take them i’n forever grateful for those contributions, and wish them nothing but the best.
    Don’t allow fear of an uncertain future delude you into criticizing past Celtic greats, they had their time and achievements- but the future for the celtics holds a lot of great possibility…
    Now will Danny ainge be capable of bringing us to that future, that is a valid question.

  • Danny

    This trade sucks. DA is a terrible GM and I’ve thought that since he traded walker and tony delk for that stiff raef lafrentz jiri welch and a dude who never even put on a cs uniform. He got lucky once and it’s never happened again. Name me one other trade outside of kg and ray that worked out in our favor. That’s right u can’t cuz he sucks.

    • Armand

      Perkins for Green

    • Rob

      Nate Robinson for Eddie house

    • Anthony

      I'm not totaling supporting DA but the Jiri Welsch trade ended up being Rondo and Raef Lanfrentz ended up being Theo Ratliff's contract which was a major part in the KG deal.

      Also, the Perkins trade was originally supposed to be Harden instead of JGreen.

      You may not like the guy but you have to at the minimum give him some credit for taking risks.


      Danny put together an amazing bench in 2008 that played a pivotal role in us getting that championship. The Celtics has been competitive and relevant every year since then. Oh, and Danny traded for Rondo. Stop being a hater.

  • Pat

    I just thought about an interesting scenario and just want to get a few reactions. After we do this trade (it'll happen, unfortunately) we use our 16th pick and the Clippers 25th pick and trade those along with Pierce to the Bobcats and get the 2nd pick. We draft McLemore and carry on with the season, tank it, and then hopefully be in the running to draft either Parker or Wiggins next year. A team of Rondo, McLemore, and Wiggins/Parker is a young team that can be a low seed in the playoffs by 2015. I know tanking is not popular but I just want the rebuilding stage to go by quickly.

    • JStokes

      Sadly, the Bobcats have absolutely no reason to do that

      • dasein

        Might be more likely to get the number 1 from the Cavs than the Bobnets 4th. Do we really want Noel though?

        Also, think I'd take Oladipo before McLemore.

    • Anthony

      Please absolutely no tanking!! We ended up with a not ready Billups instead of Duncan in '97, and JGreen instead Durant. Celts' history with tanking is not good. I still have nightmares about those 2 drafts. =(

    • Pat

      My apologies, I completely forgot which pick the Bobcats had. Makes better sense to trade with Cleveland like what Dasein said.

  • JStokes

    Soooo I've just heard through the grapevine this deal might be dead again?

    Granted, faceless commenter here, so take it with a mammoth grain of salt, but I would hope Danny can throw in a contract at least before this is finalized.

  • Shark

    Brian & Rich: Great podcast! What is the going price if the Celtics simply wanted to purchase a late first round draft pick, either from the Clippers or from another team? In economic terms , isn't that what allowing Doc out of his contract is worth in dollars? I have to think that Doc really wants no part of a Cs rebuild because Garnett (and Pierce to a lesser extent) will no longer run the locker room for Doc. Instead Rondo will be the voice in the locker room —a voice that ray allen could not stomach but a voice that Garnett (and therefore Doc) was able to control. Rondo is the reason that the Cs want Bledsoe,i.e so the Cs can trade Rondo and start the rebuild with a team oriented point guard and a more than decent player or players received in exchange for Rondo

  • Danny

    I don’t see how Wyc and ownership can stand for this. In as fickle a sports town as Boston you just made the celtics irrelevant again. Back to the days when nobody cares the garden is empty and we suck. This year we were valued by Forbes as the 4th most valuable nba. Be prepared to fall back into the 20s. Nobody is coming to see this team without kg and pierce maybe us guys here commenting but nobody else. Not in a town with the Red Sox patriots and bruins all being good again. Celtics just made themselves a third rate attraction again just they were my whole childhood were my best friends in Dorchester were lakers n bulls fans because the celtics sucked. I don’t trust Danny to pull us out of that again. So enjoy seeing your stocks and portfolios drop cuz you chose a GM with no loyalty and no clue

  • Jim

    If the trade goes through I will root for the Clippers except when they play the Celtics. I hate to see their time with the Celtics end but I felt the same way when we came to the end of the Bird, Parrish,McHale,Johnson days. Hopefully the rebuilding period will be shorter rather then longer. Remember the Lakers are in almost the same situation as we are. All teams have to rebuild and sadly our time is now.

  • hax

    DeAndre is getting a lot of hate. His PER is within 2.0 of KG, and that's playing only 24 mpg, 5 less than KG's average. 0.5 bpg more than garnett, 24 years old. And he played all 82 games last year, 14 more than Garnett.
    Garnett was our 1st & 2nd option offensively, Jordan was the 5th option. With starter 30+ mins, he averages a double double. That's all we can ask of a center, since we haven't had one like that in a decade+. Jeff Green & Rondo's development is the key to our competitiveness.

    • Anthony

      I agree that fans should not be so critical of Deandre yet. He's obviously no where near KG's level but in the weaker east, maybe he can be a poor man's Tyson Chandler. Let's hope at least.

    • GymRat

      The major problem here is you can't give him starter minutes. He's foul prone (a terribly undisciplined defender), and teams use the Hack-A-Jordan method in close games which is why even after signing a HUGE contract to be their starting center – his minutes actually went down last season.

      I live in LA and watch most of the Clippers games. He's a mediocre player with incredible athletic talent. When the first signed him I thought he might be the next Dwight Howard. He's that athletic. But after 4 seasons you can see he really is a (slightly) smarter Javale McGee….though no nearly as fun to watch.

      And it's pretty much slander and sacriliage to say Jordan is within 2.0 of anything of KG's. KG is still one of the best paint protectors in the game and a true threat on both ends of the floor at 37. He had multiple 17 rebound games while Jordan struggled to stay on the floor against Memphis

  • Russell

    KG’s heart taps into everyone who has ever had true passion for something. I remember watching that commercial where Boston fans were going crazy that we got him. That commercial along with the Michael Jordan Become Legendary are my two favorites of all time. Good luck to KG and hopeful for a fast rebuild in Boston!

  • hax

    Stop talking about trading Pierce. D:

  • CG12

    Angry fans continue to act like this is fantasy league or something. Danny Ainge doesn't get to simply decide what he wants and then go get it. It doesn't work that way. Faced with a coach who wanted out and a declining superstar who will only play for that coach, the options were pretty much this (thank the lord for the Clips) or Doc walks into a cushy TV gig and KG retires and the C's are left with nothing except memories. Ainge is trying to get the best he can for the future. He has some pretty decent assets now and can make other moves. Rondo, Bradley, Green, Sully, Jordan sounds pretty good to me (presuming PP also opts out). The future is coming, so we may as well get ready for it. I like the move, as sad as I am to see KG and Doc go.

    • hax

      Are we really going to watch Ray win a championship followed by KG/Pierce winning a championship elsewhere the year after?

      • bugsbunny

        I'm hoping for that. Ray PP and KG owe us nothing and brought so much to the Cs and their fans that we had been missing for 20+ years, and they deserve to succeed for the hard work they put in. If one day I reach a level of achievement that any of those guys have then I might feel justified in commenting on how they choose to live their lives but until then I am just grateful to have been able to see it in person.

      • jman

        That's what it seems like. This team is going to be shit for awhile now. So instead of letting the three run it out this year or even let them retire now, we get shit in return. Jordan can't shoot for shit so no more pick and pops. Two useless draft picks unless we're able to use them at our discretion. It's a complete joke. Why didn't Red trade the big three, it's called loyalty and money. Who the hell wanted to see the C's back then when those three retired. Just like now, the money lost once pierce, kg, and doc are gone is a huge loss for the company. I prefer with many other fans to watch them ride it out for the team once again is going to be shit. As one of you stated on another article, the rebuilding days of this era are different then the 90's. It won't take as long as then. Just ride it out and get your tickets, merchandise, and network sales for the year. Let the two retire and hang their shirts in the rafters. Much better this way in saving face with fans and players across the league. Rondi is not the future folks as you all want but good luck for this team just went to shit in one week. No one like those two are coming here for a long time now. Thanks Danny for a shit sandwich you created for this team. Just didn't want to pay the guy his dues. Who the hell wants to come here seeing what 3 of the greatest to ever play had to deal with with trader Danny. No security at all even with a no trade clause. Lol.

        • Vincent

          Grow up, dude. It's a basketball team. With over 30 teams in the league, there's nothing written that says the Celtics have to compete for a title every year.

        • OKCeltic

          The same people who say "ride it out" will likely be the same folks complaining because the team stinks after KG, PP and Doc leave. A young center and two draft picks is better than the "nothing" the Cs would get if/when all three left of their own accord. It's called business. It may not be what DA was hoping to get, but he's getting what he can with the little leverage he has. Can't hate on him for doing that.

    • Jim

      A great point you make. People need to keep the emotion out of the whole transaction. We waited 20 plus years between banners because the Celtics did not trade any of the original big three. Those were long dry years.Let Ainge try and do his job. and maybe we will all be happy down the road.

  • dasein

    There's still a chance Stern quashes this. It's being reported that deals aren't allowed to be contingent on each other, which this obviously is. KG only goes if Doc goes. Still, not sure Stern playing his big veto would be an ideal outcome here. AWKWARD.

  • Rob

    Remember, Jeff green played his best ball when Paul wasn't on the court. And if you don't think all of this will motivate rondo, on top of coming back from a torn ACL, then you're more ignorant than the guy that thinks we can get the 2nd pick from the Bobcats for pierce and some picks. A starting five of Rondo-Bradley-Green-Sully-Jordan is an entertaining lineup and we're sure to see Rondo's assists go up now that we actually have a big man who can dunk. As for the clippers, I don't see this as such a steal. I can't imagine KG and Paul being able to play at a championship level after next season, especially up against guys like Gasol, Randolph, Ibaka and Durant. Teams like the bucks don't make the playoffs in the west and every team is a threat to make a run. The clipper will be good, but I don't see a finals appearance, or even the west finals. We could do a whole hell of a lot worse than Rondo-Bradley-Green-Sully-Jordan. All we need is the right coach and Danny and ownership show Brian Shaw the respect that teams like the clippers haven't, we can lock down a good replacement for doc.

  • MontrossDad

    Rebuild was going to be bad (protracted) before this deal, or almost any other, went through.
    This idea that rebuilding in the nba just doesn’t take as long as it did before- in this case i disagree. The state of our assets, paired with a lack of top name coach, and the not small factor that free agents don’t want to come here to begin with. The best case scenario reload is highly unlikely.
    My hope is that wyc and partners will realize that a new management system is needed to rebuild what is left of the franchise.

  • High Rollers

    Just want to thank the basketball gods for giving us Playoff Rondo. He's been one of the best things about NBA basketball for the better part of the last five years. Hope to see him back even stronger, more dynamic and more focused than ever.

  • High Rollers

    Also can't wait for Game 7 tonight. Go Spurs Go!

  • Josh_5

    I just listened to Colin Cowherd interview David Stern. Stern made it sound very clear that he will not allow the deal(s) to happen if they are indeed contingent on each other (which they are). This deal won't die, but it is by no means a sure thing.

    • High Rollers

      So how in the world are they going to make it seem like they aren't contingent?

      • High Rollers

        Another thing about all this is that the 2013-2014 Clippers could possibly go down in history as the team that Stern built. He did set up the first domino with the CP deal. He's probably no gung-ho about that prospect.

  • complexity

    Looks like Doc didn't want to coach Rondo anymore either.

  • someguyinsac

    Just take the training wheels off already and we'll go from there.

  • lebron james

    Dumb move by Danny. All he had to do is bring Pierce back. Give them one more run with better health. Then next year he would have so much cap flexibility and the ability to keep Pierce around on a new cheaper contract. Let him retire a Celtic and show loyalty. Rebuilding one year early makes only a years difference. The Celtics team from this year was just about to take off when rondo was injured. Although their record said otherwise, Jeff Green was finally healthy and sullinger looked like he was settling in as well. Barbosa worked well off the bench. I just wish Danny was this active in 10-13 even be essentially lost some NBA titles because he wouldn’t give the Celtics Good bench. Now that we had a full team in place he wants to blow it up….

  • elroz

    So Terry, Lee, Wilcox stunk…Sully and Barbosa were injured, and Rondo……but Danny gets rid of KG and Pierce instead?

  • GymRat

    As if Jordan's regular season numbers aren't underwhelming enough. For those of you (most of you) who clearly have never seen much of his play or aren't familiar with his stats…I present to you what you are getting in exchange for the Big Ticket aka the Big Game Changer aka one of the best players in NBA history (and who still has game).

    DeAndre Jordan Playoff Stats:

    2012-13 [24 min 3.7 ppg 6.3 rpg 0.2 apg 1.6 blk .222 FT% (no that's not a typo) and 1.5 tov


    23.1 min 4.2 ppg 5.6 rpg 0.3 apg 1.6 blk .303 FT%

    CAREER PLAYOFF AVG (per 36 min):

    6.6 ppg 8.8 rpg 0.5 apg 2.6 blk and that glorious .303 FT%

    Keep in mind all his playoff stats are from playing with CP3. The point guard many on here profess as better than Rondo. No excuses. The guy sucks. Those aren't mediocre numbers. For $13 M a year they're embarrasing and utterly shameful.

    • GymRat

      My fave argument I await is he wasn't given minutes or opportunities to shine? Really. Because they really wanted to pay him all that money to start Ronny Turiaf and it must really be hard to grab boards with all the bricks that team throws up and to score with 2 all-stars and the sixth man of the year getting so much attention. Pretty excited to see what he can put up when he's paired with Jeff Green and Bradley who space the floor so well, on a team with a brand new coach and system…and…well if you still like this deal….you scare me.

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